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Creating interior design of a small bathroom is a very fascinating activity. Every second person who wants to change the appearance of his bathroom wonders how to increase it at least visually.


At first glance, it may seem that there may be very few ideas for repairing bathrooms in a small room, but this is not the case at all - there are a lot of them (photo of a small bathroom), it is only necessary to show imagination and listen to the recommendations of specialists.


We decorate the interior of the bathroom, which is combined with the toilet. Without a sparkling and cozy bathroom, the house can not be called stylish. Everyone will agree that when you see the old boring tile and rusty pipes, you lose all desire to soak in the foam bath, and you just want to take a shower and quickly escape from such a room.


Also do not really want to be in the bathroom, which is combined with the toilet. But if you approach the design of such a room with the mind, staying in it for the hosts will be a real pleasure, and it can be proudly shown to the guests.

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This article goes on to talk about how to create a pleasant environment and choose the design of a small bathroom. All owners of apartments of Soviet times know such a trouble as a small combined toilet. But, those who want to live beautifully, will have to think about how to bring in such a room more chic and shine.


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The bathtub and toilet can not be moved to other places, because the BTI will not give its permission for this. Therefore, everything must be left in its place, but with the ceiling, walls and floor can work. You can also consider different types of plumbing. Experts recommend to cover not only the floor in the bathroom, but also the walls with tiles.


But this is not the only material to create an elegant and cozy bathroom design. Consider materials for the interior of the room, which is intended for the bathroom:

  • mirrors of different shapes;
  • decorative plaster;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • marble;
  • mosaic.


For a small room it is best to use decorative plaster or mirrors, with which you can visually increase the space. Mirrors can be located around the perimeter of the room, due to which you can achieve a visual increase in space.

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Increase a small bathroom using the right ceiling When designing a bathroom interior, do not forget about the ceiling. Experts recommend that in the design of the ceiling, consider the following:

  • Use dark colors of ceilings, if their height is small;
  • It is not recommended to use multi-level bulky ceilings.


If the ceilings are high enough, (this is usually famous for old houses), that is, the opportunity to play with the contrast of colors. For example, you can make a dark top (ceiling) and a light bottom (floor). However, it is worth noting that if the ceiling is normal, then entering into such a room, it will seem that it seems to press down from above. How to decorate a small bathroom to achieve visual space.


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To visually increase the room that is intended for the bathroom, you need to do the following:

  • use light shades or transparent materials;
  • organize good lighting;
  • Choose a durable, moisture-proof material that is also resistant to temperature changes. It is recommended to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom in the following variants:
  • installation of stretch ceiling - any pattern or pattern will be implemented;
  • installation of aluminum lath ceiling - with the help of glossy panels you can create the illusion of a large space and high ceilings;
  • installation of a mirror ceiling, which looks very stylish. With it, you can achieve a visual increase in the room, which is intended for the bathroom.


Photo of modern design for a small bathroom



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Bathroom Small Space Design

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