Advantages of a shower cabin without a shower tray

To date, most people have refused baths in favor of shower cabins, since they are more compact and comfortable. Of course, modern designs of shower cabins are equipped, according to the latest technology, lighting, hydromassage and even sauna and many other devices. These booths have a significant drawback - they have a high price. Not everyone can afford such a pleasure and in this connection there is an alternative - a shower cabin without a pallet with their own hands.

Determination of the size of the shower cubicle

Determination of the size of the shower.

Installing a shower enclosure, installing a pallet is not an important element, since you can do without it, because the water in this case drains into the sewer system, and the presence of waterproofing will protect the floor from leaking. This option without a pallet - an excellent option for baths with a small area.

Such a construction does not have a ceiling surface and an enamel or acrylic tray, the floors of such a shower are on the same level with the bathroom floor, and the wall screens are installed directly on the ceramic coating.

The scheme of installation of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of a shower booth.

These cabins are usually made in a rectangular shape and have two walls, if the structure is angular or four walls. To make the design happy and enjoyable for a long time, it is important to study all the nuances during installation.

Open models of shower cabins are considered economically profitable. Such a shower cabin can perfectly fit into any bathroom, as well as add space for design.

The shower model without pallet allows not only to use space in design design, but also makes it possible to carry out the cockpit itself of various shapes and configurations - everything depends on imagination.

Well, in the old standard bathrooms, it's most reasonable to install it in the corner.

Design Correctness

Installation of a shower from a glass block

Installation of a shower from the glass blocks.

It is important even before the installation of the cabin to perform the floor on a par with the entire bathroom space, and it is important to do in the design. This is one of the drawbacks of showers without a pallet. In this case, it is necessary to provide an optimal height, otherwise the floors in the cabin will be higher with respect to the entire surface of the floor, which will affect the appearance of the cabin.

Many people have questions about draining the water. This moment is the most important and requires careful organization. When installing a drain ladder, the sewage system is installed directly on the floor surface under the shower. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact that if the shower is arranged in a multi-storey dwelling, then the gangway should be placed horizontally and be sloped. This condition should be observed because the central sewerage in the apartments is located on the side. But in cottages the situation is much simpler, and there you can use any option.

But also a similar shower has its drawbacks, since if the tile laying was uneven, then the water in these places can accumulate or, in case of sewerage clogging, water will stand in the cabin. But the problems associated with making mistakes can be avoided if you invite a master to work.

When making a floor, you can use not only tile tiles, but also lay mosaic, pebbles and similar flat stones. In the case when the floors are arranged in mosaic, the material begins to spread from the drain, as it is necessary to do this with respect to the angle of inclination, thereby maintaining the integrity of the pattern. But when choosing a gender, it is important to consider the practicality of the material. It is necessary that it is not slippery, otherwise it can lead to serious consequences.

Choice of walls

The walls of shower cabins can be made of a variety of materials, the most common of which is plastic, glass blocks, PVC curtains and even durable glass.

There are also combined structures.

For example, partitions are made of one material, and the doors can be glass. In some cases, partitions are not used, and the shower is arranged anywhere in the bathroom space. But this is not entirely convenient, since a lot of splashing is formed throughout the area. To avoid this, it is recommended to mount a fence of glass, it is possible even on one side.

Or even easier place for taking a shower can be protected with a curtain, which is convenient in a one-room apartment. In such a situation, the diverted corner under the shower is trimmed by a slotted gangway and curtain, which means that there are no different projections, which makes the small space more spacious.

Special features of installation

Wiring diagram of the shower cubicle

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin.

At first glance, a shower enclosure without a pallet is a simple option, but in fact it has a durable, well-thought-out system concealed, since a complex layered structure can be found under the top layer of tile.

The very first layer from the bottom is the dressing of concrete. On top of it, a thermo-insulation layer of foam should be arranged, followed by two more layers of concrete, separated by a waterproofing.

With a sewage connection of no more than 3 m in length, air can be removed by dissolving in water (deaeration), which is provided on the central riser. In the case where the connection is longer, an additional device is required.

When designing a shower without a shower tray, the simplest version is a drainage system on the first floor, since a height margin of more than 15 cm is important in the arrangement of drainage, waterproofing and tilt angle. Otherwise, it is necessary to raise the floor level in the shower room, and it will be higher, unlike the surface of the whole apartment.

Such designs can not be attributed to universal, as, in addition to the advantages, showers without pallets also have negative sides.

The following advantages can be attributed to the main advantages of booths without a pallet:

  1. They are safe, because they do not have steps, sides, slippery surfaces. All these factors minimize the risk of injury, they can be used without fear by children, elderly people and people with disabilities.
  2. Extraordinary appearance. Models of light and stylish cabins with walls from a variety of materials (especially the glass partitions look original) can easily be harmonized with any modern interior.
  3. Easy to install and economical. You can construct such a shower with your own hands, which will save money.
  4. The use of walls of plexiglass or glass can visually increase the bathroom and not hide the space. Due to what this option is the most suitable for bathrooms of small sizes.
  5. Simplicity in cleaning, as there is no need to clean the pan with chemical compounds, or you can simply wipe the floors and panels of the shower cubicle.
  6. If the bathroom area allows, a shower without a pallet can be mounted in a room combined with a bath.
Tools for installing a shower enclosure

Tools for shower installation.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  1. In comparison with hydromassage constructions, this option lacks functions in the form of aromatherapy, hydromassage, sauna and many other innovations.
  2. The watercourse system should be planned in advance, and to install it, it will take quite a lot of time and effort.
  3. When installing the sewer, you need to install a special siphon, which is needed in order to avoid the smell from the sink.
  4. If the drainage system is not properly installed or if the pipes are blocked, the water will stand in the booth, and when opening the doors, it is possible to spill over the entire surface of the floor.
  5. In case of improperly laid tiles, puddles can accumulate in problem areas.

Floors and walls should be laid out perfectly, otherwise there will be crevices between the walls of the shower and floor tiles, which will damage the airtightness of the cabin.

But often, many problems are associated with errors during construction and installation of the cabin. If everything is done carefully and carefully, these problems may not be.

So, we can conclude that a shower cabin without a pallet is considered the best option for fans of practicality, simplicity and economy. And its use will be convenient for disabled people and elderly people.

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