The bathroom has always been a zone of increased danger, it arises as a result of the high humidity and small dimensions of the room. That is why there is a risk of electric shock. There is an urgent question, how to ground a bath? This is done during installation and wiring. But first of all it is necessary to find out what materials are needed for grounding.


The bathroom must be properly grounded to avoid electric shock.

The list of elements and fastenings necessary to ground the bath:

  1. Wire multichannel (stranded).
  2. Fasteners details (several bolts, nuts, possible use of screws).
  3. Switchboard with terminals.
  4. Drill.

Grounding the bathtub

Scheme of solid and stranded wires

Scheme of solid and stranded wires for grounding the bath.

When repairing a bathroom and installing some electrical equipment, such a question arises more and more often. Yes, it is necessary, especially if electrical engineering is used in high humidity of the bathroom. Among the electrical appliances there can be not only a washing machine, but also an electric heating of the bath and the floor, a hairdryer, a jacuzzi bath, a shower cubicle.

All this provides for the presence of outlets, which must have special protection covers against moisture ingress into the interior, to avoid the danger of a short circuit that can lead to unpredictable consequences. It can be a fire box or wire that is located near the location of the bathtub, or shower cubicle. That's why the procedure for grounding the bath should be carried out. And the grounding should be done without violations, with observance of all norms and rules.

Thus, the procedure for isolating a bath today is quite topical and in demand, since in certain cases it can save a person from the danger of electric shock.


Terminal Block Scheme

Terminal distributor circuit.

In order to conduct the grounding of the bath, you need a special wire with a cross section of at least 6 mm. One side of it must be connected, using a bolt, to the tide, the other end of the wiring is connected to the terminal distributor.

The distributor can be located in any convenient place. This can be a wall or space under the bathroom. It should be emphasized that it is attached using a fixing screw. The pipe, through which water is supplied, is connected to the distribution board. This happens with the use of a distributor with terminals. The wire that goes to the shield should be placed in a special tube, which is placed under the baseboard.

There is another version of the work on grounding the bath. All the elements made of metal are connected by a wire, it will serve as a conductor in the future. Then the wire should be attached to the eyelet, if the design of the bath itself allows. In its absence, a drill is used, a hole is made in the leg, the fasteners of the correct size are selected. The bolt is needed in order to secure the grounding wire, then the wire is laid to the distribution board (usually it is in the entrance of your house).

In this shield there must be a ground wire of the house, it must be found and fixed with its wire that goes from your bathroom. All the necessary advice on this issue is best obtained from the electrician of the housing office. If this is not done, then all the work done will be in vain. It should be emphasized that this grounding is perfect for breaking insulation of main wires.

Grounding diagram of the shower tray

Grounding diagram of the shower tray.

If the bathroom is provided with the use of household appliances, then remember the fact that, with the slightest violation of the use instructions (for example, getting the device into a bath or a washbasin), a power failure and an electric shock may occur. Grounding in such cases is useless and will not help to maintain health. So it's best to abandon the use of electrical appliances in a room with high humidity.

In order to avoid serious consequences, the specialists of housing services are advised to apply for help to professionals, for which it will only be necessary to call and leave a request for special services. Often there are accidents with electric shock. Everything happens because of a lack of practical skills for a person who has started working independently.

It must be remembered that the most dangerous room in the apartment is the bathroom. Therefore, for installation works related to the installation of wiring, it is necessary to pay attention to the grounding of this particular area in the first place.

Acrylic bath installation plan

Scheme of mounting an acrylic bath.

In essence, the procedure of isolation (grounding) of the bath is the use of wiring to create a protection that is connected to the grounding device. The name of the potential equation, such as step voltage, is also used.

The most appropriate action will be a call of a specialist who will be able to ground properly, and also will tell you about all possible ways of this process, suitable for your bath. When calling an electrician, do not forget to ask if he has access to carry out this type of work and whether it is worth doing it yourself, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Grounding the bathtub было необходимо даже тогда, когда еще не использовали пластиковые трубы, но такие работы велись на примитивном уровне. Тогда заземление заключалось в натяжке проводника к стояку, но сейчас это уже бессмысленно, стояки практически у всех пластиковые, а необходимость в заземлении ванны осталась. Теперь нужно рассмотреть способы монтажа и заземления различных видов ванн.

Acrylic bath

The scheme of a whirlpool bath

The scheme of the whirlpool bath.

Acrylic bath must also be grounded. Earthing occurs using a special bus, which is located in the distribution board (jumper).

This kind of bath is now the most common. This popularity acrylic bath has received due to its low weight and low cost. And let acrylic can not be a current conductor, making a bath grounding is the most important task. This is necessary because the frame of such a bath of metal. It would be superfluous to mention that acrylic can produce a statistical strain and in a small room of a bath it can accumulate too much. When using an acrylic bath, the ground is fixed to the frame.

There are several types of work for grounding the bath. First you need to find out which bath is grounded.

If the bath needs a Soviet-era bath, the earth jumper here is in the bath mount. Fastening takes place using a bolt and a nut. If the legs of a bath of solid metal, you should make a hole with a drill. Stranded wire is attached at one end to the terminal distributor, and the distributor must be connected to the earthing bar, which is on the shield in the entrance of the house.

Earth the bath of cast iron you need the same as any kind of metal. The grounding occurs by means of a special petal, to it the wire is attached. The connection is made by bolts.

Grounding scheme of the bathtub

Grounding scheme of the bath.

If the shower enclosure is connected to a water heater, then you can not do without using grounding. It is best to consult how to do this with a professional electrician.

Installing a Jacuzzi in the apartment with a massage function, you also need to make a ground connection, because this device is powered by electricity. It should be noted that this type of modern equipment has increased security requirements. When buying the outlet, you should choose the one where there is a safety valve to prevent water ingress. In such sockets there is always an additional plug for grounding. It should be in a place where water drops can not reach, the wire must be carefully insulated.

Grounding the bath, boiler, washing machine, you need to use an automatic machine, which has 16 amps, it is not afraid of the current drop in the network. It should be located in the corridor, it is forbidden in the bathroom.

Wires for work

Conductor installation scheme

Wiring diagram of the conductor.

Before you ground the bath, you should select the wiring. For these grounding wires there are different norms:

  1. The wire must have a stiffness and a cross section of at least 6 mm.
  2. The length of the wire used should be no more than 2-3 m in order to avoid breakthroughs.

The color of the wiring insulation must be green-yellow, so it's best to determine where the grounding occurs. It should be emphasized that for today the range of offered wires is quite diverse and wide. Choose a model for yourself will not be difficult.

The most suitable cable used to ground the bathtub is copper. Works are carried out on the side of the bath that touches the wall. This is done to preserve the aesthetics of the appearance.


Very often there are arguments about the need for grounding the bath. Points of view on this topic a great many. There are people who refuse to ground, referring to the fact that there are few appliances in the bathroom, and therefore carrying out work is a waste of time and money. But remember, if there is a desire to preserve the health and life of your loved ones, you must avoid the defeat by electricity, and for this, carry out the procedure for grounding the bath.

Electricity is able to kill, as a rule, many people prefer to forget about this.

And this is subsequently manifested in numerous cases of injuries. I want to recall one of the post-Soviet posters, which reads: "Citizens, observe the safety rules during the use of electrical appliances and avoid accidents."

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