Algorithm for installing shower cabins

The shower cabin is very popular today both among residents of apartments and private houses due to its ergonomics, attractive appearance and ease of care. In addition, it fits well in the interior of a small bathroom, because it does not take up much space. Self-installation of the cabin does not cause great difficulties. But before installing the shower, you still need to study the accompanying instructions to prevent serious mistakes.

Bathroom with shower

Compared to a simple bathroom, the shower cubicle is much more beautiful, practical and convenient.

The reliability and durability of the structure will depend on the correctness of the installation carried out.

Installation of booths implies the performance of some works and rules, regardless of the model chosen.


Shower cubicle instead of bath

If you put a shower instead of a bath, then permits from the BTI are not required.

Important point: if the shower is placed on the site of the old bath, then you do not need to receive additional permits. If the booth will function along with the bath, then it is necessary to coordinate this moment with the BTI, since another water point is formed.

Shower cabins are corner and adjacent to the wall. When installing a car with a slope, it is necessary to make a drain in the form of a groove in the floor.

In most cases, this is done by laying ceramic tiles, which are laid with a gradual slope towards the drain. This will help to avoid stagnation of water. Next on the rack set the frame of the cabin, supply water.

Take into account that before you perform the laying of tiles, you need to isolate the floors from the penetration of water.

Corner shower enclosure

Corner shower enclosure.

Shower cabins consist of such basic parts as:

  • pallet;
  • sidewalls;
  • top part;
  • back panel;
  • doors;
  • vertical racks;
  • additional accessories.

Popular and comfortable in the maintenance of the cabin with the presence of a hydromassage shower, implying the presence of special nozzles, spraying water in a certain mode. The shower cabin is the more difficult the more nozzles it has. When installing shower cabins of this kind, note that the pressure in the water pipe must be greater than 2 atm. It is desirable to bring a water treatment system that will help increase the life of the structure.

Work rules

The shower cabin will work properly with the following rules:

Instructions for assembling the shower enclosure

Instructions for assembling the shower.

  • Before installing the equipment, conduct all communications;
  • release the sewerage structure do not more than 7 cm from the floor to the sewer pipe;
  • When installing shower cabins, strictly observe the rules specified in the manufacturer's instructions;
  • The joints of the car parts must be treated with a sealant. As a rule, it dries up to 24 hours.

When installing shower cabins using silicone sealant, the product should be applied from inside the structure, and with acrylic - outside.

When installing shower cabins you will need to use such tools and materials as:

Tools for installing a shower enclosure

Tools for shower installation.

  • flexible hoses;
  • sealant;
  • FUM-лента;
  • electric drill;
  • knife;
  • building level and gun;
  • self-tapping screws, nuts;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • screwdrivers;
  • gloves.

When installing shower cabins, the entire work process is divided into 2 parts:

  • mount the booth without sealant. So you can better orient in the process of installing the equipment, which will prevent serious mistakes, make sure all the components are present;
  • Final installation of the structure at the site of future installation.

Installation instructions

When installing shower cabins, first you need to mount a pallet. But before this, be sure to perform a drain system, while you will need flexible hoses. It is advisable to make sure that the outlet to the sewer is placed under the drain of the pallet.

Installation process:

  • put the pallet on the legs;
  • Adjust the height and horizon using the adjusting screws;
  • if the pallet has no legs, level the floor with a cementitious screed;
  • put the tile.
Installation поддона

Install the shower tray in a strictly level.

If the pallet is made of acrylic material, consider that the design provides for a pair of crossbeams and the 5th leg in the middle of the pallet. If there is no support, do it yourself by reinforcing the concrete pillow.

Before installing the shower cabins, it is advisable to check once again the tightness of the drain pan connection with the drain. This is done by pouring water into the pan, before that it is necessary to plug the drain hose. Then see if the length of the hose is sufficient to drain and whether the slope is observed (150-200 mm per 1 m). Next, fix the panels and the glass frame. First, make sure that the glass is free of defects, and find out where they have a bottom and top (there are more holes at the top).

Define with the guides: the bottom - thin, with figured notches, the top - wide. Then install the glass in the grooves, pre-processing all joints with a sealant, then tighten the screw on the presser foot. Screw the rail to the rack with self-tapping screws and slide the seal over the glass.

Detailed scheme for installing a shower enclosure

Detailed scheme for installing the shower enclosure.

Before installing the glass, seal the pallet under the lower guide. But be careful: do not cover the seizures by accident in the tray, from which the moisture flows. Attach to the pallet, in which there are holes for fixing the side panels, apply a sealant to the joints. Then, in a similar way, attach the back panel.

Tip: Do not clamp all screws at once. It often happens that the holes do not match, so you should leave a small gap for further adjustment. Also note that the metal construction is fragile. After making sure the hardware is working (fan, backlight), take a break so that the silicone properly solidifies.

When installing shower cabins, do not forget that the bathroom can be dangerous due to possible electric shock (wet room environment). For safety and to ensure trouble-free operation of sanitary equipment, it is desirable to install an auto-switch with a power-off system. Sockets are better to use a closed type and install them on the back of the equipment. It is not superfluous to recall the grounding of the booth, in this case the ground plane is a metal pallet.

Works on the installation of the cabin are almost finished, it remains to install the roof. This is easy to do. The roof is inserted into the holes and fixed. If there is a speaker at the top, grease the edges with a sealant so that there is no buzz during operation.

The final stage is the installation of the accessories and accessories of the booth (shelves, handles, etc.). The reliability of the shower cubicle, installation of which is done by yourself, the time of its assembly, depends largely on your experience in plumbing, the preparation of communications and the availability of the necessary tools. If done correctly, the shower will please you and your whole family for many years.

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