As in the home, you can properly paint a cast-iron bath

Nowadays there is a bath in every house and every apartment. This is a necessary attribute, because in the presence of a bath it is convenient to swim and wash. It is hard to imagine a sanitary room without a bath, since the presence of even a shower booth does not provide the necessary amenities.

Painting of a cast iron bath

The bathroom needs to be painted neatly with the help of paint brush or roller.

There are several types of baths, the main distinguishing feature of which is the material from which they are made. The most common is the cast-iron bath. To paint a cast-iron bath at home is just necessary. After all, even with a time, the new bath becomes ugly, which reduces its functional properties.

Paint choice

The process of staining is simple, if you follow certain recommendations and the order of work. Therefore, consider it in detail, so that you can perform the work with ease at home and without recruiting specialists.

Bath dyeing tools

To paint the bath you will need: roller, electric drill with grinding nozzle, rag and paint.

So, first you need to choose the right paint for the bathroom. This detail of the interior does not require ordinary enamel, but paint based on special tools. It is a composition of three components that are not afraid of moisture, do not exfoliate and do not turn yellow with time. The peculiarity of this paint is that these three components are sold separately, and they must be mixed according to the instructions right before work. Due to the fact that now components are produced not only in white color, you can experiment with the design of the bathtub.

And now as for the brand of paint. It is necessary to give preference only to well-known manufacturers who have already proved themselves well in the market. In total, there are three main such brands. The first one is Luja. Such paint for a cast-iron bath is very high-quality and environmentally safe. In addition, you can choose a matte and glossy finish.

Two other good brands are Dulux and Jobi. Such paints are also quite persistent and reliable, but they are slightly cheaper. For a normal bath they fit perfectly. But if you are going to do a designer bath, then it's better to choose your Jobi.

Preparation of the instrument

The paint is selected. But the presence of one paint still does not solve anything. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance for all stages of work, so that you always have the necessary tools and tools at hand before you paint a cast-iron bath. To prepare and directly paint the bath you need:

Removing the old paint with a drill with a grinding nozzle

In order to remove the old paint from the bath it is necessary to use a drill with a grinding nozzle.

  • rubber gloves and mask for respiratory protection;
  • Sander;
  • sandpaper of different degrees of granularity;
  • degreasing agent;
  • the main broad brush and a few additional ones;
  • stick for stirring paint components;
  • the paint itself;
  • soft cloth;
  • strong alkaline liquids;
  • fan.

It should be noted that before starting to work, you need to check the availability of a special hardener in a package with paint. It is needed for mixing with all components. Due to it, the paint will better grasp. If there is no such, then you need to buy it.

Removal of a deposit

Step-by-step process of restoration of a cast-iron bath

Step-by-step process of restoration of a cast-iron bath.

Now we proceed directly to the work itself. How to paint a cast iron bath yourself? The first step is to prepare the bath for painting. First rinse the tub from all sides with warm water, then allow it to dry well. Make sure that there is no moisture on the surface. And while the bath will dry up, wipe the floors in the room and open the air vents for fresh air, and close the water so that it does not accidentally drip into the tub.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the lime scale. To do this, you can use strong alkali. Do not be afraid that these funds can be aggressive. After all, the surface is still supposed to be updated. Just before work put on gloves and a mask on the nose.

Then the surface is thoroughly degreased. For this, either acetone or another strong degreaser based on acetone is used. You can just pour acetone on the surface, spreading it with a soft rag. You can generously apply it with a soft large brush. Only do not spare money, because it will depend on the final result. If you neglect degreasing, then the paint will fall ill on the bath and will soon begin to peel and crack.

Drying and staining

So, the next step is getting rid of the old enamel. It is not recommended to apply the paint over it, as the defects will be visible, and the old enamel, breaking down, will break the new layer. The old enamel is well removed using a grinder. After getting rid of the main part of it, the small remaining pieces and layers should be removed with sandpaper. First you need to use coarse-grained paper, and then finish grinding fine-grained.

Of course, you can remove the enamel and without a typewriter with only one piece of paper. But this way you will spend much more effort, and the work will not be of sufficient quality. For this reason, most specialists are inclined to double removal - and a machine, and nazhdachkoy.

Then all the remaining particles simply rinse with water. If droplets remain on the surface, repeat the degreasing more thoroughly. Dry the bath with a hairdryer, then let it stand for a while, so that all moisture is gone.

Remains the simplest and most basic - coloring. Stir components, add a hardener and paint the bath from top to bottom. The paint is applied in two layers. Do everything quickly, so that premature hardening does not occur.

After finishing the painting, close all the windows and doors and leave the bath for about two days. Also it is necessary to exclude the movement around the bathroom so that small dust particles do not get inside. After this time it will be possible to use it for the usual purposes.

How to paint a bath at home, you now know and can safely take up work!

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