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After a long tiring day, there is no strength left. To get a charge of positive energy, you just need to visit the bathroom. Therefore, its design plays an important role. The right design gives the right attitude. For example, in the morning a charge of vivacity, and in the evening installation on rest. That's why the bathroom interior needs a serious approach.


Accessories complement the image of the bathroom, so curtains, curtains and screens require special attention.


Window curtains

Most often in multi-storey houses there are no windows in the bathroom, but in private sectors small windows are very common. The window performs many functions: airing, so that mold is not formed. The window is a wonderful addition to artificial lighting, in addition, the room seems spacious and bright.


Often used to decorate the window blinds. This option does not require a lot of money and looks original. Also, owners of private sectors respect roller blinds. They look great on the small windows of small rooms.

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The bathroom looks great as monochrome blinds, and with patterns. Different companies offer a huge selection of blinds for every taste and color. Someone likes blinds made of plastic, and someone from the fabric, it's a matter of taste.


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Also, the models of the blinds are divided into horizontal and vertical. These blinds perfectly fit into the situation.


Roller blinds

They are considered to be the best material for decorating window openings in the bathroom. The advantages of roller blinds are the ability to repel moisture, which is why they are used in the bathroom.


Roller blinds have excellent performance characteristics, they will serve for many years. Such curtains in a year, in five or ten years will look like new.

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Curtains made of cloth

Fabric curtains, and in other words curtains - a good solution for the bathroom. They are attached to the bar by means of rings or hooks. Fabric products are made from polyester - fabric in waterproof processing.


Curtains can have smooth or relief textures, great popularity with satin, linen and cotton.


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Polyester does not change color and shape after washing, it is resistant to changes in temperature conditions.


The only drawback of tissue curtains is the formation of fungus. To avoid this, take care of the ventilation of the bathroom.


Stained glass

Stained glass очень изящно смотрится на окне. У вас есть два варианта: купить в магазине витраж на окно, или купить витражные краски и нарисовать рисунок самостоятельно. Кстати, второй вариант понравится детям и творческим людям.


Blinds for the bathroom

The main function of the curtains for the bathroom is to prevent water from entering the floor. Also curtains will help you to retire and relax, when taking water procedures. And the image of the room will be complete.


The curtain must strike the eye, it should not merge with the interior of the room, because it is a separate element of the room.


The store has a large assortment of curtains for the bathroom, but which material is better to choose?


the cloth

Textiles in the bathroom are used as part of the zoning.


The choice of material takes into account the color scheme of the room, the curtains must be dense, not translucent and not heavy.



Vinyl – один из самых прочных и долговечных материалов, поэтому главным достоинством виниловых шторок является высокая прочность.


Blinds made of vinyl can be with an unusual pattern or simply transparent. A wide range of colors will allow you to experiment with the situation in the bathroom.


Vinylовые шторки будут служить не меньше пяти лет.



Water resistant material, relatively inexpensive price - these are the main advantages of plastic blinds for the bathroom. But the service life of such curtains is small.


Low wear resistance and instability to any contamination will significantly shorten the service life, and they will tear.


Polyethyleneовые шторки приходится постоянно менять, зато без больших денежных затрат, вы сможете постоянно обновлять интерьер помещения.


Window curtain for bathroom

Since the glass is very easy to clean up the pollution, the advantage of such curtains is convenience and compactness. The glass is suitable for a shower cabin and a rectangular bath.


The design is mounted on a metal frame. In closed form, the glass panels are not visible.

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Curtains made of glass are tinted and transparent. Original design with a mosaic or mirror insert looks original.

sturm showers

Curtains, plastic, for bathroom

Functionality, cost - these are the main advantages of curtains made of plastic, but they look exactly like glass ones.


It is best to install multi-colored and patterned curtains. They have affordable cost and good flexibility, but over time, plastic cracks form and it gets dark.


There are many design options for the bathroom. And only you can choose how to decorate your room.

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Photo of various curtains in the interior of the bathroom


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