Bathroom 4 sq. m. m. - 100 photos of ideas of stylish design

Small bathrooms are not only found in old houses. When converting a country house, there may also be a need. And a small room bathroom, located on the attic floor, due to its style and design fit into the interior of the whole house.


In such a small area to place all the plumbing fixtures, towel warmer, washing machine (if necessary) is quite difficult. After all, it is necessary not only to carry out such an arrangement, but also to make correct technical calculations for the connection of plumbing equipment to existing communications.

Work on design should not contradict the requirements for the production of such works. After all, you can so "bring" the beauty that maintenance of the installed equipment will be either impossible, or extremely difficult. And even cleaning the sewage siphon can become a problem.


However, nothing is impossible, which proves our photo design bathroom 4 square. m. Definitely beautiful and elegant. Do you want to have the same design of your bathroom? Please contact us. Just keep in mind - do not break the partitions themselves, do not buy plumbing fixtures before starting repairs or redevelopment. Consult with experts. And if the room for a bathroom is supposed to be equipped in the basement of a country house, then a specialist's consultation is simply necessary.


Moving the toilet is not a problem

Just so change the old toilet to a new one, you can without any problems, buying a novelty with the same sewage output as the old one. But any movement of this plumbing fixture requires technical solutions for its competent and beautiful connection to central sewer pipes. What here can be beautiful? The designer should either hide such a pipe, or close it with a box, the appearance of which should harmoniously fit into the design of the entire room. Trifle - tell you. But from such small things the whole image of the bathroom is formed.


To save space and expand free space, you can replace an outdated toilet with a corner device or replace it with a wall-mounted unit.

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You can provide a hygienic shower. If the total sewerage outlet is far from the bathroom, (this happens when building new premises in an already finished house) then using modern installations such as solo lift, manufactured by Grundfos or SFA, will simply solve the problem.


Which is better - a bath or a shower?

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Personal predilections may not allow this issue to be resolved in one direction or another. How to decorate a bathroom with 4 squares, while placing a shower? Shower box, combining in its design, both options - the solution of the issue. With its use, you can fully enjoy the hydromassage, and even steam well. And just like that, to replace the bath with a shower is not a problem, if only the area would allow it.


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Options for placing and choosing a washing machine

When installing a shower instead of a cast-iron bath, a lot of space is released and the installation of the washing machine does not present any difficulties. Alternatively, when placing a bathroom in the bathroom, you can place a small washing machine under the sink.


It differs from the usual types of "styarok" in its dimensions. It is narrow in width. You may need to slightly raise the sink itself. And you can also purchase a special drainage device. At small volumes of washing, washing machines are sold very small in size, the width and height of which is not more than half a meter.


Can use a corner sink?

When placing plumbing fixtures in the bathroom 4 sq.m. meter should be in all to save space, maximally trying to increase free space. And the lineup of modern shells allows this. In this case, the area of ​​the room (corner) that was not used earlier is used.

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Lighting is an important element

Without a thoughtful lighting, the bathroom will not look beautiful. Use it will be uncomfortable. How can a man shave, if only one burns on top, even a powerful lamp? Modern design does not allow such miscalculations. Even in a small room it is necessary to provide for both ceiling lamps and zonal lighting.


In doing so, it must be taken into account that the bathroom is a place of increased danger, in terms of electric shock. And the placement of electrical equipment, the wiring of electrical wires, must be carried out in accordance with the established requirements.


Color solution - the main impression of the room

If in technical issues the role of design may not be so significant, then when choosing the color solutions of the bathroom it acquires a significant role. Light colors, vertical decors and various decorative inserts in the tile will create a unique interior.


With the right project, the walls are widened, and the mosaic of flowers becomes the decoration of the entire small room. The designer will tell you why you should not choose large and large panels for your bathroom.


Bathroom without furniture does not happen

Large, large furniture can not fit in a small bathroom. Dark colors are also not welcome. It is clear that such furniture and takes a lot of space and "presses" on a person in a small room. Light, light constructions made of metal, glass are better suited for bathrooms.


They can go up without taking up space on the floor, hanging on the walls. They include towels, hygiene products, and various household chemicals. To accommodate the shelf, you can also use the wall above the front door. There you can put necessary, but not often used items.


By the way, the door to the bathroom itself can be made and sliding. This also saves part of the area.


A stylish, competent and beautiful interior can be made for a small bathroom.


Photo of an ideally designed bathroom design 4 sq.m. m.










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