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The bathroom is an integral part of any living space. Here, each of us can relax after a hard, working day. Interior decoration requires special efforts. There should not be too many details.


The design of the bathroom should help to relax, in this case it is better to use light colors for decorating walls, furniture and sanitary ware. Many of us ask the question: "How to choose the right bathroom cabinet?" The answer to this question is provided in this material.


Basic rules for choosing furniture attributes

In the interior there should be pieces of furniture that can emphasize the atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort. It stores a lot of chemicals, various items of hygiene.


In order for all this to be in one place, the bathroom cabinet was invented. The right choice consists in precisely observing the dimensions and parameters of the room. Modern designs of pedestals provide presence of set of branches which are provided for storage of a various trifle.


The next popular model is a cabinet with a sink for the bathroom. This is the best option, provided for small room sizes. Basically it is presented in the form of a design with two doors. Inside there is a mobile shelf that can be adjusted to the desired size.


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Modern models have small wheels, due to which it can be moved to any place. For creative interior design, you can use two types of thumbs. One will be located at the bottom, and the other next to the sink. This option is perfect for a compact bathroom.


Material for the production of bathroom furniture

Before buying a cabinet it is necessary to study the material from which it is made. She will always be in a humid environment. The most suitable is considered MDF, the surface of which is covered with plastic. In this case, water will not harm the condition of the furniture.


More reliable materials for the manufacture of furniture for the bathroom, is considered glass and metal. You can use natural wood, but on condition of careful treatment with special chemical compounds. With their help, the tree is resistant to high humidity.

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A washbasin with a bathroom cabinet is able to save enough space. Basically for its production, a fiberboard is used, covered with a plastic surface. Such designs have an average price range. The optimal solution will be the corner cabinets for the bath. They can be placed in any free corners.


There are enough models made of stone in building stores. Such furniture has a fairly high price. The design in this case can be anything from classic to modern.


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Before buying a favorite design, it is recommended to carefully check its strength and reliability. On the surface should not be present cracks and splinters. The accessories must be of the highest quality.


Furniture in the interior

Before starting the design, it is recommended to decide in which style your interior will be executed. The most popular are:

  • classical;
  • European;
  • romantic;
  • high tech


The interior made in the classics is excellent for small space. Items of furniture are made with the help of smooth lines and beautiful bets. Suspended cabinet for a bath can save enough space. Choosing a color scheme, it is best to give your preference to pastel shades.


For the European style, artificially aged furniture will do. Mirror with a cabinet for the bathroom with decorative elements and beautiful fittings, can emphasize the refined taste of the owner.


For more refined natures models are provided in the romantic style. Basically, the pieces of furniture are made in light colors. The pedestals are presented in the form of modular compositions, which can be purchased separately.


Photo of beautiful cabinet designs in the bathroom interior









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