Bathroom design and decoration options

Everyone agrees that the bathroom occupies a special place in the house or apartment. This is the space in which each member of the family can stay alone and relax, interrupting the rhythmic run of everyday worries. That is why the design of the bathroom is extremely important. He must create an appropriate emotional state, contribute to the establishment of mental equilibrium and calm the nervous system. At the same time, the design should meet the individual aesthetic requirements of its owners. To do this, the bathtub itself, the washbasin basin, the floor and wall covering and even the curtain must be perfectly matched to each other. It is only necessary to determine whether to place the room in a classic or ultramodern style. And the bathtub and sink can be of any size and shape.

Bathroom Design

The design of the bathtub should look very aesthetic, so all its elements should be in harmony with each other.

Finishing materials

The main requirement, which is traditionally shown to the finishing material of the bathroom, is moisture resistance. Therefore, to date, the vast majority of bathrooms trim either with tiles or plastic panels, which answer this most.

Bathroom in light colors

Photo 1. In apartments with a small area it is better to equip a bathroom in light colors to visually increase the space.

And tiles, and plastic are available in a variety of color shades, so choose from them suitable for a particular bathroom work is not. In this case, if the plastic panels can only cover the walls and ceiling, then the flooring can be covered with tiles. That's why often in one room both materials are used.

In the choice of materials, the role and preferences and financial capabilities of customers, both the size and shape of the bathroom itself play a role. Plastic looks good in small bathrooms with low ceilings, especially if they have protruding corners. If the room is larger and more spacious, then here is the advantage behind the tile. But the most significant difference between these materials is in the cost and timing of the installation of the coating of them. Plastic panels are much cheaper than tiles, and their installation takes place with radically less labor costs and much faster. However, the strength, and therefore the life of the plastic coating is much less than the tiled. This is his main drawback.

Principles of selection

The finishing of the bathroom room should combine aesthetic demands and practical requirements. Conditions dictate such factors as its area and the location of the sewer risers in it. In the usual apartment of a multi-storey house, especially built at the end of the last century, the area of ​​such a premise, as a rule, is rather small.

Bathroom Design

Photo 2. The basic requirement for the interior of the bathroom is that the bath and the sink are the same color.

In this case, the design of the bathroom is best done in a light color scheme of warm colors. They will make it lighter and more joyful (photo 1). On the floor, the tile is best placed diagonally, this will visually increase its area. The bathtub and washbasin sink can be installed as a single color with tiles on the walls, as well as a contrasting color. The main requirement is that the bath and the sink are the same color (photo 2). All sorts of shelves and cabinets, without which no bathroom is not dispensed, it is desirable to install glass. This will not clutter the already small space and even visually expand it.

The bathroom of a larger area opens up more opportunities for design solutions. The floor can cover the tile, where with the help of tiles of contrasting colors you can create geometric patterns. The walls can cover both tile and plastic of contrasting colors. Its color can be monophonic or imitate the texture of the finishing stone of different breeds. A special glamor is the presence in the bathroom of mirrored panels of a special material resistant to dampness. If the ceiling of the room is high, you can visually lower it, having finished the lower part of the walls with a dark material. Bathroom design in contrast is based on a combination of colors, close to black and white.

The wall will appear wider if it is decorated with cross strips, and higher, if longitudinal. Recently popular was the decoration of the walls of the bathroom with tiled panels with drawings or mosaic patterns applied to them. The main thing is to be in the bathroom room was psychologically comfortable.

Bathroom design and finishes can be virtually endless.

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