Bathroom design and design combined with a toilet

Every creative person is pleased to create something new, to learn and develop in this or that direction. The design of the premises is also one of the most interesting events in this regard. So, you are not just the creator of something new and unusual, you can become the progenitor of any new direction in the layout of premises.

Bathroom interior combined with toilet

With properly selected design, a combined bathroom will bring you only positive emotions, putting aside all the negative aspects.

A special approach requires the development of such a project as the design of the bathroom, combined with the toilet. It is here that you need to pay special attention to the distribution of the interior space, a practical setting and attractive decor.

Fundamental rules

The design of the bathroom, combined with the toilet, remains the most acceptable option for decorating the room long enough. And if several years ago in most cases a combined bathroom and toilet was solved the problem of lack of space in the apartment, now there is no such need. On the contrary, even in large-sized apartments, where a large room is allocated for a bathroom, apartment owners do not hurry to put a partition between the toilet and the bathroom. There are several reasons for this:

  • in spacious rooms it is much easier to cope with the decor;
  • here it is easier to distribute the equipment necessary for the full functioning of the bathroom (washing machine);
  • one room has a larger area than two, separated by a partition.
Zoning of the combined bathroom

If the area of ​​the combined bathroom is not very small, then you can zonirovat room using a partition.

However, even these advantages do not indicate that the toilet can be connected to the bathroom for nothing. For this, of course, you need to know the basic rules that experts recommend to consider when arranging a combined bathroom. To begin with, special attention should be paid to the materials used in the finish. Undoubtedly, preference is given to waterproof materials. In addition, pay attention to the layout in the room. If you decide to equip a combined bathroom with a toilet, you need to at least visually distinguish two functional areas - bathroom and toilet.

Combined bathroom

Much in this process depends on the size and shape of the room being repaired. So, in small rooms it is wiser to use a shower instead of a bath. In the case of using this technique in the bathroom, you will automatically free yourself from having to resort to any additional tricks to visually distinguish between the two zones. Thanks to a wide range of these types of equipment, presented in stores, you can, at your discretion, purchase shower cabins of absolutely different sizes, shapes, materials and colors.

Project of combined bathroom

The project of a combined bathroom.

Installation of the shower can be made in the corner of the room, along one of its walls right next to the toilet. This is possible due to the fact that the shower cabins are equipped with dense and functional doors, which in themselves will be partitions between the bathroom and the toilet. Shower cabins are very organically fit into the bathrooms in the form of a long rectangle or a large square. Functional addition shower cabins will be in an environment of combined bathrooms, shaped like a triangle.

Do not worry, and in the event that the shower does not match the dimensions of your room. In this situation, it is quite possible to choose an ordinary, traditional bath that can be installed in the back of the room, while the toilet occupies a place behind a kind of screen.

This option is perfect for a bathroom of a square shape or in the form of a short rectangle.

As a separator of the two zones, an ordinary curtain for the bathroom can be used.

Please note that the room inside can be divided into several parts not only by a simple partition, which is a shower door or curtain, but also some piece of furniture. So, for example, having installed between the toilet and the bathroom a shelving with accessories for personal hygiene, you will perfectly cope with the established task. In this case, to ensure that the room is not too cluttered, you can use a narrow glass cabinet. A washbasin with a sink will also become a remarkable visual partition.

Thus, in order to properly design the interior and choose the design of the bathroom, combined with the toilet, you need to choose the right materials for decoration, as well as install all the equipment and furniture in accordance with the shape and dimensions of the room.

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