Bathroom design options in the panel house

The apartment in the panel house is a budget variant of the housing issue for so many families. In such rooms, the rooms and the kitchen are most often given attention. The bathroom remains the least thought out. This is a consequence of the layout in Khrushchev and other small-panel apartment houses. They severely restrict their owners in space. To such a room you just have to adapt.

Bathroom interior

Tiles for walls are recommended to choose with a smooth mirror surface.

Modern production of materials for construction allows you to transform any apartment. With the help of fashionable devices you can make the design of the bathroom as comfortable and cozy as possible.


Before the beginning of the repair, the question arises of the advisability of a separate or combined bathroom. If the size of the bathroom allows the placement of a washing machine in it, and the toilet space can accommodate a small wash-hand basin and bidet, then it makes no sense to combine the two rooms. Combined bathroom in the panel house will help increase the useful area and optimally place all the necessary plumbing. A sufficiently large saving of money will come if there is no longer a need to tile the wall intended for demolition, install a second door.

Layout ванной комнаты

Layout ванной комнаты.

When you have decided on the location of the bathroom, you need to proceed with the optimal organization of its space. The small area of ​​the bathroom in the panel house will not allow you to simultaneously install a bath, shower, washing machine, a box for linen supplies and a washstand with a curbstone. I'll have to choose between these bathroom items.

Placing a shower in the bathroom will significantly increase the space, but this method is not suitable for family people with young children. This design of the bathroom does not provide a full reception of water procedures. In this case, the best option is to purchase a corner bath. It can simultaneously serve as a deep shower tray. If you do not completely close a niche under it, you can get a great place to store different things.

The design of the bathroom means creating more comfort for the hosts. Starting the renovation of the bathroom in the panel house you need to decide on the arrangement of household appliances. First of all, this refers to the washing machine. There are the following examples of its installation:

  • placing under the sink;
  • installation behind the partition;
  • location near the bath or shower.
Layout ванной комнаты

With the proper layout in the bathroom you can comfortably place all the plumbing.

If you put a washing machine behind a partition, then this technique will create a niche above it. It can accommodate bath accessories and accessories, linen and cosmetics. If you cover it with light doors, you get a nice little bedside table. The design of the bathroom, where there is a machine with a vertical load, implies its installation only near the plumbing. This is the only possible option.

Selection of materials

Scheme of phased installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Scheme of stage-by-stage installation of a tension ceiling in the bathroom.

At first glance, the bathroom in the panel house is not too demanding for finishing materials. But the future comfort of the room depends on their quality. Decoration of the ceiling plays an important role in the decoration of the bathroom. His stylistic decision can help visually expand the bathroom, make it more light. There are several options for finishing the ceiling:

  • painting;
  • whitewash;
  • panels made of polyvinylchloride;
  • decoration with rails;
  • tiles made of plastic;
  • tension ceiling.

Whitewashing and painting are the most affordable ways to decorate bathrooms for families with a small budget. But they will last a very short time. When choosing a paint, you should pay attention to its protection from fungus and resistance. The installation of PVC panels allows you to hide all the flaws in the ceiling and make a point lighting installation. The plastic tile is very simple to install, but is susceptible to the appearance of mold at the joints. After all, the bathroom in any house is a room with high humidity. Stretched ceiling is the optimal design solution. If you cover it with gloss and install spotlights, then you can make a bathroom in a panel house modern and relevant.

Color solution

Color Matching Table

Color combination table.

When choosing a bathroom decor, the color scheme of the floor covering should be slightly darker than the walls. A good solution is a game of contrast. Orange or light green floor will look original against the background of light walls. This technique will help diversify the design of the bathroom.

For the bathroom in the panel house, the optimal solution when choosing the covering of the walls and the floor is the use of ceramic tiles.

If you want to bring variety to the interior, then the perfect flooring will be a floor with a three-dimensional image. It has excellent characteristics, but quite expensive. If there is a cold floor, it is recommended to install a lath made of natural wood.

Wall decor

In a small bathroom of a multi-storey house it is desirable to decorate the walls in bright colors. It is also possible to combine several shades. A good solution for such bathrooms is the use of ceramic tiles. It is durable enough and practical, ideal for wet rooms.

With the right selection of colors, you can significantly expand the space.

There are following recommendations for bathroom design:

  1. Tiles for walls should be with a smooth mirror surface.
  2. Different color solutions of individual surfaces are welcome.
  3. The mirror surface helps to make the space wider.

The smooth surface reflects the light well. This property helps the small room to look more spacious. Using a variety of drawings makes the room higher or wider. You need to consider this when designing a bathroom based on your needs. It looks interesting bathroom with one bright wall. Mirror surfaces can add a few extra meters to a small room, which is very important in such houses. All surfaces must be light enough. It is recommended to avoid dark and gloomy coverage.

You can also install a mirror over the washstand or purchase a locker with it. Shelves of glass also look good in small bathrooms. They help make the space more light and airy.

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