Bathroom design with shower cabin options

The bathroom we used to use to clean, restore strength and peace of mind. Therefore, it is very important that the design of this room bears only positive emotions and sensations. Insufficiently large area of ​​the bathroom often does not allow owners to fully realize all their design fantasies. The design of a bathroom with a shower cabin has become a popular solution to this problem, because it has many advantages that solve a number of issues.

Bathroom with shower

Figure 1. To create a bright design, it is enough to combine several contrasting colors in the bathroom.


  1. Saving space - using a corner shower allows you to free up enough space to accommodate other things and interior items.
  2. The shower cabin is very ergonomically fit into the space.
  3. Saving water - taking a shower is several times more economical than taking a bath.
  4. Bathroom due to the installation of a modern shower cubicle can purchase additional functionality. Modern models of shower cabins are often equipped with radio, telephone, steam bath, sauna, hydromassage. A deep tray in the booth will allow you to take a bath.


  1. The need to wash the walls of the shower from time to time from traces of water and soap.
  2. Inability to make a full bath with foam.
  3. Risk of injury - this problem is solved by using non-slip materials.
  4. If the shower is placed in one room with a toilet, this can create a number of inconveniences that can be solved by installing partitions, good ventilation, additional lighting.

Location options

  1. A free standing position is possible in a room with large dimensions.
  2. Angular - allows you to save space in a small room.
  3. Location near the wall, in which the shower cabin occupies the same space as the bathroom.
  4. In the center of the room - it is possible only in a room of large dimensions.

Design of a small room

Design of large bathroom

Figure 2. For a large bathroom suitable tiles of large sizes.

Using modern materials for decoration will create a maximum of comfort in the room and give it an aesthetic appearance. There are a number of design secrets that allow you to increase the area of ​​a small bathroom. In a very small room it is recommended to install a shower enclosure without a pallet. This zone should be decorated using a tile of contrasting color. If you lay it diagonally on the floor, then it will visually enlarge a small room.

To save space, it is recommended to install a hanging toilet and a sink without a pedestal. The open floor will create a sense of freedom and ease even in a small room. To visually enhance the interior of the bathroom, it is recommended that you carefully approach the choice of tiles. Its color should not be too dark or contrast. The interior design of the bathroom should be made in light, beige, cream tones. If you want to make the interior design vivid, it is better to create contrasting streaks or spots, as in Fig. 1.

If you decide to design the interior of the bathroom in dark colors, then you need to use bright lighting (not only the ceiling, but also the wall). Tiles should not be too large. The smaller the tile, the more visually the room will be. When choosing rectangular tiles, it should be remembered that its vertical arrangement will visually increase the height of the room, and the horizontal will visually expand the space.

Increase the height of the room can be using vertical patterns on the tile or using a frieze, which will divide the tiles in the room into two zones. The same effect can be achieved by installing a mirror ceiling. Today, Armstrong's mirror-mounted hanging ceiling systems are very popular.

Bathroom in retro style

Figure 3. To design a bathroom in retro style, you will need a mosaic or artificial stone.

Mirror can be made not only the ceiling, but also one of the walls. This is guaranteed to significantly expand the space. The mirror wall should be placed where it is least likely to be contaminated. Suspended ceiling and towels are better to make glass. The room can be made in any style, the main thing - to choose the right accessories.

In a small room, preference should be given to booths with sliding (folding) or folding doors, as swing doors may require free space in front of the entrance. In small rooms, transparent shower cabins look more advantageous, since they are perceived visually as lighter.

Interior of a large room

In a large room, you can afford to use the most daring color solutions when decorating the ceiling and walls. The floor can be covered with tiles, imitating wood, stone or marble. For walls, you can use dark tiles of any size. In the large bathroom, the brightest and most contrasting combinations of colors are acceptable (Figure 2).

With sufficiently large dimensions in the bathroom, you can install a shower with hydromassage function, in which you can take not only a shower, but a bath. In a large room you can place a washing and drying machine, dressing table, couch, massage equipment, closet, shelves for laundry and other useful appliances in the bathroom.

Shower in the center of the room

Figure 4. If the bathroom is spacious enough, then the shower can be located in its center.

If the bathroom has a window or installed suitable lighting, it can accommodate moisture-loving plants - ferns, orchids, etc. Flowers perfectly decorate and complement the design of the bathroom, made in appropriate colors. For fans of all the unusual, you can use the retro style in the design (Figure 3).

The shower cabin can be made based on the individual preferences of the owner on a special order (Figure 4). The cab can be purchased in a specialized store, and you can make it yourself, carefully thought out each element in the bathroom.

In a country house in the bathroom, in addition to a shower cubicle, a small pool is often installed. The shower often has the function of a sauna. The design of this room can be done using natural materials - wood, marble, stone. When using wood, care should be taken to protect it from decay - around the shower, waterproofing should be done and the floor covered with a special protective coating.

A large bathroom with a shower cabin will make it possible to implement a variety of projects.

The cab can be placed either in the center, in the corner or on the wall. A large area allows you to choose and the unusual shape of cabins: round, trapezoid, etc.

Bathroom with shower can easily combine modernity and classics. With the classical design, the most modern equipment and accessories are made, made in the classical style. When planning the design, it should be remembered that rounded shapes bring an atmosphere of harmony and peace, and strict forms and straight lines - a sense of purity and order.

In the presence of free space, it is desirable to install a stationary bathroom in a large bathroom.

After all, preferences change over time, and if now you think that this is not necessary, then in the future there may be a desire to lie down in warm water with fragrant foam.

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