Bathroom design

Despite old-fashioned opinions, the bathroom - is very important in every house, because it is here that each of us starts his day. We suggest you familiarize yourself with bathroom design options so that they are both practical, functional, and beautiful.


Modern design of the bathroom

Regardless of the weekday and the working day, or it can be a day off or a holiday, we are the first thing after waking up we go to the bathroom to clean up ourselves. Naturally, do not neglect the new design in this room, justifying yourself that there is no repair in it, or the design is not so pretty because of the short time spent here. Yes, of course, if you compare the bathroom, for example, with the kitchen, then this is exactly the case.

Do not forget about the following:

  • Each of us "wakes up" in the bathroom in the morning, and thanks to the pleasant interior we can tune in for a positive upcoming day.
  • In the evening hours, each of us comes here to wash away the fatigue about the past day.
  • And how much beauty can be said about the time spent in a hot bath with a lot of foam, in which you can not only relax, but also for a moment forget about cares.


Accordingly, it should be concluded that a beautiful bathroom is very important for us, in particular for our comfort with mental balance. And, if you still decided to carry out repairs and renovation of the interior here, then we are ready to continue to talk about how to do it, so that in the future your bathroom will be completely comfortable with you. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the proposed variants of photo design of the bathroom, among which you will surely find interesting ideas for inspiration.


Five Ways to Implement a Fashionable Solution

In order to embody a modern interior in the design of the bathroom, you should know about the features and distinctive features of this room. And they are as follows:

  • You should make the interior simple, minimalistic, do not use fancy decorative elements.
  • If the room is not too miniature in size, do not stick to the standard layout in terms of plumbing. It is absolutely not necessary that it is located to the walls very tightly.
  • Orient when choosing finishing materials for natural, or simulated for them. Such variants of surfaces as wood, marble, stone, will become irreplaceable in this case.
  • In general, despite the simplicity in the interior, this does not mean that jewelry should not be. For example, the original decorative objects in the style of Haytec will be here as never before.
  • Be sure to take care of the lighting! It should be arranged in general for the main interior and the general situation of the room.


At the heart of the design is the color

Now incredibly popular is white, which is especially important for room hygiene procedures. However, if you choose it, do not just use it. Dilute the bright accents of the situation, although even a light not-too-bright tone will look like an accent on the white background.


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Among the 100% hit in the current season is precisely black and white color scheme. And the combination can be varied, as a result of which your bathroom will also look different. For example, black can make out the floor, as well as the walls at the bottom, but white - the rest of the rest, including the ceilings. Thus, you will achieve a visual increase in the height of the room.


Dilute the range of black and white shades, which may seem cold, inserts of natural wood, or imitation material. This method will soften the severity in the design, adding even more space to the space.


To the always popular base shade are gray shades, also beige. In addition, they are always fashionable, so they also can not irritate you even after a few years.

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Among the bright modern accents of the current season are the following:

  • Emerald color
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Pink


Do not be afraid to use colors in a very bold design!


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How practical and beautiful to decorate the interior

The first step is to identify what are the current trends in the issue of finishing your bathroom. They include:

  • Natural materials (or imitating them)
  • Application of metal surfaces
  • Combination of finishing materials


Accordingly, we suggest to see all this directly on the photo of the modern bathroom interior.


How to make walls?

Despite the fact that fashion and new trends over time are constantly changing, the bathroom has always remained, and the walls will be decorated with tiles. As for the question regarding its choice, then you can prefer any options: from ceramics, porcelain stoneware, etc. It already depends on the style, and your financial capabilities.


Advantages of such material in:

  • Practicality
  • Longevity
  • Moisture resistance
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Diversity of modern assortment


To unusual trends that allow a new look to look at the finish with tiles, are:

  • Tiles with effects of wear. This option is very stylish and unusual.
  • Thanks to the tile of light coloring of large sizes, together with the dark material for flooring, the room will look more visually.
  • Picking up the tiles in a similar color scheme, the facing on the walls will look great in the form of a Christmas tree, as a result of which the pattern will be the most unique.
  • Tiles with imitation wood, which is also incredibly relevant in today's trend.
  • Decorative plaster of high degree of moisture resistance, which is inherent in the so-called "concrete surface".
  • Finishing with natural wood. It is used due to a variety of modern materials for water repellency. This is what makes it possible to apply such material in the bathroom finish with great success.


As mentioned above, the main and absolute trend of modern design is the combination of materials for interior decoration.


An interesting option, when a large-scale tile is combined with a mosaic. In this case, it is not necessary to select materials that are similar in tone. Excellent will look decoration with tiles in one color scheme, or simply in matching shades with each other.

Design-bathroom-room-area-4-sq. m.

Maybe you will be impressed by the more budgetary version of the design, when the tile is lined with a shower zone, and as for the rest of the room, it is simply painted with a durable paint, resistant to moisture.


We recommend you pay attention to the tile, which looks like a blanket made of cloth shreds, as before ... Completely, it is not necessary to completely decorate the interior in this way, otherwise you will constantly ruffle in your eyes after a few minutes from your stay here. But, for example, a shower zone in this performance is a great way of decoration, thanks to which your bathtub will be simply unique.


Finishing the floor

We also recommend you to stay on tiles. The main thing is that its surface is rough, resulting in a level of trauma danger will be many times less. In general, if we talk about the requirements that exist in the choice of tiles on the floor, then they are the same as for the wall covering.


Tiles for floors should be slightly darker. But, this applies only to those decorations, when the walls are light and single-colored or with colored patches.


It is very interesting when the floor in the bathroom is trimmed with pebble stones. More original and natural way just can not be found. In addition, today the most popular are natural materials. And you can take care of your health with such a finishing material, because pebbles will regularly massage your feet.


When using single-color materials for wall finishing, including paint, floor tiles can be some bright, with patterns.


Ceiling decoration

This element is quite conservative in modern bathroom interiors. Actually. For their registration can be used only 3 options, namely:

  • Stretched ceiling
  • Suspension
  • Colored


Of course, the main trend is exactly the white smooth version of the ceiling. With the help of a false ceiling, the built-in lighting options will do as never before. But if you choose a stretch ceiling with a glossy finish, the room will visually look bigger.


Do not be lazy or afraid. When buying materials for finishing, ask for quality certificates to make sure that the materials are moisture resistant. After all, it is this criterion that is fundamental in the design of the bathroom.


We equip the plumbing as a decorative element

Modern interiors have long ago moved away from the fact that objects fulfill their direct functional purpose. So, a beautiful bathroom interior can be made using some interesting options, using unusual shapes, including plumbing.


Without a sink in the bathroom - can not do!

Such adaptations can be of the most unusual and bizarre forms. A very popular solution if the shell is in the shape of a round or oval shaped bowl. Quite often you can see the design options, when the shell is shaded with a dark countertop.


Also an interesting design will be a sink in the shape of a single box. It is installed directly on the floor, which is impeccable and win-win looks in the bathroom.


If you have a large enough bathroom, we recommend installing two identical sink cases, and above them the same mirror options, so that the modern bathroom will be classic.


Proceeding from the fact that minimalism is very relevant, you can also use the usual square or rectangular shell shapes. Thanks to strict forms, minimalism and conciseness will be emphasized. But it looks very nice and impressive.


Which bathtub should I install?

The best, popular solutions of the modern bath are unusual forms, where fantasy can be the most limitless. Baths in turn are oval, round, square, trapezoidal and others.


Very lucky for those who have spacious bathrooms. In this case, it is not at all necessary to choose a rectangular bath directly. It will look great in some other form.

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An interesting variant of an oval / round bath with dark finishes.


As with other spheres, the bathroom should be multifunctional. In addition, modern options make not only attractive, but also technological, adding the functions of whirlpools, whirlpools, which are the most popular.


And maybe a shower?

By the way, they are very diverse, for example, open or closed, detached, or combined with bathrooms.


Despite the great variety, booths are of two main types, which include:

  • Shower corners, which represent the corner part of the room with the floor, and it is enclosed with a special partition.
  • Booth for showering, which has a stand-alone capsule. It has a built-in mixer version, as well as a shower head.


In the shower cabins produced in the modern world, there are many very useful additions, which are often quite pleasant. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • The function of the whirlpool, which occurs quite often. In the walls of the booth, special types of nozzles are built, which provide massage with water.
  • A steam generator that creates steam in the booth. The second name of this device is a Turkish bath.
  • Built-in version of the sauna, which is built-in booth. This is an excellent option for those who do not seem to have enough steam from the steam generator.
  • Aromatherapy, which allows you to relax due to the aroma with tactile sensations.
  • Ozonization is simply incredible for those who have any allergies, or more asthma. After all, this option allows you to kill bacteria with germs.
  • IR radiation, which has the most beneficial effect on the human body, splitting fat deposits, removing toxins with slag, smoothing the skin, and improving its quality.
  • A radio receiver, which is an excellent function for waking up in the morning. Including your favorite audio tracks.
  • TV-player video files - very useful for those who are not accustomed to lose a minute of their time. With him, my head, you will watch simultaneously and the latest news.


Installing the toilet bowl

Typically, when choosing a toilet, attention is drawn directly to its design, because they are not particularly distinguished by any functions.


We also suggest using the shape geometry, choosing models with sharp corners, or with very smoothed corners, or maybe with round shapes (well, or very similar to the circle).

toilet bowl3

Setting the beam

If the room has a bidet installation, we recommend not to discard it. In this case, the ideal option, if it will be in the same style with the toilet.


Bathroom design photo of 2017

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