Bathroom interior in country style

The design of the room by each person is carried out in accordance with the peculiarities of his psychology, priorities, understanding of the world and the existing way of life. Everyone has different color preferences and their own ideas about a comfortable interior. This applies to the design of the bathroom. Looking at it, you can immediately determine the characteristics of the nature and lifestyle of the owner of the apartment and his family members. Many people like the country-style bathroom.

Bathroom in country style

The interior of the bathroom in the country style is natural and simple, eco-friendly and close to nature.

Today there is a modern understanding of the design of the bathroom. In earlier times, the purpose of the bathrooms was only hygienic procedures. Now rest and relaxation in the bathroom after a hard day is a common occurrence. In addition, besides the traditional attributes of sanitary ware, interior items appear here that add comfort and create a comfort situation: large mirrors, shelves, cabinets, televisions and stereos.

Features of style

Country style appeared in the West and immediately became popular. The beginning of the last century was the time of its spread in Russia. At that time, a huge mass of villagers migrated to the city. The city life was incomprehensible to many. Former villagers tried at least at home to revive the situation, which they are accustomed to since childhood.

Therefore, for the country style, naturalness and simplicity, environmental friendliness and closeness to nature are characteristic. The interior of the dwelling in country style is similar to a simple village house.

Bathroom in rustic style

The bathroom in the country style is characterized by natural, pastel and light colors.

Country style in the bathroom. The decoration in a simple, rustic style can be done in the city bathroom. But every detail of the interior must be carefully thought out. Flooring, furniture, walls, lighting, decoration and accessories should be in harmony with each other.

Color solution of the interior

  1. The interior of such a bathroom differs in color, variegatedness. However, the color scheme should not be bright. Its peculiarity is that the tones should be dense and slightly muffled.
  2. The color palette of this interior is natural, pastel and light colors.
  3. A prerequisite is the observance of color balance.
  4. Another condition of this design - any bright spots and flashy colors are excluded.
  5. We need a natural color solution that resonates with the color of wildlife. Designers recommend to include in the interior green shades in combination with the basic colors.
  6. Curtains in a strip or cage made from a monochrome palette fabric perfectly fit into the design of the bathroom.
Bathroom design in country style

When decorating a bathroom in the style of a country wall, it's better to whiten or color it in a monochrome light color.

Finishing materials for bathroom decoration

This style is close to natural motifs. It should be taken into account, selecting the cladding and finishing.

  • They must be natural (stone, light wood) or imitate natural substances (tile under the stone, imitation wood).
  • They should have a rough texture (plaster, decorative stone, tiles).
  • For finishing, you can use stucco molding, a wooden panel, curb, provided that the color harmony with the walls is maintained.
  • In such a bathroom, modern finishing materials and shower cabins, stretch ceilings with fashionable lamps, chrome finish will disturb the overall style.
  • The surface of the walls can be whitewashed, painted with light paint, covered with monochrome ceramic tiles or with a floral, geometric pattern.

Compositional interior solution in country style in the bathroom

Items of furniture in the bathroom. It is necessary to use the simplest, stylized furniture for the countryside. It should resemble the design of a village hut.

  1. In this interior is appropriate rough, clumsy furniture of the old type of natural wood: grandmother's chair, unpolished wardrobe of regular shape, wicker basket for clothes, rough shelves, tightly benched benches.
  2. Furniture can be unpainted, with a minimum of decorative details.
Bathroom furniture in country style

Furniture in the bathroom in the country style should be made of natural wood, preferably not painted.

The decoration of the windows gives the room an individuality.

  1. In the bathroom it is desirable to have at least one window, which must be covered with a curtain with ruffles and ribbons made of natural fabric - cotton, linen or chintz.
  2. On the window sill you need handmade wipes and flower pots.
  3. Do not fit heavy, dark draperies.

Fixtures. Lighting plays a big role. It can completely change the impression of your bathroom.

  1. Planning the options for lighting, you should abandon the bright and high light, fashionable and modern lamps, fluorescent lights.
  2. In such a bathroom you need soft, dim, diffused lighting. Its sources should be located in the corners, close to the surface of the floor, behind the patterned septum.
  3. The correct choice will be an old-style lamp with a lampshade or with forged parts, an electric lamp with a simple, matt bubble.

The floor must be in harmony with the overall layout of the room. Ideal for such a bathroom - a small tile on the floor, simulating stone or brick.

Bath in the form of a basket

Bath in the form of a wicker basket is perfect for a country style.

Plumbing. Her choice is very important. It must correspond to the general idea of ​​the interior.

  1. A good option - a bath in the old days with cute legs.
  2. Look great baths made of wood, imitating a kadushku for washing. Similarity of this will happen if the bath is covered with boards on the side. It is necessary only to process this material with protective means.
  3. Bath of marble or stone, too, will be an excellent option.
  4. Ball mixers are not suitable. They must be valve, which was common in the early twentieth century.
  5. The washbasin made of clay will be an organic continuation of the rustic furniture of such a bathroom.

Accessories - the most important element of the bathroom interior. It is obligatory here to have the appropriate decor items that do not violate harmony. Your imagination can be limitless. But you need to remember some rules of design.

  1. In this unpretentious style, you do not need to focus on small, vivid details. They will seem inappropriate elements of the interior.
  2. Correct details of the interior of the bathroom will be enamelled jugs, lush bouquets, cloth bags with pockets for things, embroidered towels, handmade wicker mats.
  3. Correspond to the interior can be decorative elements with a floral pattern, wooden, bronze and forged products in the form of candlesticks, fittings, etc.

Designing a bathroom in the style of a country - it's proximity to nature, simplicity of life and leisurely, measured, comfortable life.

The interior of this style gives peace and a sense of peace. This bathroom sets up a quiet, quiet family life and a pleasant stay. Country style is convenient.

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