Bathroom panels

To finish the bathroom, you can use a fairly limited range of materials that are resistant to high humidity, a couple, sharp temperature jumps. The surface of the walls should be able to tolerate various chemical substances perfectly, it is easy and quick to clean, do not rot. Most often for the bathroom is used ceramic or granite tiles, but there is a cheaper option with good quality - PVC panels. Their installation is faster, the cost of the cladding is many times lower, plus the leveling of the base is not required.

Decorating with bathroom plastic panels

Bath panels are light, moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, easy to install and inexpensive.

PVC Panels

Wall panels for the bathroom are made on the basis of PVC, ie polyvinyl chloride. Some mistakenly believe that the plastic finish is of extremely poor quality, but in fact it is not. Such a skin is attractive, excellent for conditions of high humidity, sudden temperature changes. Wall panels for the bathroom have the following advantages:

The scheme of finishing the bathroom with plastic panels

The scheme of finishing the bathroom with plastic panels.

  1. High level of resistance to humidity, temperature changes, evaporation.
  2. Practicality, such a coating is easy to clean, non-abrasive detergents are suitable for this.
  3. The market offers a wide range of shades, so you can easily design a bathroom in any style.
  4. Installation is easy and fast, there is no need to have experience or purchase an expensive set of tools. Installation is performed in the shortest time.
  5. Special work on leveling the wall is not required, you just have to repair cracks and potholes. Crimping allows small irregularities.
  6. For installation, the frame is used, so it is not difficult to hide all communications under the lining, to make the bathroom interior more attractive.
  7. If there is a need, then under the tiles of PVC is laid insulation, for the bathroom in this quality is excellent foam.
  8. The weight of the plating is small, there is no need to strengthen the walls.
  9. Operation is extremely simple, the panels are easy to clean, they do not accumulate dirt, mold does not appear.
  10. If it is necessary to repair, the replacement of one or several panels is done in just a couple of minutes.
  11. The cost of finishing is low.

When selecting PVC panels, one should pay attention to their quality. The surface of the plate should have a clear ornament, be evenly colored, do not have blurred, sloppy edges. Attention should be given to the stiffeners, they should not have any traces of deformation. The more such ribs will have the material, the higher the quality of the finish. It will be more resistant to various kinds of mechanical influences. When buying, you should immediately determine which additional elements and in what quantities are needed. It's about the starting profile, corners and other elements. Calculate it is necessary and the number of rails for the crate, which will go with a step of 90 cm.

Variants of plastic panels

There is a large selection of plastic panels in color, pattern and shape.

Tools and materials

Before you start fixing plastic panels for the bathroom, you need to prepare materials and tools. The list is not too large, no expensive devices will not have to buy.

List of necessary for wall covering:


  • a perforator or an electric drill needed to perform the fastening of the crate;
  • electric jigsaw, metal hacksaw for cutting panels and moldings, lathing battens;
  • screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • Stapler (construction or furniture);
  • metal ruler;
  • simple pencil.
Tools for mounting panels in the bathroom

Tools for mounting panels in the bathroom.


  • set for laying plastic sheathing, it includes not only a decorative panel, but also moldings, skirting, which are necessary for the design of external, internal corners, for the start of laying, finishing of compensation gaps;
  • Wooden laths for the crate, which are previously covered with an antiseptic;
  • Adhesive, which is attached to the wall panels for the bathroom, if this option is applied;
  • Wall panels;
  • self-tapping screws and fasteners.

In addition, it may be necessary to putty, cement mortar, primer for the surface, if the wall requires alignment. To seal the slots, silicone sealant is used, although the laying must be carried out in such a way that there is no gap between the individual panels.


How to install wall panels? Before you begin installing the panels, you must prepare the wall. For this, the old coating is removed, if there are potholes or large cracks, it is necessary to remove them using a cement mortar or putty. From the room you need to remove all unnecessary, so that the work is carried out in the most comfortable conditions.

The scheme of finishing the bathroom wall with plastic panels

The scheme of finishing the bathroom wall with plastic panels.

If the panels for the bathroom will be attached to liquid nails, then the wall should be leveled. Experts advise to use the planking from moisture-resistant plasterboard. If the unevenness is small, then the defects are easily concealed by ordinary putty. It is also possible to install wooden crates. It is assembled from racks, which are pre-soaked with antiseptic, which protects them from decay.

The process of installing the battens:

  1. Reiki are fixed in a horizontal direction parallel to the floor, their step should be 90 cm.
  2. If the walls are uneven, you must use the building level during the installation of the rails. For the alignment of defects, special pads of pieces of plywood or plastic are required.
  3. Racks are attached in such a way that the first is at the floor level, the upper one is at the ceiling level. Above the upper edge of the doorway, a horizontal rack is mounted.
  4. Under the fastening points, small rectangular pieces of moisture-resistant plywood are placed to ensure that the wall panels are subsequently mounted qualitatively.

Wall sheathing

After the walls are installed crate, you can proceed to install PVC panels. To perform this relatively simple work, you should prepare the following trim elements:

  • connecting molding;
  • Ceiling;
  • the front;
  • internal molding for corner;
  • outer molding for corner;
  • universal;
  • molding;
  • starting;
  • finishing panels.

The first installation of the start profile. It is put from the corner from which the wall decoration will go. This molding, as the profiles for the installation of PVC tiles are also called, is fixed by screws or a stapler to the rails of the crate. In the lower corner of the molding, a shelf of the facing panel is inserted, while the wide side of the lock should look in the direction of installation. It is fixed with brackets or special screws.

Installation всех последующих панелей для ванной комнаты осуществляется схожим образом, по мере продвижения обшивки следует проверять вертикальность, для чего используется строительный уровень. Все соединения следует проверять, они должны быть плотными.

The joints of the quality wall paneling for the bathroom are barely discernible.

If there are noticeable seams, then it is necessary to shift the material. For the passage of external and internal angles, special components are used, in the slots of which the facing panels are introduced. For window, doorways of the bathroom, the starting profile is used in the form of corners.

The last stage, which completes the entire installation of the lining of the walls of the bathroom, is the installation of decorative skirting boards. They are designed to hide all joints and compensation gaps on the sides. If crevices are noticed after installation of the skirting boards, they must be treated with silicone sealant, although it is not recommended to bring it to such a state.

Bathroom with plating of plastic panels is attractive and stylish. Installation of the skin is not too difficult, even a beginner can handle it. There are several options for stacking plates. If the walls are in good condition, then special glue is used for installation, which makes the work much easier and saves time.

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