Bathroom repairs

One of the most laborious processes in the repair of an apartment or a house is the improvement of the bathroom and the bathroom. If the house is already living, and not only going to enter, the repair of such an important room threatens to cause serious inconvenience. On average, this workload can take up to two to three weeks. First, dismantling of old equipment, tiles or any other covering of walls and floor, and also their alignment is carried out. At the next stage are plumbing works, including the installation of water and sewage pipes, laying tiles on the floor. In conclusion, put the tiles on the walls, install a bath, a toilet and a sink and a door if necessary. Each stage takes about 4-5 days. Dismantling is an extremely dusty part of the repair. It is mandatory to take care of the protection of furniture, clothing, books, monitors and other furniture of the apartment from pollution. And on the doorways, it is not superfluous to hang oil curtains. Particular attention should be paid to the protection of refrigerators operating in the air pumping system (know frost). And, of course, both workers and everyone in the house, it is desirable to wear bandages or respirators and hats. Construction debris after the end of the dismantling will be surprisingly many. It is not difficult to get rid of it if you turn to companies specializing in the export of such garbage. Alignment of walls and floor is carried out by building mixtures or sheets of plasterboard. When repairing a bathroom, they usually deal with ceramic tiles. But it is also possible to use for the floor, for example, a water-resistant board, and for walls - plastic panels. The color of the walls is better to choose neutral - peach, beige, in order to avoid incorrect color rendition in the mirror, which is especially important for ladies applying makeup in the bathroom. Do not forget about the ceiling. It can be coated with a special paint (usually positioned as a paint for the bath and kitchen), plastic or aluminum slats and the same plastic panels. The choice of the sizes of baths and sinks is wide enough and it is possible to choose suitable for all parameters of the specimen. To save space, you can take on an invention such as a hybrid of a sink and washing machine, which is mounted directly under the sink. As for the materials from which the baths are made, the lovers will luxuriate in warm water, the best solution is to stop their eyes on the cast-iron bath, because it keeps the heat very long. A variety of models of toilets will make an inexperienced consumer think. In this issue, perhaps, only two councils will be superfluous. First, to choose a better model with a variant of economical consumption of water during draining along with the usual. And, secondly, if you bring the hose to the tank from the bottom, then the noise when recruiting water will be less.

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