Bathroom shelf - 70 photo shelves in the bathroom interior

In our life there are a variety of small things that help to improve the housing, give it comfort and coziness. That's why before creating the desired interior, you should think about where a small but rather important object will be located - a shelf.


The most necessary it is in the bathroom, as this room includes a huge number of all kinds of small things.

In this article, we will look at the main types of shelves for the bathroom, as well as understand the process of creating it for yourself.


Variety of shelves for the bathroom

The shelves for the bathroom have a different design, suitable for any interior. Her choice depends directly on the taste of the buyer.


According to the method of fastening,

  • wall;
  • angular;
  • floor;
  • suspended;
  • stationary;
  • removable.


When considering the location, the dimensions of the bathroom itself should be taken into account, since in some cases the location beneath the bathroom or under the washbasin will be more appropriate. In other cases, it is attached to the wall.

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The main material is wood, plasterboard, glass, plastic and metal. Each of the listed materials has both pluses and minuses. The most common options are presented on the photo of the shelves for the bathroom.


Main functions of the shelves in the bathroom

The shelf in this room plays an important role. This is due to the fact that it is able not only to ensure safety, protecting jars and bubbles from falling and breaking, it also helps to save space, as compared to the lockers, they occupy a rather useful area.


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This is especially important in bathrooms with a small area.


Please note that corner, hanging and wall shelves can increase space in the room. Another advantage is elasticity.


Manufacturing of various variants of shelves by own hands

Glass Shelf

After determining the required size, you need to prepare a piece of glass. This can be done in a special workshop, since all sharp edges should be smoothed. If a plasterboard recess is built in the bathroom, simply insert the existing workpiece with the help of glass fasteners. In most cases, this is done using decorative holders. In addition to the required dimensions, you should also consider the load, while taking care of the strength of your product.

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In order for the glass to be as safe as possible in case of possible destruction or falling, it must be covered with a transparent film.


Shelf from plasterboard

This is the simplest and budget option. From the profiles a frame is made, which is fastened with screws. If the frame is ready and trimmed with plasterboard, then it can be tiled with tiles, and also combined with glass. This kind of shelf can be supplemented with LED strip, which is an additional option for lighting, and it is necessary to purchase an aluminum profile, in which the tape will be attached.


Corner shelf from chipboard

The manufacturing of a corner shelf for a bathroom consists of several stages:

  • preparation of details - the thickness of the sheet should be from six millimeters, on which the center is measured and the circumference is drawn. After basting, the resulting circle must be cut using a jigsaw. Then we divide it into two equal halves, after which each of them is also divided in half. As a result, you get four identical corner shelves.
  • the production of slots in the rack - at the place of attachment, a rake of wood is placed on which the position of the upper and lower shelf is marked. After marking out the necessary marks, we make grooves in such a way that the shelf enters them with difficulty.
  • Mounting - bolts or mounting glue can be used for mounting. The attached shelf can be painted or covered with a decorative and waterproof film.

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Suspended shelf

Prepare in advance 5 racks of the necessary size, 8 blocks, glue for a tree, and also necessary tools.

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Each rake is marked by 10 centimeters from each edge. These blocks are attached to the glue blocks, if the size does not match, then it should be filed. On the center of each glued block marks are made with the help of a drill. Next, take a long screw, which is inserted into the prepared hole with a screwdriver and carefully enough that the wood does not burst.


After the completion of the process, it remains only to hang the resulting shelf to the desired location.

Shelf for bathroom

This option is suitable for the bathroom due to the fact that it eliminates the accumulation of water.


In this article, we tried to consider not only the most common variants of shelves, but also learned the technique of their production with their own hands.


Photo examples of shelves in the bathroom interior



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