Bathroom tiling

Options for finishing the walls of the bathroom is not too much. Most materials can not withstand the destructive effects of moisture and high temperatures. The ideal option is the tiling of the bathroom, it remains only to think about the design.

Tile design in floristic style

Accent in the design of the bathroom can be both vertical and horizontal.

Reflecting on the repair of the bathroom, most homeowners primarily pay attention to the need to purchase high-quality sanitary ware and complete replacement of communications. But the design of the room is not less important, because it is in these walls that the day begins and ends.

Secrets of Harmony

Tile, like any finishing material, is able to distort or transform the proportions of the room. And the effect will depend not only on the shade of the tile. Thanks to the correct selection of size, shape and even texture, you can beat even the most unsuccessful bathroom. What are the rules to be guided by?

Warm tones in the bathroom

Warm tones of tile will give a cozy bathroom, smooth out unevenness.

  1. Rectangular tile with vertical orientation increases the height of the room, with horizontal tiles widens the boundaries.
  2. Glossy tile, thanks to the game of reflected light, visually increase the area of ​​the room.
  3. The floor should be tiled with tiles, designed specifically for this area. It must withstand a significant load and be rough.
  4. Tiles sized from 20 * 20 cm should be stacked only in fairly spacious bathrooms. For small ones a tile 10 * 10 cm or a mosaic is better.
  5. Cold colors visually expand the room.
  6. Warm shades help to smooth out the effect of cold and moisture, reigning in the bathroom.
  7. Stylish and original looks a combination in the decoration of several shades of the same color. For better perception, it is worth sharing a decorative border.
  8. Grout is better to select, completely merging with the main tone. Noticeable borders will reduce the room.
  9. Balancing the dimensions of more than a modest bathroom can be done with a 20 cm distance from the ceiling. If this area is painted in a light tone, the proportions of the room will change surprisingly for the better.
  10. If it is decided to combine several finishing materials, it is necessary to impose a tile of the zone near plumbing devices. Parts of the wall at the toilet, sink and bath should be covered with a tile with a margin of at least 30 cm.
  11. In order for the transitions of the shades or the boundaries of the materials to look harmonious, they must be located at the same height with large accents: the door box, the mirror, the curbstone.

Color selection

A few years ago, choosing a tile for bathroom linings was easy. The shades of several colors and a suitable border - this ended with a wide selection. Today, the producers offer a huge range of colors and textures, it is very difficult to find their bearings in this diversity. But everything is possible, but the advice of professional designers will help in this.

Cold shades in the bathroom

Cold shades of tile will make the bathroom visually larger.

Choose a color that will make it possible to embody the conceived design, it is better in natural light. Excessively yellow or bluish light will distort the tone of the tile.

Pearl white shade harmonizes with all colors. Kipenno-white, sandy, bluish will distort colors.

All warm colors will make the interior of the bathroom cozy, but they will visually reduce its area. Similarly, dark colors work.

Light cold shades are ideal for this type of room. The bathroom will seem spacious. In addition, the shades of the blue subconsciously perceived as a standard of purity, but do not cause unpleasant associations, such as white.

Cool colors of warm colors look fresh and fresh. Lemon yellow, light shade of cocoa, popular "bleached" fuchsia. These color nuances allow in one design to combine the advantages of all colors.

If the bathroom is far from ideal and because of the circumstances it is filled with various household appliances and furniture, you can trivialize them. For the role of the semantic emphasis, a large contrast pattern on the wall opposite to the working one is suitable. Today, many manufacturers produce such items within the same collection, which allows you not to care about the perfect match of shades.

Decorative apron over the sink

Decorative apron over the sink will help to identify the main functional area.

Do not abuse the active colors. The bathroom is a room for rest and relaxation, in the first place it should be comfortable. Red, ultramarine, deep violet are allowed only in the form of accents.

It is also important to remember that cleaning the bathroom will have to be given enough time. The tile should wash well. Lime scale and traces of soapy foam are best seen on a dark glossy monophonic tile. The surface simulating marble or malachite will look clean, even if the time for full-scale cleaning was not found.

And, of course, not only design plays a role.

Regardless of the chosen shade and texture, the facing of the bathroom must be performed professionally.

Non-standard approach

But not only the usual glossy tiles can be used for facing the walls of the bathroom. There are many options for finishing for those who are ready for experiments. But it is always worth remembering that an unusual texture is good in the role of an accent, not a background.

Photo stove in the bathroom

A photocell in the bathroom will help supplement its interior, and will also make the design unique.

  1. Mosaic and reference to folk motives. Such a bathroom tiling is appropriate for plumbing, and it should be supported by thematic accessories.
  2. An unusual texture. The wall of the bathroom, covered with leather or lined with wood, is what an amateur needs to attract attention. But natural materials are unlikely to withstand the constant neighborhood with steam and detergents, and ceramic tiles of unusual texture - with ease.
  3. Imitation of rock. Artificial stone, as a material for finishing the bathroom, is gaining increasing popularity. In combination with the cold gloss of chrome-plated metal and the abundance of glass, it will make you feel like a guest from a parallel universe.
  4. The form. Even the banal white glossy tile will look stylish and neizbito, if it has the shape of a hexagon. You can play not only in color, but in form. Even the usual square tile laid diagonally, will create an unusual effect and revitalize the design.

There is a lot of original solutions for decorating the bathroom with tiles. With their help, even a standard bathroom can be turned into a masterpiece of design thought. But you need to focus not only on fashion trends, but also on your own attitude, because in this room should be comfortable and comfortable for its owners, not for connoisseurs of interior solutions.

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