Beautiful bathroom design with corner bath

The bath acts as an obligatory attribute of the bathroom. No shower will be able to provide the same effect that the bathtub gives to users.

Bathroom design with corner bath

The corner bath will decorate any design of the bathroom - from modern to classic.

Only in the bathtub it is possible to feel absolutely relaxed and fenced off from cares, to visit an extraordinary atmosphere of appeasement.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right model for the bathroom. Today, corner baths are becoming more common, characterized by multifunctionality, increased ergonomics and luxury appearance.

Installation Advantages

Scheme of dimensions for installing standard corner baths

Scheme of the sizes for installation of standard angular baths.

The production of corner products was a real revolution in the field of plumbing fixtures.

Corner products decorate themselves with any design of the bathroom - from modern to classical. Products with transparent walls and outwardly similar to the aquarium, may well act as an effective element of the marine theme, creating a beautiful bathroom design.

Figurative plumbing tools are easy to install and do not cause difficulties in the process of use.

This model is perfect for those who are tired of the design of the bathroom in the classical style with the standard and boring forms, but there is a desire to see something new, more progressive and cheerful.


Choosing the necessary model, it is important to focus on the dimensions of the bathroom. Infrequently apartments can boast of a large number of square meters in it. The average room bathroom in the city apartment has more than a modest size. Performed in a classical style, the baths take away a large part of the surrounding space. However, the corner bath in view of its compact forms makes it possible to save the useful area of ​​the room. It is for this reason that not even a very capacious bathroom in a small apartment area gets more space.

Screen for a corner bath

Screen for a corner bath.

The length of angular models is usually 150-160 cm, not more. Such dimensions make it possible to be comfortable in the bath even with two people, which, undoubtedly, is another important advantage of the figured product, which can brighten up life with new impressions. Due to the presence of a special configuration, their capacity is much greater than that of a standard rectangular or oval product in the classical style. This becomes possible due to the presence of a bend. Consequently, the displacement of the angular models also exceeds the usual one. Therefore, to facilitate immediate filling, built-in cascade mixers are used.

Usually, figured items made of acrylic are made, which is characterized by lightness. The material is subject to rapid restoration and allows you to make products of fanciful shapes, suitable for any design of the bathroom.

The main thing when buying a bath is not to rely on too cheap products. It is better to choose from a line of quality reinforced products that do not form cracks. The color design of acrylic figurines is diverse. You can choose any color, ideally suited to the interior of the room, starting with the classic white.

Functionality such products are also not deprived. They are equipped with hydro- and aeromassage, water disinfection system, halogen lighting, ozonation, filling control, convenient control system and automatic discharge. All these options make taking such a bath a real treat.

Design premises

Today curly baths are especially popular among designers and connoisseurs of luxury.

Bath with hydromassage

Equipping the bath with hydromassage and lighting will turn the water procedures into a delight.

Having installed such a device, you can transform the bathroom into a masterpiece of design skills. In most situations, they are purchased to install in a corner of the room to save space. But sometimes they are installed on a stand in a multilevel floor system in the center of the room. However, for installation in the latter case, it takes a lot of space in the bathroom, but the view of the latter will be luxurious.

Due to their unique form, these models empower the bathroom with individuality and special comfort.

Corner bath connection plan

Scheme connecting a corner bath.

Adherents of all extravagant can get an asymmetrical product, which is unusual for its design. Custom shapes perfectly fit into the modern design of the bathroom in the style of high-tech. Variants with bevelled corners and smooth lines are excellent for interior art nouveau. The French style will be complemented by mirrors, lamps in the form of candlesticks, accessories with a light color.

Bath in the interior becomes the central object of the overall composition, and the other components only complement it. It provides an original decoration of the place (corner or floor of the floor in the center of the room), where it will be placed, it must necessarily stand out among the general background.

Be sure to provide a lot of light in the bathroom. The sources can be either main or complementary lamps. For example, spotlights can be mounted on the ceiling surface. However, it is important to ensure that the direction of lighting was on the walls, and not in the eyes of the person taking a bath.

Wall decoration can represent bright mosaic patterns or images on a larger tile. It can be reinforced decorative panels of glass with a photoprint. Original corner pieces on a separate podium look and are surrounded by halogen lighting. The overall impression of the composition will be supplemented by oval bevels or sharp elements in the ceiling zone and other interesting designs.

The main thing when designing a bathroom design with an angular arrangement of a sanitary appliance is not to stick to the typical schemes.

Non-standard plumbing requires appropriate solutions with other principles in interior design.

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