Best examples of bathroom repair

The repair of the bathroom means its interior decoration and replacement of sanitary equipment. At the same time, the most important criterion remains the creation of a certain comfort and coziness in the room. Examples for finishing the bathroom is quite a lot. As a rule, in specialized stores on the stands there are ready-made repair samples, including everything necessary to create a beautiful interior. But when choosing materials and colors, it is important to determine what should happen in the end.

Modern design of the bathroom

Bathroom repair includes replacement of plumbing, flooring, ceiling, walls.

Quality repairs can only be done by an experienced specialist. Bathroom repair is not just the decoration of walls with materials and the replacement of sanitary ware. To the interior turned out without flaws, you need to perform a number of works on leveling the walls, floor and ceiling. To do this, you need to make special measurements and calculations, which are not so easy to do. And at least for this work it is better to invite the master, and then independently lay the tile and install the plumbing. Align the walls in an empty room. But the laying of tiles around the bath itself should ideally be done after its installation.

Basic goals

Finishing a small bathroom

When decorating a small bathroom it is better to use a light ceramic tile.

If the room is small in size, then the space can be expanded with light tones of ceramic tiles. To finish the bathroom in order to visually increase the height of the ceiling, it is not recommended to choose a finishing material with wide borders and large patterns. But if on the surface of the tile are depicted, for example, ornaments or stalks of plants, rushing from the floor upwards, they will visually increase the height of the room. To create the most comfortable interior and optimize space in it, you can identify the main objectives of finishing works:

  • Expansion of space due to images on the surfaces of the bathroom;
  • increase in height of ceilings;
  • plumbing without reducing the space around;
  • optimal placement of various cabinets and niches for bathroom accessories.

It is necessary to place the tile in a vertical position, which will enhance the effect of expanding the space. And for its increase in width it is necessary, on the contrary, to lay tile and decorative elements horizontally. Today it is very popular for the bathroom to use a mosaic with a wide variety of shades. Such a finishing material will bring harmony and give a special aesthetic appearance to any room. And this is just what concerns the walls, to create a beautiful interior is possible and due to the right choice of ceiling and floor.

Ceiling and floor

Glossy ceiling with lighting in the bathroom

Glossy ceiling with illumination will visually increase the space of the bathroom.

Examples of finishing the ceiling of the bathroom a lot. Here, too, can identify the main principles that affect the comfort of the premises. It is important to choose the right material. First, you need to think about what kind of effect you need to achieve. For example, to extend the space, a suspended ceiling with a mirror coating or a plastic matte texture is perfect. Ceilings can also be made of glass with photographic printing placed on them. If you decide to use a stretch ceiling, it is better to take a cover (PVC) with images that create a sense of continuation of the picture on the walls.

It is believed that the best option for visual expansion of space in the bathroom is a glossy ceiling with an image and built-in lighting. Floors usually do not combine with the ceilings, their finishing needs to be approached from a more practical side. It is best to choose a matt or combined tile of one of the shades used in the interior. Detailed examples of finishing the ceiling and floor can be obtained by consulting with a specialist. This will help to avoid serious mistakes.

Plumbing in the interior

Suspended washbasin in the bathroom

Due to the suspended shell, you can save space in the bathroom.

In this part, the main thing for finishing the bathroom is the preservation of the space due to the integration of neat and compact plumbing. For example, pendant sinks and toilets help to expand the space. It is very popular to use corner plumbing, with the help of which in the center there is a visual clearing of the room space. In addition, such corner showers, washbasins and toilets fit well with the overall interior. For bathroom finishing it is important not to forget about the combination of color shades in the choice of sanitary ware.

The interior looks pretty aesthetic, when glossy and matt surfaces are combined. For example, glossy plumbing more harmoniously looks with a similar surface of the ceiling and other small elements of the interior. In this case, the walls will look better, having a matte texture. The floor is more practical to make matte, it is more pleasant for perception in any interior. For a floor it is possible to pick up a mosaic or a tile with a combination of matte and glossy elements that will complement the entire interior.

Other Tricks

There are various tricks for finishing, extending the spatial boundaries and optimizing everything needed around. For example, to repair the bathroom use wallpaper with pictures of windows or landscapes against the sky. Repair with this method of visual expansion of space can be done from floor to ceiling. In this work, an experienced specialist is needed so that there is no distortion. Just examples of finishing the bathroom with such materials will be of little informative.

As for the bathroom itself and the toilet in the combined bathrooms, in specialized stores you can find high-quality equipment of small sizes.

For finishing and repair of the bathroom, the formation of niches and shelves, chests of drawers and hanging cabinets, materials with increased moisture resistance are used. Many designers at the time of repair recommend creating such niches for accessories in the walls themselves and hiding them behind doors hidden under the general image. There are many examples of repairing the bathroom, new finishing materials are constantly appearing, and the principles of decorating and creating an ideal interior are always unchanged.

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