Causes of failure of the water seal

Bathroom should be associated with cleanliness and order. But it happens that in the bathroom there were nauseating smells. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is the failure of the hydraulic seal. To have an idea of ​​how to repair the system, it is necessary to know the device of the water seal.

Scheme of the principle of operation of the water seal

Scheme of the principle of operation of the water seal.

Main characteristics

The hydraulic seal is a pipe that is curved and in which water is constantly present. As a rule, water serves as a barrier to gases in its own way, therefore, what is located on the other side of the drain hole should not penetrate into the room. The hydraulic seal is practically the same as the hydraulic slurry and siphon. In the event that the hydraulic seal is tearing off, the siphon is without water. It can disappear slowly, when nobody used the sewage system for a long time.

Types of discharge of hydraulic locks

Types of drain hydraulic locks.

To prevent this from happening, with a long absence, many people recommend dropping two drops of sunflower oil into the sink. It will create a certain film, which will avoid evaporation.

When a metal siphon is installed, it has a very small bending of the knee, the presence of water is small, which can quickly disrupt the bolt. To restore the shutter, just fill it with water. But this can not continue for a long time, and in order to get rid of it, it is necessary to investigate the cause of this phenomenon.

As a rule, the reason is that the outlet, located above, is closed by some kind of object or there is a stopper in the pipeline itself. It can also happen that someone threw the exit hole with some rubbish. With such problems, it's not easy to cope on your own - you'll have to turn to a specialist.

Types of hydraulic locks

The most primitive kind is a curved pipe, whose lower knee is filled with water. Such a device creates a water barrier, which prevents the smell of sewage water from entering the room. This type of septum was called the knee, as it includes two elbows from the corrugated tube.

Another option is a bottle siphon. It is a flask in which a water stopper is formed, capable of pushing out sewage and preventing the unpleasant odor from emerging. This model is installed under the sink in the kitchen and bathroom. To drain water through a hole in the bathroom, a special water trap with an overflow device is used.

Diagram of the knee septum

Diagram of the knee septum.

The bottle siphon model also performs the filtration of solid waste, to prevent them from entering the pipe and to prevent clogging. When accumulating solid waste in the sump, the lower lid can be unscrewed and, by washing, remove the sewage. This procedure allows you to periodically clean and keep the sewer system clean.

Using modern hydraulic locks, it is possible to control the level of the water plug. For this purpose, union nuts are used. Such a device is very compact, which allows you to place it in the pedestal of the "tulip" shell. Thanks to this, you can hide the communication pipes and keep the maximum functionality.

Plumbing, equipped with hydraulic locks for the sewage system, facilitates the maintenance of the premises in a sanitary condition. Such closures have become an integral part of the sewage system.

Siphon dismantling circuit

Scheme for dismantling the siphon.

There are such siphons, in which there may not be water, but other kinds of barriers are arranged instead. There are several options for dry water seals:

  1. It is possible to use a spring diaphragm. It is held at the expense of the spring until the emptiness is filled with water and the membrane will not be forced to rise, while opening the way for draining.
  2. You can use a plastic ball, whose diameter exceeds the cross section of the pipe. Such an object is capable of blocking the flow of air, until the filling water expels it to the surface.
  3. The pendular shutter, which under the influence of gravity at any time can block the hole.
  4. The cell memory of the material is a modern innovative implementation. The principle of operation is a movable tube that constantly moves to the initial state.

It is important to note that all methods, except the float, relate to a variety of dry water seals.

Disruption of the element

To determine the stall, you need to listen to the sounds produced when the water is drained.

If the sound is loud enough and squelching, then the seizure occurred. Eliminate the stall is not an easy task. For this, it will be necessary to investigate the entire sewer system, since it happens that these problems can not be solved without repairing some of the sites. Basically, to prevent such accidents, before buying plumbing, it is important to take into account the location of the water seal. The optimal height is 50-70 mm.

Scheme of cleaning hydraulic seals

Scheme of cleaning hydraulic seals.

If, after examining the sewer system, depressurization is detected and the bathroom becomes filled with the sewage smell, it is necessary to tighten all the fasteners and cover the causative place with a sealant, or you can replace the sealing gums. With all this procedure, the most unpleasant is finding the problem.

This procedure is unpleasant, because of the tightness created, since in small baths almost all space is caused by sanitary equipment. And the water through the damages flows and seeps into the floors between the floors.

Disruption can occur from too long and inclined leaks to the plumbing equipment. In this case, when the water drains, the pressure in the pipes drops and the hydraulic seal with the pipeline operates according to the siphon principle.

More often, the failure of hydraulic locks occurs in those plumbing devices that are located closer to the source of contamination. In this situation, it is necessary to perform a cleaning just above the device.

Replacement of the siphon under the sink

Replacement of the siphon under the sink.

There are cases when the manufacturer allows marriage at the release of bottled polyethylene siphons, namely they have a short partition. For this reason, the shutter in the siphon is small and when the water drains into the sink, suction from the septum takes place. And because of this unpleasant smell comes to the bathroom. Such siphons are not repaired, and they are only subject to replacement.

In addition to these problems, the breakage of the hydraulic seal can occur in the basement, and in this connection, smells through the pipe can penetrate into the apartments. It comes from the rare use of them. A big danger is the mixing of sewage gas and gas pipeline, as this can lead to an explosion and is so severe that the whole residential building may suffer.

If the small diameter of the riser also sometimes breaks the septum, in other circumstances, a partial blockage may simply occur.

Effect of clogging

Previously, in old houses, floors were made of beams and boards, and all construction waste was put there. Such rubbish begins to rot, and the smell spreads through the bathroom. Visually, the consequences of leaks and condensation can not be detected, but in time, the smell will let you know about water leakage. Most often, for the removal of odors, major repairs may be required, which includes a complete replacement of sewage and water supply, and also completely waterproof the floors.

Schematic-example of cleaning the leaking siphon

Schematic-example of cleaning the leaky siphon.

When the waterproofing device is most reasonable to lift it to the surface of the walls, to isolate the joints of walls with the floor. To eliminate the unpleasant odor yourself, you can use more simple methods. If the siphon is thrown off, it will necessarily need to be changed or altered. However, it must be taken into account that the lower the siphon is located, the greater the risk of its hydraulic seizure failure.

In old plumbing devices in inaccessible places, no matter by what means the plumbing is cleaned, after a time there is a long-term layer of sewage postponed. It can be deposited on the pipes of the siphon. To at least suppress the smell, it is recommended to pour a chlorine solution into the siphon for the night to remove the formed growths, and the smell should disappear.

Well, the easiest way to combat odor is to use an air freshener. It will also help to prevent allergies that can be caused by mold.

There is such a situation that after a change in the neighbors of sanitary devices, an unpleasant smell immediately appears - it is a failure of the common sewage system. The cause may be the aerial quenching of a common reservoir or clogging.

To fix this problem, you need to call a plumber who will fix the problem on a special technical floor and do everything necessary.

So, we can conclude that such a small plumbing element, as a hydraulic seal, has a multifunctional value. It must be kept clean and kept in it the required water level.

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