Choose a tile

For many years, tile has been confidently leading among the finishing materials. Which is not surprising, because this material has so many advantages. The tiles are acceptable for the price, generally available. It is durable, waterproof and waterproof material. Using it, the skilled designer will make any ordinary interior exclusive.

Types of tiles

There is a large selection of tiles.

Interior decoration

For such premises as kitchen, bathroom and toilet, it is the tile that often becomes the optimal solution. Its hygiene and resistance to all kinds of chemical compounds can quickly and easily remove any contamination from the surface. Recently, tiles can be found in the interiors of living rooms and even children's rooms, both on the floor and on the walls. This is due to the technical advantages, good heat conductivity, safe composition and the absence of decomposing substances.

Varieties of tiles are many. It's glossy with a smooth, shiny surface, tinted, matte, monochrome, and also with a pattern. Tile with drawings allows you to create real works of art. Modern technologies for the production of tiles naturally transmit such natural materials as wood, leather, metal, marble, cork. Not every consumer, looking at such a tile from a long distance, recognizes imitation. Dimensions and shapes also surprise by the variety. Due to the combination of different colors, sizes and shapes, you can divide space into functional areas and create different directions, styles in the interior.

Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaic emphasizes the selected style of your bathroom.

Make a good choice of tiles will help some tips.

After carefully inspecting the packaging, it can be found that the specimens differ in size or color from each other.

Buy a tile is better with a margin in case of an incorrect calculation or the presence of a poor-quality sample.

To exclude convex and undulating shapes, when buying, you should attach two copies of the outer side to each other and make sure that they fit snugly.

Good lighting will allow you to notice the marriage in the coating or painting. There is no need to be stingy: there is less marriage in the tile of a good producer.

In a room with low ceilings, large tiles look ridiculous. To make such a serious purchase is better in a store with an exhibition stand: there you can examine in detail the sample you like and compare it with other specimens.

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