Choosing the right mixer for a bath

Even a small breakdown of a faucet in the bathroom can lead to great trouble, for example, it can be neighbors who, with undisguised irritation, invite to look at their flooded apartments, or immediately coming vivacity from the boiling water that fell into their hands. And the sudden icy freshness of the jet from the shower in the middle of the early morning can simply make a stutter out of a man. What should be done to ensure that the crane is always under control, and the choice of the mixer does not lead to a state of extreme despondency? There are so many products on the market that it is extremely problematic to make the right choice. Let's consider the basic criteria.

Single-lever mixer circuit

Picture 1. Diagram of a single-lever mixer.

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First you need to decide how the water will open: by turning the lever with one hand, with both hands or without contact. Each type of crane has its advantages and weaknesses.

Single lever crane

Most users prefer this system, because it is quite convenient to adjust the water head and its temperature with one hand, moving the lever simultaneously up and down and left-right (PICTURE 1). A version of the single-lever cock is joystick, in which the handle is not directed forward, but upwards (IMAGE 2). In old houses, where the bath and washbasin are located side by side, a single-lever mixer with a long watering can is installed - the "goose" (IMAGE 3).

Joystick Mixer Drawing

Picture 2. Drawing of joystick mixer.

If a leak develops over time from the cartridge, it can be removed by tightening the nut that clamps it. However, you should do it carefully, without fanaticism.

Single lever bath mixers work well for a long time under one condition: water should not be rigid and contain mechanical impurities. Otherwise, the mechanism will be blocked with scum or particles and will become unusable. Repair single-lever mixer for the bathroom is not subject to, it will have to be thrown away at the first breakdown. To extend the operation of the crane, it is necessary to install a water purification filter.

Two-valve mixer

The main advantage of this system (PICTURE 4) is the possibility of repair. If the tap starts to leak, repair or replace the crane-bay. When choosing a faucet that has two faucets, preference should be given to faucets with ceramic faucets. They are rotated through an angle of 90 to 180 ° (depending on the manufacturer), allowing for easier adjustment of the temperature and head of water than the outdated models of faucets with crane-type clamps with rubber gaskets. The latter is not recommended to buy at the bath: turning of the cranes more than 360 ° makes it very difficult to select the desired temperature and pressure of water.

Drawing of the mixer "goose"

Picture 3. Drawing of the mixer "goose".

Another advantage of two-fan systems is a huge variety of design solutions that allow you to choose a mixer in both the modern bath and the bathtub, which is decorated in a retro style. And for houses, the bath is located next to the washbasin, they produce two-valve cranes with an elongated watering can.

And although dvuhventilnye systems are structurally simpler than single-lever systems, their cost is on par with the latter.

Before choosing a mixer (both single-lever and double-ventilated), you should pay attention to the following:

  • the switch of water on a shower is more preferable to choose lever type, than button-type, especially if the pressure of water in the house is weak;
  • With modern water tariffs, it is preferable to purchase a faucet with economy function (installed by a two-stage lever switch) and an aerator.

Thermostatic and non-contact elements

Diagram of a two-ventilated mixer

Figure 4. Diagram of a two-valve mixer.

A big step towards increasing comfort and safety was the appearance of thermostatic mixers. They are designed so that without the help of electronics to ensure a constant temperature of the water at the outlet, regardless of the pressure in the water pipe and the temperature of the water that is supplied. These cranes have two handles: to set the desired water temperature and to adjust its head (IMAGE 5). In addition, these mixers have a maximum temperature limit - they can not be burned when used.

The most surprising thing is that the prices for thermostatic mixers are slightly higher than for traditional ones!

So to choose a mixer of this segment and to purchase it is not at all a cloudy dream.

Non-contact faucets already have electronic stuffing, infrared sensors, turn on automatically. These high-tech mixers are placed mainly in public places (toilets of various cafes and restaurants) and in apartment houses (apartments) on wash basins. As bathroom faucets are used quite rarely. The most advanced models have a face recognition function to immediately give out the preferred temperature water, Internet access, touch screens (smart tap).

Material, place and method of attachment

Thermostatic mixer circuit

Figure 5. Diagram of thermostatic mixer.

How to choose a mixer, depending on the material from which it is made? The fact is that the most high-quality models are made of chrome-plated brass. They are not subject to corrosion, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable. Since brass - metal is very heavy, then a quality product should weigh a kilogram of 1.5.

Choose a mixer made of stainless steel, various non-ferrous metals, thin-walled, using a large number of plastic parts - less preferred option.

Scheme of mixer with slide switch

Scheme mixer with a slide switch.

Most often used faucets with a concealed wall mount. In the baths standing in the middle of the room, use faucets with an open type of installation, in the baths with the corresponding holes the faucet is mounted directly on it.

How to choose a mixer depending on the manufacturer? Of course, it is better to purchase the product of well-known European companies. Crane lowest price category, manufactured in Europe, will serve as much as an elite Chinese. In terms of the quality of production, German firms are ahead of all, followed by Italians, Scandinavians and French.

The choice of the mixer for the bath and its purchase completely falls on the shoulders of the buyer. However, consultants will help you choose a mixer, you do not need to give up their help. Choosing better models of famous firms in large plumbing stores and, of course, in no case do not save on buying.

The chosen model should correspond to the general design of the room. And then the crane will please with its beauty, will give pleasure to comfortable work, will serve for many years.

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