Classic style bathroom

Classics was at all times in high esteem. The design is characterized by such features as majesty, elegance, luxury notes in decoration and furniture items. The decoration of the interiors of the premises in the classical style from the point of view of finance is not cheap, but the number of admirers of style is not diminished. How to choose a suitable style for each room? Consider the design of the bathroom in a classic style.

Bathroom in a classic style

Bathroom in a classic style will always be in vogue.

Design in classic style

This design of the bathroom is one of the most expensive options. Because the style of the bathroom is permeated with many historical epochs, then the room requires a large and spacious. There is no place for cramping here.

Porcelain Sanitary Ware

Porcelain plumbing is an integral attribute of the bathroom in the classical style.

Plumbing must be made of high-quality porcelain and hand painted. The model of the bathtub should be full and in the classical version, which can be installed in the center of the room. The convenience of the bath in the center is understandable: it can be accessed from any direction. However here it is necessary to take care of the connection of communications. Built-in and wall-mounted products are excluded.

The main source of light is a chandelier with crystal pendants.

The design of the bathroom in the classical style does not accept many accessories and decorative elements. Here, the bet must be made on the quality of materials and items. It is important not to overdo with the gilding. Gilding, like bronze, it is better to combine with chic light shades. Such combinations will look expensive and luxurious.

In the classical style are appropriate gilded pens, copper taps, lamps for the past.

Construction Materials

As a finish, only natural materials (expensive) and of the highest quality are suitable: wood and veneer, natural stone, ceramic tiles, stucco molding, decorative plaster, flooring.

Thanks to the use of ceramic tiles, it became possible to design a bathroom in a classical style without the participation of expensive marble and valuable wood.

Spacious bathroom

The classical style assumes the presence of a large space.

Tiles for bathrooms in the classical style can be purchased stylized for any natural material, including natural stone. Tile here acts as a decoration of walls and floor. For the floor there is also a special solution, with which it is possible to create imitations of wood, sea sand, the flow of a stormy river, etc.

Venetian stucco is an excellent choice for wall finishing. Its performance properties are well suited for high humidity conditions. If it is properly processed and given an appropriate texture, it will not be distinguishable from natural materials (eg marble). It is easy to take care of this material by rinsing it with a damp sponge.

Ceiling decoration materials and their choice play no less a role than all the others. Modern conditions allow you to create a structure from gypsum board for painting or suspension version.

Pay attention: the transition between the walls and the ceiling in the classics is delimited by a decorative frieze. Such a favorite stucco molding can be replaced with moldings made of modern materials. They are much lighter than their gypsum counterparts and will not burden the ceiling structure.

Creating a Color Scheme

Since the classical style needs space, it is more advisable to use not crying, but quiet tones. Even in tonal saturation, moderation should be manifested here.

In-demand color solutions for classics:

Bathroom in beige color

For a classic bathroom interior, a beige color fits well.

  • sand;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • Gray;
  • bordeaux;
  • chocolate.

It is permissible to use a noble red and delicate green color. All the indicated colors can perfectly make up different variations among themselves. They should be supplemented with gilding.

Using elements of the ornament

In the ancient direction, the presence of an ornament is considered an important attribute. As such, an element that will be repeated with some consistency is suitable. Examples: vine, images of birds, Greek amphora, antique column, etc.

Ornament can occur in:

  • furnish of furniture;
  • mirrors:
  • drapirovkah;
  • frieze of ceramic tiles;
  • frieze made of polyurethane.

Use of furniture

Furniture in a classic bathroom

Furniture in a classic bathroom should be discreet.

Objects of furniture for a bathroom in the style of the classic must have the correct geometric form with streamlined corners. Color - both light and darker.

Initially, all furniture was made entirely of natural materials. It was perfectly combined with stone countertops. Now it is important not to lose the feeling of naturalness when replacing imitation products made of fiberboard and artificial stone.

Furniture accessories can be painted in the color of bronze, gold, silver.

Classics are easily recognizable for well-chosen furniture with laconic geometry. Among the furnishings, the mirror must always be located somewhere as an integral element. In addition to the table, the room should be decorated with a comfortable leather pouffe or an armchair, where you can take care of your own toilet.


Bathroom Lighting

In a classic bathroom, the chandelier will look good.

To create an interior in the style of the classic little acquisition of suitable furniture and sanitary ware. In general, the design here must be supplemented with the correct lighting.

Since a classic bathroom is always a lot of space, so it should be well lit. In modern conditions it is allowed to use energy saving lamps. They will provide a sufficient supply of light, and they will not consume a lot of electricity.

The required entourage will be created thanks to the appropriate decoration of the frame for the lamps. For lighting purposes, it is not forbidden to install various lighting devices along the entire perimeter of the room. The main thing is that they fill the created interior with harmony.

Bathroom lighting devices can be on walls, on the ceiling, in the form of spotlights. Outwardly they can look like candles, chandeliers, crystal chandeliers.

Application of accessories

It is very important to create a complete image of the bathroom. In this case, the good helpers are various trifles. In addition to aesthetic enjoyment, accessories are designed to perform a purely practical function - to provide comfort in the room.

What are these accessories:

  • vases;
  • box for linen, stylized antique;
  • candelabra;
  • curtains;
  • балдахины;
  • a mat on the floor;
  • paintings in the frame;
  • columns;
  • living room plants.

Due to the drapery on the window openings and baldachin above the bathroom, a special atmosphere of intimacy and tenderness arises.

A soft mat next to the bathroom will increase the feeling of comfort and coziness. The same goal is achieved by arranging living plants throughout the room.

Decorative columns (an integral element in the classics) are designed to divide the space into several parts, as well as to provide the room with visual slenderness.

Classic in the bathrooms provides a special chic. She does not recognize the cheapness. It is for this reason that it is customary to select the design from natural materials. However, now modern artificial materials differ little from natural ones. The main thing is that they are of high quality.

Since the room in the classical style in most cases is large, it allows you to place on its area everything you need. Furnishing in the bathroom is chosen comfortable, solid, massive.

Classics in the bathrooms, capable of giving a feeling of coziness and peace, will always be relevant.

It is not bad to plunge into the atmosphere of the past centuries and to step back from the outside world, filling the mind with calmness. This is desired by many in conditions of congestion and stress.

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