Competent bathroom arrangement

Not all residents of modern urban apartments can afford to place a large amount of furniture in their own bathroom. For this there is simply no place. Especially the problem is relevant for homeowners, in which the bathroom is combined. However, if you know some of the secrets of design, you can create a cozy bathroom, where everything will be necessary and at the same time there will be nothing superfluous.

Small bathroom

Even a small bathroom, combined with a bathroom, can be made cozy and practical, you just need to correctly arrange all the elements.

Mounting Tips

Suspended ceiling is the ideal solution for a small room like a bathroom. Visually lengthen the room will help layers of white material and imitate the mirror. Both versions of tiles will look more original (through one - white, through one - a mirror one). If the repair of the bathroom is not a pity to invest a lot of money, it is recommended to purchase a multi-level ceiling, molding it in the shape of a crescent or an oval. Are good in it there are point fixtures. Mirror is desirable to choose a large - it will visually make the room more. Place it above the washbasin, but between it and the sink should leave a strip of 15 cm in order to avoid splashes on the surface of the glass.

The mirror does not need to set the sconce - it emits a dim light. Spot lights on the ceiling will be enough. Keep a free space will help deepen in the wall, they can be done next to the mirror and put there accessories for the care of the body: shampoos, creams, razors.

False ceiling in the bathroom

For a small bathroom, a false ceiling with spotlights is best.

On the shelves, nailed to the wall, can also be placed a large number of small, but necessary items. And here you can put a couple of pots with flowers, for which high humidity - a comfortable condition of life.

Arrangement must be thought through to trifles. If the bathroom has not changed pipes for a long time, it is recommended to update them. Thus, flooding of neighbors from below will be prevented, and the premises itself will acquire a new, fresh look. The floor covering must be waterproof. Installing an air conditioner is a good solution, it ensures that the fungus does not get into the bathroom. The floor is preferably covered with ceramic tiles and put a small mat on it so that when leaving the shower, do not chill your feet and slip. Modern materials and equipment will transform the bathroom and make its visit desirable and enjoyable. However, it looks good and the bathroom is in classic style and minimalist style.

Fads in the arrangement of furniture

Furniture in the bathroom by most people is chosen from stone, and the originality of the forms, as a rule, does not shine. If there is a desire to stand out, you can pick up pieces of furniture from another material or different from bored standards. So, a certain status of the room will give a stylish countertop near the sink, made of marble. The bathroom itself can be made to order in the form of a triangle or in a curved form. Another option is to put it on a small pedestal.

Elegance in detail

For chic furnishings of a bathroom interior it is recommended to involve chromeplated materials.

Vanguardiness of the room will give a glass unbreakable or duralumin sink. Glass is also now in fashion and regarding the doors leading to the shower. And let the shower room be transparent, it will add some piquancy if the apartment is occupied by newly-created spouses. The patterns that look like snowflakes and sparkling rhinestones will look unusual on the glass. Cranes are better to make in the form of any geometrical figure. The bathroom made in this way will become a real highlight in the whole atmosphere of the apartment.

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