Competent interior of bathrooms

Even in the smallest bathroom, you can easily place everything you need without cluttering the already small space of the room. To do this, you just need to know how to properly design the interior of the bathroom. The most important thing with which you should start repairing, take out of the premises all unnecessary. Household items, such as: boxes with powders, numerous soaps and shower gels, tonics and face creams, cleaners for shells and mirrors - should be stored in a locker or stand on shelves. Then the additional meters will be released, and the bathroom will have its own cosiness.

Bathroom Design

To create a bright bathroom interior, it is enough to combine several contrasting colors.


Minimalism is the best style for a bathroom, the size of which leaves much to be desired. No multi-colored coatings for walls with blooming patterns, no massive baroque elements - this will only fill the space, but will not give the originality and comfort to the room. Instead of ruches, spirals, stone flowers, one should turn to straight, straight lines. In the bathroom interior, if it is small, there must necessarily be a mirror. It will reflect the situation of the room and visually expand it. Only it is necessary to keep it clean: the misted-out effect of increasing the room will not give.

Design of a small bathroom

A small bathroom will look bigger with a minimal amount of furniture, and also visually increase due to white walls and a large mirror.

Another option is to visually "move apart" the walls - decorate them with a white coating. It can be light self-adhesive wallpaper, snow-white tiles, milky wall panels. But in places it is necessary to make small accents of saturated colors, because if everything is white-white, psychologically such a design of a bathroom can put pressure on a person. If the walls are decorated with stripes arranged horizontally, the room can be expanded, and vertical lines - make it higher. To get rid of the necessary, but cluttering room objects can be using niches in the wall or built-in furniture.

The front door should be flung open to not take up space in the bathroom interior. The best option is the door-compartment, which opens by sliding it to the side. And although this innovation will fly to the owner of the apartment in a pretty penny, but he can save extra space in his bathroom and organize a fairly stylish bathroom design. Freedom to the room also gives good coverage. It is important that the light is not dim, scattered. Let it be a lot. This can be achieved by installing the lamp in the ceiling and installing spot lights around the mirror.

Secrets of Design

For the interior of the bathroom, where the toilet and the bathroom / shower are located next to, without any partitions, a special design is required. One option is to place the bathroom in a width, and other pieces of furniture - in a row along the longest wall. Another way - the place where the bathroom will be located, "sculpt" a rounded shape, so that there is not one corner. This smoothes the feeling of tightness, and the toilet next to it will not be perceived as something superfluous.

Corner bathroom

The design of a corner bathtub is always interesting, even by the location of the bath itself, and if you add an alternation of strips of mirrors and tiles to it, this will make it simply unique.

If there are a lot of people in the family, a curtain will be necessary for a bathroom with a connected bathroom. She will create a sort of partition, dividing the toilet and the bath. At the same time, if necessary, it can be easily pushed, and again the room will become one. Even more attractive option - screen. She hides in the locker, from there and advances. Very comfortably.

Interior design corner bathroom itself is interesting. Originality begins already with the location of the bath. People are used, in the majority, to the fact that the bath is located at the long wall, stretched out in the form of a rectangle. And here an unusual square or in the shape of an oval bath stands in a corner and thus frees up additional space for other pieces of furniture. If there is a desire to play on the identity of the bathroom interior, you can make it on an individual order, rounding it or curving it.

Placement of washing machine

A beautiful bathroom should show a nice looking look, and therefore a neat interior design suggests that it should not have a bunch of small items, dirty laundry, numerous boxes. More precisely, all this must be removed from the general panorama of the room. Cases and racks with doors opening as a "coupe" will be delivered. But not only household things can be rastasovat on cabinets and shelves - a washing machine there is also a place. However, this applies only to those machines, the drum of which is located in the front, and not from above. Indigent laundry can be put in a basket, and the basket is put in the lower cabinet.

Color selection

In modern society, many have long ago moved away from established customs, have replaced classical interiors with modernity and try to apply avant-garde thinking in everything. No exception and the bathroom. Focusing on fashionable design and interior, people pay much attention to the color scheme of the room and the objects that are in it. In the bathroom you can use a variety of colors, but it is important to know what effect each person has on them.

Most of the bathrooms are decorated in blue, white tones. Often there is a green background, fleshy, beige. The sky-blue color in the bathroom interior acts on the person's condition as a good sedative, relaxing and distracting from everyday worries. Green can rest your nerves, relieve stress. Light colors: milky, beige, white - also give a certain calmness, tranquility. But, as has already been said, a bathroom that is too dazzling with whiteness will irritate the owner of the apartment. Interior and design, executed in red, lift the mood, contribute to the surge of strength and energy, are forced to act.


To give even the most usual conditions of originality accessories will help. In the bathroom it's nice to hang pictures made with your own hands from materials brought from the sea or the river. These are large and small pebbles, seashells. For a floor it is necessary to use a covering with a corresponding ornament, for example sea waves or diving dolphins. On the floor should lie a rug. The best is not fabric, but rubber. It lasts longer and does not absorb moisture.

Unusual design of a bathroom in a city apartment can be done if you imitate the situation of a village bath. So, on the wall you need to hang a real broom from birch leaves, bring from the village of cotton wool, instead of the usual plastic hooks for towels, use a wooden snag, pre-treated it from knots and covered with varnish.

It is possible to perform absolutely any design of the bathroom, if there is a sense of taste, a thirst for renewal and a developed fantasy.

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