Corner bathroom

Traditionally, the interior of the bathroom is selected and thought out in such a way that the resulting situation helps to relax and restore the lost strength. Very often such premises have a small area, therefore, the criteria for choosing the size of the corner bath should be based on the dimensions of the room. In addition to parts and accessories, special attention should be paid to choosing the main element - the bathroom.


An excellent solution for small rooms will be a corner option. In this article, we will not only analyze the basic varieties, but also learn the best options for how to design a corner bath.

Benefits of corner bathtubs

Recently, they have won the most popularity, since they have a number of advantages:

  • large volume;
  • attractiveness of appearance - they not only differ in beauty, but also originality, an excellent option for people who follow modern fashion trends;
  • high ergonomics;
  • sufficiently large capacity with simultaneous economy of space;


The modern situation is preserved even after a long period of use, and with the help of this element you can create an excellent design in absolutely any style.


Types of angular structures

There is a huge variety of similar baths, which can differ substantially in their shape. They are not of the same type, as designers can choose a great option for any style.

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Especially popular are:

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  • diamond-shaped;
  • triangular;
  • rectangular with distinctive proportions.


In addition to a variety of shapes, there is also a huge color palette, which makes it possible to choose a shade of the bathroom in accordance with the decoration of the room, but more often the preference is given to the traditional white color. As for the material, the main is cast iron, steel and acrylic.


1. Cast-iron bathrooms are a classic option. They differ not only in durability, but also in the ability to update the appearance as necessary. A small number of models is associated with the difficulties of giving the material a non-standard form, and the number of additional functions in this case is significantly reduced. The water in them is able to cool down for a minimal amount of time and the cost is minimal.


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2. Particularly popular are the bath angular design of steel. However, although they differ in durability, at the same time they easily deform.


3. The most convenient are acrylic bathtubs, while the most popular. Their installation does not require special efforts, they have a long service life, are resistant to possible deformation, and the coating can always be updated. This material retains heat, and also has a large number of functions. A special popularity is achieved through a large selection of color options.


It should be taken into account that the shape of the product is chosen depending on the size of the room, and are most suitable for large rectangular spaces.

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An excellent option will be a bath of asymmetric shape, as this helps to save space. Many choose baths of a triangular shape, having rounded corners. For the high-tech style, the diamond-shaped bathtub will be an excellent option.


Since it is not easy to create a unique and suitable interior in a fairly small bathroom, this will require special experience and skill. Such rooms should be decorated in light colors, as this option makes it possible to visually increase the space. There must be many mirrors in it, capable of reflecting light.

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From the furniture you should buy only the most necessary, so that there is no excess clutter. In this case, a perfect plumbing fixture.


The most compact models include corner baths, in which procedures can be performed while sitting. Such models are very suitable for people aged and disabled, this is due to the fact that they are equipped with a back, which helps make water procedures most comfortable.


This type of bath is relevant not only for small, but also for spacious rooms. In this case, the design should have large dimensions and a special podium, while the color can be the brightest and the most saturated, that you can see and evaluate in the photo a corner bath.


Corner baths in a diverse design of interiors and their functionality

The design of the corner bathroom is suitable for those people who like luxurious and non-standard solutions. Basically, they are placed in the corner part, but there are options when it is located in the center.


Due to its shape, the bathrooms became a real novelty among the sanitary equipment, this made it possible to change the standard ideas about traditional bathrooms.


Do not forget that when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, so that space is saved, and the room seemed the most spacious.


In addition to the main function, there are additional ones due to increased comfort. Many of them have the function of hydromassage, which is able to exert therapeutic effect, improve mood and tone.


Many models in addition to the backrest, seats and holders have the ability to regulate the supply of water, and the functionality depends on the high cost.


When creating an interior of a bathroom with a corner bath, you should consider many different nuances, for example, style, its location and availability of necessary pieces of furniture.


Photo of beautiful designs for a corner bathroom


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