Correct dismantling of the lath ceiling

The universal design of the rack ceiling allows it to be installed in living rooms, bathroom and kitchen. It smooths the surface and hides communication at no extra cost. To carry out the dismantling of the lath ceiling yourself, it is necessary, if it becomes necessary to repair or replace it.

Rack ceiling in the bathroom

The lath ceiling in the bathroom looks beautiful, easy to install and easy to clean.

Preparatory work

To carry out this kind of work you will need:

  • screwdriver;
  • wide chisel or knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • wrench.

During work, it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid damaging hands on sharp edges. Dismantling of the river ceiling is necessary after a detailed acquaintance with its structure and the principle of fastening. The need to repair hidden communications or seams overlap occurs when leaking or flooding the roof. Stretch ceilings can withstand up to 200 liters of water. After flooding, the liquid must be removed within 3 days. You can remove water by dismantling any corner of the canvas.

Scheme of suspended ceilings

Scheme of suspended ceilings.

Similar work is done in case of faulty hidden communications. Provide access to pipes or wiring is possible by removing this or that part of the ceiling with your own hands. Upon completion of the repair, the removed part is installed back, pre-warmed with a gun.

If it is necessary to install new lighting points, then preliminary dismantling of the finishing ceiling is done. After the rearrangement, the old lighting points do not correspond to the needs of the household. Partial dismantling of the canvas helps to cope with this problem.

Complete replacement of the canvas is made in the following situations:

  • change the design of the room (a new ceiling design is installed on the remaining fasteners);
  • the presence of mechanical damage: burns, cuts, deep scratches.

Replacement of the ceilings is more often done in the bathroom. In this room, the structure is regularly exposed to humidity and increased air temperature.

Step-by-step instruction

To remove a rack ceiling in a bathroom it is possible independently, adhering to the step by step instruction. Pre-removed spotlights. If the lamps are installed under ordinary incandescent lamps, then it is required to unscrew the bulb, remove the light source and unscrew the wire from the cartridge. They must be insulated to avoid electric shock. If the bathroom is equipped with a halogen lamp, then remove the ring from the inside diameter of the lamp, disconnect the lamp from the wires and take out the lighting device.

The next stage involves the dismantling of the plinth. If a ceiling skirting board is installed, it is dismantled. The bar is padded with a knife or chisel. Remove it without damage is almost impossible, so you have to replace it with a new one.

Elements of a design of a rake ceiling

Elements of the design of the rack ceiling.

Then dismantle the panels of the ceilings in the bathroom. The canvas is assembled with a whole strip from the 1st edge, and on the other side there is a pruning. The panel that is adjacent to the trimming should be the shortest, since in the end profile it can not be started diagonally (by the same principle, insertions are made). Dismantling is performed starting with the shortest rack.

On the sides of the panel can be placed inserts. They need to be removed, and then remove the rail. You can do this with a wide screwdriver, a hard knife or a wide chisel. The tool needs to be inserted between the racks, in the center, removing the part of the panel from the jam. Carefully, you can release the rail completely using the same tool. The freed panel is shifted to the end profile up to the stop, and from the opposite profile another edge is pulled out.

Recommendations for dismantling

The following panels are easier to remove. It is enough to release them from the fasteners of the stringer and get them diagonally from the end profiles. Experts recommend that you remove the inserts between racks beforehand (if they are installed). The ceiling in the bathroom and other rooms must be dismantled so as not to damage the panels, if further use of the structure is planned.

The next step is to disassemble the stringer. Spring clamps must be relaxed and disconnected from the suspension bus. Suspensions are removed using a wrench or a screwdriver, depending on the type of fasteners. Anchor heads are unscrewed with a tool, and bolts are removed from the ceiling. The dowel-nails, on which the structure can be fixed, are removed with a screwdriver. Then, the wall corners of the ceiling design in the bathroom are dismantled. The dowels are removed from the walls with a screwdriver or a screwdriver. If necessary, you need a hammer and chisel (drill).

Remove suspensions, tires and wall angles, if you need to dismantle several racks of ceiling, do not have to. Damaged panels are removed, and in their place neatly install new ones.

Experts recommend that after removing the panels, check the fixings and integrity of the parts.

Figured lath ceiling

The rack ceiling can be made both flat and figured.

The need to completely replace the ceiling rack design allows you to perform its removal more quickly, without fear of damage.

Experts recommend starting work with the removal of the wall profile and stringer. Screws self-tapping screwdriver or key. The fasteners can be cut off by the Bulgarian, leaving a small ledge, if it does not give way or there is no time to remove it. The protrusion is taken by pliers. With their help, you can dismantle the rack ceiling yourself, if the construction was fixed with dowels. They can be eliminated with a nail. Formed holes (after removing the fasteners) are sealed with a special construction mixture. Replacement of racks requires removal of decorative skirting and panels and checking the condition of fasteners. The parts can be replaced or reinforced if necessary, by installing new racks instead.

If the bathroom is equipped with spotlights, there is no provision for a complete replacement of the ceiling structure. It is enough to disassemble the modules from the edge to the place of the luminaire or remove only those slats that block access to the point light. Partial dismantling can be performed only in non-stupid structures. Specialists recommend in this case to remove the slats on the center of the construction, if there are decorative stripes between them.

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