Correct installation of a shower cabin

The shower cabin is a fashionable, comfortable and beautiful achievement of technological progress. If taking a shower is usually considered a daily hygienic procedure, then in the shower it is a whole ritual. Manufacturers build in their models and radio, and LED lighting, some models can perform the function of a sauna or a bath.

Modern shower in the bathroom

The shower cabin, unlike a bath, takes up much less space, which is extremely important in bathrooms with a small area.

Built-in shower heads have several modes of operation. The shower cubicle perfectly fits into the interior of any bathroom, and the sizes of the samples offered on the market are so diverse that they are suitable even for the smallest room. Well, finally, it's beautiful. A competent installation of a shower cabin with their own hands or with the help of a specialist will ensure a daily relaxation for many years.

How to install a shower cabin, so that all the efforts of the manufacturer can not be negated? Before answering this question, it is worth paying attention to some secrets of choosing this fashionable device, so that during the installation and operation there are no additional difficulties.

Installing the pallet

The installation of the shower enclosure begins with the installation of a pallet. It can be of two types: low and high steel frame.

Before installation, it is necessary to remove the pan and all openings from the protective film before installing and connecting to the sewer. After that, the siphon and the drain hole must be rinsed in the connection points for additional protection against leaks.

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.

The siphon drain casing is attached to the bottom of the pallet using a nut with gaskets. On the corrugated hose is put a cuff in accordance with the diameter of the sewer pipe. Next, make a connection to the sewer and check the system for leaks by pouring water into the drip tray.

When installing a pallet, you need to take into account two features:

  • The pallet must be level;
  • The slope of the drain hose must be at least 150 mm and not more than 200 mm per meter.

The shower tray of the low type is "glued" to the floor by means of a mounting foam, the collected siphon is pre-connected. Having installed the pallet, it is necessary to put the load on top so that the foam does not lift it, and wait six to eight hours until it is completely solidified. Only after this can continue the assembly of the cabin.

The pallet on the high steel frame must first be assembled.

Long pins are screwed into the holes until they stop. They are screwed on nuts and washers, and then the frame of the shower tray is criss-crossed. To the protruding parts of the studs, the legs are screwed, four at the edges, one in the middle. The level of the pallet on a high steel frame is set by adjusting the legs.

Some models of shower cabins require additional fastening of the pallet to the wall. To do this, place it on the installation site and on the upper edge, outline the boundaries for fasteners. Drill the required number of holes and, using the bolts supplied with the shower enclosure, as it were, "fasten" to the wall.

As a rule, the metal frame is not strong enough. It can be strengthened by placing under a steel frame, for example, several bricks, creating an additional support.

Mounting of corner and side panels

The scheme of connection to the water supply and the sealing of the shower

The scheme of connection to the water supply and the sealing of the shower

Before installation, you must install all the connections and accessories included in the package. This is a watering can, hydromassage installations, shower mounts, radio panels, lights, dispensers for liquids. In more complex designs - foot massagers, a device for steam and bath. There is no one instruction on this issue. Each model has its own. But what necessarily applies to all shower cabins, joints and fastenings to the walls must be sealed with silicone.

Conclusions for electricity and water should be provided during the repair of the premises, so it should only be noted that the assembly of electrical connections must exclude water ingress, and the places of water connections are sealed. To do this, you need to check the factory assembly, if necessary, tighten the clamps using a screwdriver and, where possible, additionally treat with silicone.

The walls of the side panels are mounted on an aluminum frame, which is assembled from vertical slats and rails. The straps are attached to the guides using self-tapping screws. In the frictionless grooves of the guides, one of which is fixed to the pallet, glass side walls are installed. The joints are treated with silicone, after which the base of the booth is checked for correctness of all connections and tightness.

Door Recommendations

As already noted, the doors are swinging and sliding. The main difference lies in the fact that the comfort of using a booth with a swing mechanism depends on how much the doors are level, and the ease of using the sliding structure is based on the correct adjustment of the eccentrics - a special fastening with a gross construction.

Sliding constructions

Installation of shower doors

Installation of shower doors.

Install the upper and lower rollers of the shower cubicles. Using the fixing screw and the gasket, insert the handles. Install the seals on the closing side of the doors. Then hang them on the frame and use a adjustable wrench and a screwdriver to adjust the eccentrics in order to tightly close the doors and smooth running. As a result, when closing the doors, there should be no gaps in the closing position.

From the outside of the cab roof, decorative panels for speakers and a fan are attached. On the inside, using self-tapping screws, the speaker and fan are attached, the upper rain shower is collected. LEDs are inserted into the plafond and the wires are connected through a special roof opening to the power supply. The roof is mounted on the assembled carcass of the cabin using self-tapping screws and silicone. The rain shower is connected.

The final stage of the cab assembly is the installation of a protective screen that hides all plumbing connections under the pallet, giving it an aesthetic appearance.


A properly selected and assembled shower is a simple task, but you need to approach this issue very responsibly, and then comfort and convenience will be provided for years to come.

Indicators of the correctly assembled shower:

  • The pallet and carcass of the cabin must be stable, do not deform and do not creak when driving;
  • the cabin must be level;
  • all joints and joints must be treated with a high-quality sealant.

And lastly, remember that the doors should be easily and tightly closed.

Now you will learn how to install a shower cabin with your own hands. Good luck in work!

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