Correct installation of the door to the bathroom

The installation of the door to the bathroom has some features. These functional details of the interior and furnishing have their nuances in connection with their use for special purpose rooms. Such premises and, accordingly, furniture in them are constantly subject to humidity and temperature changes, they are very often used. Therefore, the doors must be resistant to this environment and the applied loads.

Diagram of the doorway to the bathroom

Diagram of the doorway to the bathroom.

Design Features

Here, do not apply a rich finish, as the door to the bathroom and toilet is subjected to stress. It should be remembered that patterns, patterns, decorative elements are also subject to the influence of moisture, temperatures. It is better to choose a simple and concise design.

Handles and similar elements in the bathroom should be selected resistant to loads and humidity. It is desirable that the material is coated with an anti-corrosive compound.

In the bathroom, the doors are mounted in the same way as usual, but with some of the following features.

The scheme of installation of a door in a bathroom

The scheme of installation of a door in a bathroom.

Tools and materials for work:

  • door leaf, box, accessories, lock;
  • hammer, screwdrivers, screws, assembly foam;
  • drill, screwdriver;
  • knife, blade,
  • level, plumb bob;
  • pencil, building knife;
  • self-tapping screws, anchors, bolts, wooden wedges.

Some items come complete with purchased doors.

The working process

When installing a door in the bathroom, consider the threshold. In such rooms there is almost always a high threshold. In case of flooding the room, it will not allow water to spread through the rest of the premises. The doors to the bathroom are set up because of him 10 cm taller than usual. The standard size of 2 m does not fit here. If the wrong height door is chosen, it is difficult to align it with the doorway. Glass construction is not filed, plastic, wood plate will crumble and can crack, so you must immediately choose the right size.

Scheme of a wooden door with a box

Scheme of a wooden door with a box.

It is recommended to make a gap for ventilation between the threshold and the door about 10 cm. It should be borne in mind that the door handles should be slightly lower. The walls in such rooms are thinner than the others, it is necessary to ensure that the thickness of the box does not exceed the wall thickness by more than 1.5 cm. If the box is thicker and you try to fit it, the saws will be visible. If, on the contrary, the wall is thicker than the box, then this is better, then the box is installed in the middle of the wall width, and the slopes are beautifully cladded.

If the room is repaired, then the door to the bathroom is installed in the last turn, but the door frame must be installed before the completion of the walls, floor, ceiling.

Sliding doors - an excellent choice, you need to choose those that create the least noise and easily move on the hinges. The folding doors should open outwards, so it is more convenient, and this saves space.

Installation and features

Here are some tips on how to install the door. If the door and the box are purchased separately, they must be connected. The assembled design is tried on in the opening. Next, it is inserted into it and fastened with wedges. All corrections are made, the plumb line and the level of the canvas are measured for evenness. Then it is installed by bolts, dowels, they are flush-mounted into the canvas. The wedged structure is marked and drilled in the fixing points, through the holes in it the fastening points in the opening are marked. It is removed, holes are drilled in the opening. Insert the dowels, the box is fixed permanently.

The hinges cut and hung the door.

Two hinges are mounted, for a heavy construction - three. The layout for the loops is made by attaching them to the doors and marking with a pencil. With the chisel, carefully outline the contour first, and then hollow out the groove beneath them. Then they are attached to self-tapping screws. The top is located 15-20 cm from the edge of the door from above, the bottom - 20-25 cm from the bottom. Then set the lock. They are also attached in a box. The door is hung on them. After this, make a frothing. Mounting foam seams weld. Foam increases by about a third after drying, so the seams are filled by a third. It dries a day.

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