Correct laying of the warm floor

Bathroom - this is a room of sanitary importance, which involves periodic walking on the floor with bare feet. The flooring at such a point, as you know, is always cool, regardless of the season. This is due to the floor covering installed in the room. The majority of owners choose from all the variety of finishing materials tile or granite. Such samples quickly cool down and, as a consequence, have a cold surface. Walking on a cool surface is not very comfortable. Find a way out of the current circumstances will allow the laying of the floor with your own hands.

The device of a warm floor

The device of a warm floor.

It is known that the bathroom plays an important role in the life of every person. Heat and dampness create favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi. Installation of a heated floor with your own hands will allow you to put in order the microclimate of the room, relieve the high humidity on the floor and walls, and wet towels. The selected system can be of two types: electric and water. Both versions are suitable for installation in bathrooms.

Water heating

The installation of this type of flooring is an economical way to autonomously heat the room. The system consists of pipes made of plastic and metal-plastic. These elements are laid in the screed, hot water moves through them. The heating temperature is controlled by the set thermostat.

Variants of laying pipes of a warm floor

Variants of laying pipes of a warm floor.

This system is equipped with two pipes: one of them is feeding, and the other is return. The first part is filled with hot water, which comes from the heating source, and the second one takes the cooled liquid back to the hot zone. A gas column can serve as a heating object. Hot water from this device moves to the transmitter. The installed circulation pump pumps the liquid into the installation.

The main advantages of a water-heated floor are the following:

  • absence of electromagnetic oscillations;
  • economical use of electricity.

Among the shortcomings of the design can be identified the complexity of the installation work and the originality of the connection system. The installation of such a coating is associated with the connection to a source of hot water. Implement such a connection in an apartment or home is not difficult. Usually, work on the insulation of the flooring is carried out at the time of construction or repair work.

Connecting the device to a hot water pipe will lower its temperature in the tap. Passing through these systems, it will quickly cool down. The lack of individual heating in the house gives grounds for refusing to install floor heating. As an alternate option, an electrical insulation method is suitable.


In the bathroom you can install electrical equipment. To do this, use a heating cable or infrared film.

Mounting thermostat with temperature sensor

Mounting the thermostat with a temperature sensor.

  1. Warm floor with electric cable. This method of heating the floor is used most often. The wire in the process of heating from an electric current creates a warm cloud around its surface. Under the cable, an insulating coating is laid, it allows the generated heat to be directed upwards. Despite the ease of installation, such laying leads to a large consumption of electrical energy and the generation of magnetic waves.
  2. Film constructions.

Film warm coverings are a new, economical technology of floor insulation in the bathroom:

  1. The installation of this option is similar to the laying of the cable. Differences consist in the way of laying out the film: it is spread out longitudinally and immediately connected.
  2. There is no need to do a screed surface.
  3. The system can spread out, tiles are placed on top of it.
  4. The coating of the infrared floor is insulated with a protective film. This method of installation is called dry.
  5. After this, the laying of the finish coat is carried out. Here, the heating element is graphite. Details of such a warm floor are in a solid polyethylene film. It heats up to a temperature of +20, +45 degrees, and the waves coming from them are completely harmless to humans. Such a coating is installed on the finish base, the screed is not needed here.
  6. During the installation, the flooring remains at the same level, the cost of such materials is low.
  7. The parts of the film are connected in a parallel way, capturing the entire area. If one of the strips breaks, the surface of the floor remains warm.

Installation in the bathroom

Cable layout in the bathroom

The layout of the cable in the bathroom.

To insulate the floor in the bathroom with your own hands correctly, first you need to decide on the option. Any such event is associated with the drafting of a detailed scheme. Here, the location of the sensors, temperature regulators and the point connecting the heating element is recorded.

Put a warm floor in the bathroom under the sink or the pallet itself is not necessary. Such objects should be indicated in the plan.

The installation of a warm floor in the room under consideration is associated with the location of the collector cabinet and its installation. This element is located as close as possible to the coating. It inserts pipes from the heater and installs cranes. By the usual overlapping of such valves, the supply of water can be stopped.

The collector is connected to the cranes, which are tubes with branching parts.

They are needed to connect to a common system. The surface of the flooring must be carefully prepared before laying the floor with your own hands. For this, the old covering is completely cleaned, the concrete base is removed.

The floor should be cleaned, ensuring the smoothness of the surface, chipped and chipped to create cement.

Layers for laying a water-heated floor with a concrete screed

Layers when laying a water-heated floor with a concrete screed.

  1. The surface is covered with a waterproofing layer.
  2. In the bathroom, the edge of the entire floor is glued with a damper tape.
  3. The rough floor is poured with a cement composition, its height is 5 cm below the future surface of the coating.
  4. Then the insulating layer is laid. To do this, take a mineral wool, a cork, extruded polystyrene foam. The presence of foil on the material contributes to a better reflection of heat. The joints are glued with aluminum tape.

In the bathroom, the tubes are bent according to the scheme and are mounted in a screed with subsequent fastening. There are several ways of laying pipes: they can be located in the form of a snake, a spiral and are located at a distance of 15-20 cm. The transmitting and return tubes are connected to the valves in the collector. By starting the water, the possible presence of leaks is checked.

The tap should be closed and the cover should cool. An additional layer of coating is added in height of 3-7 cm. As soon as the outer layer dries, it is possible to proceed with the installation of the coating.

Installation of cable system

  1. Thermal mats are used to install such a deck. They are installed directly on the floor with a tile adhesive.
  2. The thermostat is supplied with a free-standing electric wire, followed by a rough floor covering.
  3. Laying a layer of insulation with a foil base.
  4. The top is equipped with reinforcing mesh, which protects the wire from overheating.
  5. The cable is fixed with special clips.
  6. The part connecting the thermostat and the heating element is leveled. The temperature controller should be at a height of 1 m from the floor.
  7. Before you fill the screed, you should check the condition of the cable, couplings, connecting parts.
  8. Further on, the concrete is laid at a height of 5 cm.
  9. After checking the resistance of the cable, the composition is left to completely solidify.

The finished screed should be smooth. The presence of cavities leads to overheating of the electrical wiring.

Installation of warm floors in the bathrooms only goes to the forefront. Installation of such devices is done without the help of specialists. The work must be done carefully, with a separate power line.

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