Decor mirrors in the bathroom

Decorating a mirror in the bathroom with your own hands is not so difficult, if you know some of the nuances and purchase the necessary materials. The work itself is not very difficult, but requires accuracy and assiduity. You can use various interesting ideas to turn an ordinary mirror into a work of design art, then your bathroom will be transformed beyond recognition.

Painting on the mirror in the bathroom

Decorating the mirror will help create a bright accent in your bathroom.

Contour and decorative stones

It will take:

  • aquarium sealant;
  • contour on the glass;
  • disappearing marker;
  • Painting tape;
  • decorative stones.

Mirror in the bathroom can be decorated with a contour designed for drawing on glass, and colorful glass stones (sold in the departments of needlework and flower shops). Also, you need a silicone aquarium sealant, which after solidification becomes completely transparent. A vanishing marker is needed in order to chart the lines of the future decor on the mirror.

Blanks for drawing a picture on the mirror

To beginners decorators will help to decorate the mirror a large assortment of blanks for drawing drawings.

The first step is to prepare a sketch on paper. Mirror should be washed, then degrease with alcohol solution, otherwise the decor will not properly grasp the surface and may become unstuck during further operation. Next, you need to apply a disappearing marker drawing, then draw a line on the glass. It is very important first to practice squeezing out the contour on some unnecessary surface, then you will be able to determine the correct angle and degree of depression on the tube.

Try not to apply immediately fragments that are located next to, otherwise they will merge with each other. For example, if you want to make a grid, draw the verticals first, allow them to dry (about 20 minutes), then lay the horizontal lines. After the contour dries, you can correct all irregularities with the help of a sharp blade.

Next, proceed to glue the pebbles, apply the aquarium sealant directly to the decor, make sure that the drop is not too large, otherwise the silicone will be displaced outward after gluing and will stain the surface of the mirror. Do not overdo the decor, the stones look more elegant if they are located at a great distance from each other. If this is your first experience, it is better to decorate a small fragment, for example, one of the corners. After drying out all the elements, you can hang a mirror in the bathroom, this decor is not afraid of moisture, so you can wash it.

Decoration with beads

Stages of making frames for mirrors made of shells

Stages of making frames for mirrors made of shells.

It will take:

  • beads of different colors;
  • aquarium sealant;
  • building scotch;
  • paper.

Decorate a mirror in the bathroom can be with beads, for example, make edging in the form of a frame around the perimeter or perform a small composition on one side. The first thing you need to do is degrease the mirror with a detergent or rub it with alcohol, then seal the building tape with a space that will not be decorated.

Take a sheet of paper (you can from a conventional notebook), bend it diagonally, fill in beads of the same color. On the mirror, apply the aquarium sealant with a layer of 1 mm.

The sealant must be applied fragmentarily, as it quickly sets, in this case the working area should not exceed 10-15 cm.

Next, take a sheet of paper with beads, tilt it above the mirror so that the beads are spread thinly over the surface.

Sometimes it happens that the beads are layered on each other, you can fix them with your fingers dipped in water or a toothpick. Next, take the beads of a different color, glue it in exactly the same way as described above. The pattern will look more interesting if you add decorative stones and emphasize the boundaries of the drawing with a contour on the glass.

Mirrors from shells

Frame for the mirror of plastic spoons

A ready frame of plastic spoons can be painted with an aerosol paint in any color.

It will take:

  • moisture resistant plywood;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • seashells and pebbles;
  • liquid Nails;
  • building scotch;
  • putty knife;
  • self-tapping screws and screwdriver;
  • wire;
  • priming on wood;
  • acrylic radiator paint.

In order to make a frame for the mirror in the bathroom, you need to take a waterproof plywood, using a jigsaw, cut out of it an oval, round or square shape, everything will depend only on your idea. You can make a frame in several ways: simply glue the mirror on the plywood with liquid nails or cut the window in the first part, then prepare the second part with a wider hole, glue the two fragments together, so you get a groove to insert the mirror.

Before you glue the mirror on the plywood, it must be primed, the reverse side should preferably be painted with acrylic radiator paint, which is not afraid of moisture. After drying primer on the plywood billet, place a place under the mirror, apply point liquid nails, glue the mirror, then glue it with a construction tape, leaving the edge 1 cm free.

On a small fragment, apply liquid nails, level with a spatula, glue shells, aquarium pebbles, small starfish and pieces of coral, it is important to ensure that there are no empty spaces left. The edge of the mirror also needs to be sealed, the glue is applied in small amounts to pebbles or shells, then gently glued.

The frame into which the mirror will be inserted is much easier to decorate, the technology is exactly the same as described above, but you do not have to bother with gluing the mirror and masking its edges. Particular attention should be paid to decorating the window under the mirror, it should be painted, and the edges should be decorated with a large sea pebble, which should protrude slightly beyond the hole.

After everything has dried thoroughly, it is necessary to insert the mirror into the groove, then fix it with special metal staples. If this is too difficult for you, then you can do it differently: in the plywood (from the inside), 3-4 nails are punched from each side, the mirror is inserted into the groove, then the wire is wound on the hammered nails, which will keep the mirror and prevent it from falling out. In order to hang a mirror, it is necessary to make a fastening: screw 2 screws a distance of 7-10 cm from each other, fix the strong wire on them. Decorating a mirror with your own hands is not so difficult, if you show your imagination and know some of the nuances.

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