Design and repair of the bathroom

Until very recently very few people carefully thought through the design of the bathroom. Similar apartments, rooms, kitchens ... What can I say about the bathroom! This part of the house, as a rule, received attention in the last place. Now it is difficult to imagine a person for whom the comfort and comfort of this room would not be important. It is here that people let go of the worries and hardships of the past day. If something goes wrong in life, maybe it's worth changing the environment around you? Do not do a bathroom repair?

Diagram of the distribution of pipes in the bathroom

Diagram of pipe routing in the bathroom.

First you need to decide who should be entrusted with the design of the bathroom. If possible, then it is better to contact the professionals for developing the project. A talented designer will be able not only to choose a comfortable color solution, but also will tell you how to make the bathroom equipment technically perfect. But if this is not possible, then such part of the work will have to be taken over.

Start the process

First you need to arm yourself:

  • paper;
  • the handle;
  • roulette.
Variants of sanitary engineering in the bathroom

Variants of sanitary engineering in the bathroom.

Having made measurements, it is necessary to fix everything on paper in the form of a plan. It is necessary to sketch out the layout of the main elements of the bathroom interior, while trying to observe the scale.

Go shopping. In the process of getting acquainted with the proposed assortment, certain ideas will arise. Do not hurry with the choice, just weigh all the proposed options and decide on the preferences.

The most important thing is what determines the design of the bathroom. The main thing is the choice of colors. A good mood will give pink and chocolate colors. Red will add activity, but in large numbers it will irritate. Orange helps to cheer up. Blue, on the contrary, helps to relax. Remember that too bright colors will make the bathroom smaller. Muted, pastel colors, on the contrary, will help visually increase the room.

The color scheme is chosen. The queue for decoration materials. Here much depends on the budget. Will it be porcelain stoneware or tiles? Maybe you are closer to spending wall panels or painted walls? The design of the bathroom is in your hands! There are many different materials on the market that are suitable for use in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom.

An important component, complementing the design of the bathroom, is lighting. It should not be small. Even the brightest and joyful colors of the walls can make a gloomy lack of light. The most convenient option is the combination of spotlights on the ceiling and directional lighting of the necessary zones. You should know some subtleties. For example, light directed at the mirror from above, emphasizes wrinkles, from below - creates the effect of fatigue. Optimal illumination of the mirror at the shell is scattered light from the side.

The choice of furniture for the bathroom is another important step. As a rule, there is not much room in standard apartments to accommodate something else, except for a bath and a cabinet with a sink. But in some cases, replacing the bath with the shower enclosure allows you to free up the space you need.

Bathroom Repair Tools

Tools for bathroom repair.

When a clear idea of ​​what will be the design of the bathroom, compiled, you can begin to implement it.

If the work on the repair of the premises will be carried out by the hired brigade, then it is necessary to decide how the materials will be procured. As a rule, specialists who have been working in this field for a long time have various discounts in building materials stores. If you buy materials yourself, then you should pay attention to larger stores, the range of products in which more diverse, and prices are lower.

The first stage of repair is the dismantling of sanitary ware. With this work you can manage on your own. But, if you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to turn to specialists. After all, improper dismantling of plumbing can lead to an accident that could endanger the possibility of continuing repairs.

Next in line is the old finish. If it is a ceramic tile, then you will have a very difficult and responsible job. From the way the surface will be prepared for new finishing materials, the complexity of their installation and the appearance of the bathroom in the future will depend. In this case, I would like to recommend not neglecting the services of professionals. If it is a matter of removing the old paint, then you can use special compounds designed specifically to remove such coatings.

Replacement of pipes

And now it's time to get the plan drawn up earlier. It is needed in order to determine where the outlets and switches are needed, where it is necessary to withdraw wires for devices requiring direct connection to the network. The concealed wiring assumes the work on its installation.

It was the turn of the water and sewer pipes replacement. At this stage, as with the removal of plumbing, you can only advise one: trust professionals! Calculations here can be very expensive. At the same time, work on waterproofing the floor. Simultaneously with them it is necessary to conduct preparatory work on cleaning the walls for finishing.

Finishing work

The most common options for decoration, which are found in the design of the bathroom, are tile and porcelain stoneware.

Options for laying tiles in the bathroom

Options for laying tiles in the bathroom.

Cladding the walls with tiles is a laborious process that requires precision. But with due diligence you can deal with it yourself. The technology of laying tiles is simple. It is very important to monitor the result with the help of a level in the process of work. The thickness of the seams between the tiles is set with the help of "crosses". Start work better from the wall near which you plan to install a bath. If the design of the bathroom involves laying a bath with tiles, then the floor and the space behind it can be simply painted. After the tile adhesive has completely dried, the seams between the tiles must be filled with a special compound, ie, a trowel. It can be left white or give any color with special tinting solutions. The process of laying floor tiles is absolutely the same.

The final stage of the bathroom repair is the ceiling finish. The best materials for this purpose are plastic panels or PVC films, which are popularly called tension ceilings. They are manufactured and assembled by specialized companies. It is necessary to contact them about the provision of services in advance, since it will take time to manufacture and collect all necessary elements.

Remained the installation of floor and ceiling skirting boards, accessories. When all the repair work is finished, you can start installing sanitary ware and furniture.

If all the work on replacing the pipes of the water supply and sewage system was made qualitatively, then for sure all the communications are in such a state that with further installation it is quite possible to manage independently. Install fixtures and furniture. Fill the room with the details. Carpet, soap dish, toothbrush - small things that complement the design of the bathroom.

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