Design for compact bathrooms and toilets

Design for bathrooms and toilets is not always easy to pick up. This is explained by the fact that the area of ​​the room is small, but there is a lot to accommodate here. Difficulties arise and the fact that you should choose the materials carefully because of the high humidity level. The modern design of bathrooms can be varied, but the minimalist style is more popular. It is practical and attractive, it allows you to place not only a plumbing fixture, but also a washing machine, keeping free space.

Design of a small bathroom

Visually increase the space can be using light ceramic tiles.

Increased space

To furnish a bathroom or toilet, it must be remembered that even in a private house their area is usually limited. That is why for such premises the methods of visual expansion of space are used. For a toilet or a bathroom, it is best to use light shades. This allows you to create the illusion of space, the room becomes more comfortable. To add comfort, you need to use bright spots, they will dilute the too cold and sterile impression of such a situation.

The layout of a small bathroom

The layout of a small bathroom.

To ensure that the bathroom turned out to be harmonious, it is necessary to use the sanitary equipment commensurate with the area of ​​the premises. If the room is small, then you should put a comfortable shower cubicle, rather than a bulky bath. The toilet is in this case used corner hinged, the tank can be made built-in. The design of bathrooms is best planned in such a way that the accessories emphasize coziness, and not simply take up space. Towels can be used with a large pattern, unusual texture. It is recommended to place the accessories in the far corner so that when you enter the room the view can freely slide along the entire length of the space.

Shades of furniture should be in harmony with the decoration of walls and floor. Horizontal walls are suitable for walls, they are placed at a height of 1-1.5 m. With this method, the height of the ceiling will seem larger. It is better to use darker shades for the floor. Today there is a wide variety of special floor tiles for bathrooms, but for small spaces it is recommended to use a one-tone version. Excellent fit and bulk polymer floor. It will not only make the room visually more spacious, but also elegant, attractive.

Variants of the arrangement

The design of the toilet and the bathroom can not do without accessories and special furniture. Here everything is individual, but the main items are still used, even if their minimum. All furniture should be functional and comfortable, but it does not take much space.

Bathroom in retro style

To design a bathroom in retro style, you need a mosaic or artificial stone.

Under the washbasin, you can install a small locker, which will store a stock of clean towels, hygiene items and stuff. Above the sink there is a place for a mirror and a small hanging cupboard, on the door of which it is strengthened. Instead of a cabinet with the minimum area, it is best to use glass shelves, which will create the impression of spaciousness.

Usually, the shelves on the wall near the bathroom are also installed. These hinged, convenient structures occupying a minimum of space. They are intended for shampoos, soaps, gels and other, can take a variety of forms.

For the bathroom and toilet is not superfluous to be a hanging cabinet or cabinet for storing toilet paper, towels, cleaning products. In the bathroom you can install, besides a washing machine, a dryer, a special closet with a built-in basket for dirty laundry. When choosing furniture for the bathroom and toilet, attention should be paid to the quality of materials. Increased humidity has a negative impact on most materials, so it is recommended to purchase only special furniture. It has a protective coating, even natural wood passes a special impregnation. All edges must be safe, sharp corners are unacceptable here.

Attention must also be paid to the style in which the room is built. For the frequently used style of minimalism, metal and plastic surfaces, glass shelves, perfectly fit. Colors - white, gray, pearly, you can dilute them with accessories of red, black, turquoise. For the classical style it is better to take furnishings from natural wood, the surface of shelves and cabinets is painted, impregnated with special oil, covered with varnish. For small bathrooms this style is rarely used.


Designing a bathroom to design yourself is not so difficult, but there are a number of features that you need to comply with. Attention should be given to what area, form has a room. During the planning, it should not be forgotten that the fewer stand-alone items will be in the bathroom, the more it will appear. It is recommended to use built-in lockers and niches, they are much more convenient, their doors are easier to open, without disturbing anyone. This is especially important for combined bathrooms. Doors are best done not swinging, but recoiling, if there is such an opportunity.

It is not recommended for small baths to use many small accessories, as they take away free space, make it visually less. The design of the bathroom is best done in light colors, but textiles, bath curtains, soap dishes can be made bright. This interior will become more expressive. If drawings are used, the lines should be made airy, light, too intricate ornaments for a bathroom are not suitable.

Attention should be given to lighting, one central luminaire is best placed in the middle of the ceiling, but not superfluous will be additional. Suitable small lamps are directional light, they are mounted near the sink and mirror. Too bright light for small lamps is not provided, and the central one should give excellent clean light.

The bathroom can be equipped with a large number of reflective surfaces. This is not only mirrors, but glossy tile, galvanized chrome elements. At the same time glass surfaces can be used for the bathroom, but only objects with safety edges that are resistant to shocks should be installed.

The shelves are best made of glass: it lets in light, makes the bathroom lighter and more stylish.

Bulky plumbing is best not to install even if the bathroom is large. If a washing machine is to be installed, it is necessary to find a place for it so that it does not "eat" free space, while it is convenient to operate. For close rooms it is recommended to use a shower instead of a bath, and a washing machine to be built under a sink. If the bathroom is very small, it is better to refuse the washing machine by placing it in the kitchen.

The design of the toilet and bathroom is not so difficult to provide, but it is necessary to pay attention to many details, including the area of ​​the room, accommodation and the choice of furniture. As a result, you should get a comfortable, comfortable bathroom, even if its area is small and hardly holds the plumbing.

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