Design of a small bathroom in khrushchev

Some apartments have such a small area that it is difficult to create an original interior in them. This statement is true for the bathroom in the Khrushchev. Normal repairs are unlikely to change the situation. The rooms in Khrushchev are so small that it is not easy to give them comfort. The bathroom is very cramped, and on a few square meters there is hardly a bathtub, a washstand and one person. And it still needs to fit a washing machine and other useful devices.

Light ceiling in the bathroom

In a small bathroom it is recommended to make the ceiling only in light colors.

To date, the construction market offers a huge selection of materials that will help create a unique design of the bathroom in Khrushchev. You can not expand the room, but the proper redevelopment will allow you to make this room functional enough. Bathroom design is a laborious and expensive process, but the result is worth the effort.

Design solutions

Bathroom design with a bright wall

Photo 1. The combination of neutral and bright tiles in the bathroom visually increases the space of the room.

The design of the bathroom means the most compact and functional placement of the necessary things. You need to fit in a small room not only a bath or shower, but a washstand, bedside table or a pencil case, a washing machine, a boiler, if necessary. The best solution in this case is to combine the bathroom with the toilet. The combined bathroom will help you to expand the space at the expense of the demolished wall. Sometimes when repairing a bathroom in Khrushchev Square is increased by adding square meters of corridor.

If the redevelopment of the apartment is not possible, then the functionality of the room increases with the proper placement of furniture and household appliances. The design of a small bathroom involves the following solutions:

  • The washing machine is placed directly under the washstand or in the kitchen;
  • use of contrasting colors;
  • the battery is replaced with a heated towel rail;
  • installation of a shower instead of a bath;
  • suspended ceilings and mirror elements for visual expansion of space.

Placement under a wash-hand basin of home appliances is an excellent option for a small bathroom in a Khrushchev. For this purpose, you need to buy a sink without a leg, under which the washing machine fits. The only drawback of this layout is the too high location of the plumbing. If the family has small children or people of small stature, then reach for the washstand will be quite difficult.

The design of a small bathroom involves the use of a light coat with a contrasting color scheme.

It is not recommended to divide the room in half horizontally. A light top and a fairly dark bottom will further reduce the bathroom. It is better to make one wall white, and another to cover with bright tiles (photo 1).

A conventional battery takes up too much space, so the best option is to replace it with a functional heated towel rail. If you create a bathroom design with a corner shower instead of a large bath, then this method allows you to save a lot of space (photo 2).

Selection of furniture and equipment

Bathroom layout with shower

Photo 2. The shower cabin takes up less space than the standard bath.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of improved sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, as well as innovative models. A fashion trend is the design of the bathroom, where the washing machine is located above the toilet or is bought with a washstand.

You can also install a corner bath or shower stall, and in the vacant space place appliances. The washstand is also compact, which is located in the corner. Thanks to him, the bathroom in Khrushchev will look rather spacious.

Some designers in the layout of the bathroom completely refuse the bath or shower. They only produce a shower unit. The drain is located right in the floor.

If you decide to stay on this option, it is desirable to make a floor covering with heating. This will allow you to take a shower with more comfort, and a drop of water will dry up much quicker.

Finishing work

The design of a bathroom in a Khrushchevka presupposes adherence to certain rules. So, the ceiling should be painted in light colors, which will give the small space more airiness.

Bathroom with washing machine

Properly designed location of sanitary ware will allow you to install a washing machine in the bathroom.

A very good option is a stretch coating. Thanks to the gloss, this ceiling reflects the light well. Built-in spot lighting will help to increase the effect.

The walls of the bathroom can be painted, tiled, covered with panels. Before the finishing works it is necessary to treat all surfaces with antifungal agents.

When choosing walls, it should be remembered that light colors and small patterns visually expand the room. The design of the bathroom using pastel shades will make the space more airy and weightless. White color is recommended as an add-on. It can be plumbing, and tiles.

The floor covering should have properties such as moisture resistance and anti-skid. You can lay ceramic tiles or natural stone. Filling floors are very popular. They require some money, but they are quite effective. You can choose any color or pattern.

The design of the bathroom should be carried out using light colors of the coating, sanitary ware and furniture. Glossy surfaces and mirrors are welcome. These techniques allow you to visually increase the room.

If you take all the recommendations into consideration, then the result is that you can have a bright, modern and cozy bathroom.

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