Detailed renovation of the bathroom in khrushchev

In order to repair the bathroom in the Khrushchev, you must initially be ready to accommodate a lot of necessary elements in a small area (sometimes only 2.5 m2). For the whole process to go right, you need to plan in advance all the nuances.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev

The main difficulty in repairing a bathroom in a Khrushchevka is its small size, but this problem can be solved by correctly arranging all the elements of the bathroom.

Before you start, do not forget that the bathroom in this case is combined with the toilet, because of which the possibilities are slightly reduced.

Design selection

This aspect is the most difficult, so you should start with it. There are many options for execution, and each is unique in its own way. The main elements of the interior look as follows:

  1. Sink. Without it you can live if you wish, but it will be a return to the 18th century. It starts with it Design of a small bathroom

    Under the sink there is a cabinet in which you can store a variety of bathroom accessories.

    Formation of design, tk. all other elements of the room will be replaced with a higher probability.

  2. Toilet. Then everyone chooses to their taste and financial possibilities. But before buying, you should carefully read all the pros and cons, because often very expensive models have identical in characteristics and appearance cheap analogs, and often much better.
  3. Bath. It is not always used, because it will not be possible to put a big one, but in a small one it is not convenient for everyone. Serves, rather, an element of comfort in such buildings, than the object of first necessity. For bathrooms, not every one is suitable because of the length, so before acquiring it is necessary to make measurements.
  4. Shower cabin. It is in most cases used for hygiene purposes, because takes up little space, but it does its job well. Sometimes in combination with the bathroom, which is not always reliable, but allows you to form a more interesting design.
  5. Suspended cabinet. Regardless of sex and age, the thing is necessary, because this is where all hygiene items are stored. Sometimes absent.
  6. Mirror. Almost always goes on a pendant locker, but in its absence it fits perfectly on the wall.
  7. A curbstone under the crane. It has many purposes, but with sufficient volume it is almost always used to install a washing machine. If there is a "foot" under the sink, then it will not work.

Despite the small area of ​​the room, the entire set can be accommodated, but one must immediately realize that with a large heap, it is inconvenient to use. The biggest difficulty is not in the placement itself, but in order not to create a pressuring atmosphere.

Basic order

Wall decoration in the bathroom

To save on tile, the upper part of the wall can be finished with moisture-resistant panels.

After the design is developed and all the details are worked out, you need to start repairing. But in this room, this procedure has its own specifics, so the preparation will take much longer than the placement of furniture.

Everything begins with the leveling of walls, floors and ceilings, and then the repair of the bathroom in Khrushchev. When leveling, all the finishing materials are removed to the base, after which everything is stacked first.

To choose a tile for this kind of activity is better than light. it visually adds volume to the room, but preferably an average, so as not to look too rough. All kinds of drawings, edges, reliefs, etc. very welcome, tk. make their invaluable contribution to the soul of the room.

The ceilings of the bathrooms can simply be whitened, but you can also arrange the tension option on one level, because most materials perfectly hold such changes in temperature and humidity. In the stretch ceiling, you can make a whole system of point light lighting, so you can get away from the system with one blinding lamp in the corner. But in any case, you can not do hanging, because the slightest mistake, and moisture will fall on the drywall.

Furniture is easiest to install under the sink, you can make built-in lockers or buy a ready-made washbasin with a closet. In this case, the space is maximally saved, and the lockers solve the problem of storing bathroom accessories. Also built-in lockers can be done under the bathroom.


Repair in the bathroom is usually done in 5-7 days, because you almost always have to redo everything from the very beginning. Each step should be measured to mm, because this will allow to form the most useful premises, and at times simply to achieve the possibility of installation.

Do not overload these bathrooms with excessive furniture elements or try to illuminate everything with one light bulb, so that in the end you can get a comfortable place.

It must always be remembered that the bathroom is not only a space necessary for the household, but also a place where you can relax your soul.

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