Development of design of small bathrooms

20 years ago, a separate apartment was a dream for many people. A tiny bathroom, a small kitchen - but its own, separate, rather than communal housing. So it was then, today most people want a comfortable existence in the apartments. The rooms should be spacious so that you can place everything in the bathroom. If you still have to live in an apartment of Soviet buildings, then you want to make your home beautiful. Particularly problematic small bathrooms, whose design is difficult to think through. But there is nothing impossible, it is worth considering how you can help the cause.

Small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you need to think out the design correctly, so that you feel comfortable and comfortable.

The best option is to connect the bathroom with the toilet. In this case, you will get a more spacious room, where you can turn around the design idea. But in a large family, a shared bathroom is not the best idea.


You will need:

  • floor and wall coverings;
  • tiles of small sizes and light colors;
  • plumbing;
  • sliding sliding doors;
  • mirror.
Bathroom tiling with ceramic tiles

Ideal floor and wall cover for the bathroom is ceramic tiles.

So, in the presence of a small bathroom. How to start updating and improving it? First of all, choose the floor and wall cover. For a damp room, ceramic tiles are suitable, since it does not deteriorate due to moisture, it is easy to clean and has an attractive appearance. Visually enlarge the bathroom space will help tiles of small sizes and light colors. Using in the design of a mirror tile of different shades, you can create a creative pattern. If there is a picture on the tile, it must be vertical. It is appropriate to complement the interior of the bathroom with a mirrored ceiling.

The next stage is plumbing. Manufacturers are imbued with the needs of consumers and created a line of compact plumbing. Small sinks, shower cabins, bathrooms, narrow cabinets - all this is easy to place in a small room. For giving lightness, use equipment of the simplest shapes, white or light color. The shower cabin is best chosen with transparent walls. Replacing a bulky bathroom on the shower, you will free space under the washing machine.


Основным аксессуаром ванной является mirror.

Mirror in the bathroom

Mirror will visually increase the space of the bathroom.

It should be large and placed above the sink. This will visually increase the room. Other items: soap dishes, cups for toothbrushes - it is better to pick up in small sizes.

For towels, skin care products, bottles and bottles, pick up an inconspicuous place (for example, a cabinet under the sink). Remember that unnecessary objects in sight will clutter up space and visually reduce it.

Since the doors of small bathrooms open usually outside (and this is not always convenient), then they are replaced with sliding sliding doors.

The finishing touch in the design of a small bathroom is lighting. Uniform throughout the room, it will also help increase space. Supplement lighting can be bright lights above the mirror.

Now you know how to design a small room with your own hands quickly and efficiently. It is necessary to understand that only carefully thought out design will turn your bathroom into a practical, comfortable and beautiful room.

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