Doors for bathroom - photo overview

What is the difference between a door for a bathroom and a bathroom from other interior doors? We will discuss in detail what special requirements are imposed on it.


Choosing a bathroom and toilet door

The main properties that a bathroom door should have:

1. Moisture resistance is important for this door. You can choose only hardwood: oak or beech, fiberboard, metal plastic is suitable. Excluded: cherry, pine or cherry.


Ideal is a glass door with a matte surface, but not everyone will be comfortable.


A quality wooden door should be with a special impregnation to protect against water and fungi. It is important the number of layers and the thickness of the "decorative" layer, this affects not only the quality, but also the service life.


Even imperceptible to the eye small cracks with increasing humidity in the bathroom can quickly spoil the external image of the door.

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2. The installation of the door should be given special significance. It should not fit very tightly, but do not leave a gap. In 1 variant there will be no natural ventilation, in 2 - drafts and disturbance of sound insulation (water bubbling or unpleasant sound of electric shaver) can irritate domestic ones.


3. The lock is an important component, which is rarely noticed. Without a reliable lock, it is uncomfortable to take a shower.


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How to choose a bathroom door?

  • The most popular doors are from particleboard or MDF: inexpensive cost, moisture resistance and a variety of designs.
  • The doors of the noble tree are beautiful, but expensive. They have no equal in all characteristics.
  • There are doors made of glass that do not let light in, you can choose "high-tech".
  • To save space, the door-compartment is ideal, it will not take place when opening.


Door parameters for bathrooms and bathrooms

Standard sizes when the length is 2 m and the width is 60 cm. Before buying in the store, be sure to measure all the openings well, sometimes the door can have other parameters (in new or private) houses.


When overhauling the whole house (apartment) it is recommended to immediately replace all existing doors to achieve a single style solution.


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Price list

The price directly depends on the quality and choice of the door material. The presence of a handle with a lock will increase the cost, but then you do not have to puzzle about the hook and the latch. At once get beauty and convenience.


The installation of the door is also worth considering when repairing.

glass doors

Color Solutions

After choosing the quality and moisture resistance, we proceed to design. The chosen door should look harmoniously in the same style, and not stand out, disturbing the color of the room and design.


Usually the doors to the bathroom next to the bathroom, they are better to choose the same. After all, the color must harmonize, both with the interior of the hallway, and with the bathroom. It is ideal to have a uniform style and color solution for all interior doors. Sometimes the hosts deliberately differentiate the rooms with flowers.


Advice! With a light interior of the bathroom and bathroom (light blue, peach tones), it is better to choose the same light doors (the colors "melted milk" or beige). Such doors will require regular maintenance, but visually just expand the space.


When choosing dark interiors: dark blue, dark green, dark gray or brown, the doors will be brownish shades. Although the door of dark colors will perfectly match and in the bathroom of light colors, for beauty it is recommended to add dark furniture.


With the choice of "high-tech", an increasingly popular style, even the door in black tones is organic in the bathroom.


General rule

The color of the door in the bathroom must harmonize with any detail of the chosen interior. It may not match the color scheme with the floor or the decoration of the walls, but it can be combined with furniture (cabinet, for example) or plumbing.


It is important that the door does not look "foreign" in the interior. Design is extremely important, often this is crucial when buying.


Recommendations of specialists will help you in the difficult choice of doors to a bathroom and a bathroom among a huge variety of the offered assortment.

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