Examples and techniques for repairing a small bathroom in a

An apartment in a panel house often becomes the most budgetary solution to the housing issue. Rooms owners are usually trying to adapt to their needs and tastes. Bathroom often remains in its original form: the owner more often adapts to an uncomfortable room, and does not reconstruct it for himself.

Small bathroom

In panel houses, bathrooms usually have a small area, which is why the owners have to think through the design of the bathroom most carefully.

The most frequent reason for such adaptability are the tiny dimensions of the bathroom. In panel houses, its area rarely exceeds 3-6 square meters.

Designers give other examples. Even a very small room, with the right approach, can be made not only functional, but also cozy.

Saving space

The renovation project of a small bathroom with a shower cabin

A renovation project for a small bathroom with a shower.

Getting to repair the bathroom in the panel house, you must first determine which bathroom is more practical: joint or separate. The first one allows to create a freer room, organize modern lighting, arrange more furniture. It is important to remember: if there is a place for a small washbasin (or bidet) in a small toilet, and a washing machine is placed in the bathroom, it is not necessary to combine two hygienic rooms into one, especially if there are more than three people in the family.

Having defined the configuration of the room, you can proceed to the second stage - choosing a bath or a shower. In Khrushchev it is not possible to establish both, and so it will be necessary to decide which device is more practical for a particular family.

  1. The shower cabin takes up less space, but it is impossible to take a full bath or to bathe a small child. It is not suitable for hand-washing lovers: rinsing in the cockpit is impossible.
  2. The bath allows you to enjoy the spa treatments, but takes up too much space.

The solution of the problem can be the installation of a compact corner bath, which simultaneously will serve as a shower tray. There are other options for installing a bathtub-pallet, for example, near a wall. In this case, you can install a toilet, washbasin or place a washing machine next to it.

Installation of equipment

There is an opinion that for a bathroom of small sizes it is necessary to select small-sized household appliances. The statement is inaccurate. Even in a small room you can install a conventional washing machine. There are three methods that are most often used for bathroom equipment in a panel house.

Washing machine under the sink

In order to save space, the washing machine can be placed under the sink.

  1. Under the sink. Here it is easiest to place machines designed for 3 kg of laundry or aggregates, not more than 30-43 cm wide. It is important to correctly calculate the height of the bottom edge of the sink. For people of medium height, this is approximately 80 cm. The calculation formula is simple: the height of the machine + the height of the shell + 20 cm at the distance between them. The extreme version allows the installation of "styralka" under the sink without a top cover. However, this method is dangerous for families with children: the open surface of the unit can be "shocked". Ideal option for such an installation will be a special shell "water lily" with a bowl depth of 18-20 cm.
  2. For a bathroom not the smallest area is suitable for installing a washing machine behind a partition or in a small niche. For the screen or wall, you can install a toilet with a washbasin. This layout not only saves space (instead of the wall you can use a narrow cabinet), but also allows you to visually divide the room into zones.
  3. Owners of a tiny bathroom can install a washing machine and a sink close to the bathtub.

Sometimes there is a need to move the toilet. If technical conditions permit, then you can install it anywhere, even close to the bathroom. However, it is better to place it at the maximum distance from places of bathing and washing: it will be more hygienic.


Even a small room can be made attractive. Modern building materials for bathroom repair allow you to design a quality interior with low costs. It is important only to familiarize yourself with the principles of material selection:

Tiled bathroom

As a finishing material for the bathroom use the tile, as it is durable and practical.

  1. Привычную побелку для потолка лучше не использовать. Она быстро утрачивает первоначальный вид, может покрыться плесенью. Repairs потолка придется делать чаще чем раз в полгода.
  2. Покраска требует слишком больших финансовых и трудовых затрат. Придется тщательно подготавливать поверхность, затем покупать дорогостоящую водостойкую краску. Repairs станет слишком дорогим и трудоемким, но повторять его придется часто. Даже самая стойкая краска не продержится в первоначальном виде больше года.
  3. Plastic tiles are easily glued to the ceiling, practically does not lose its appearance. If the places of its joints are poorly treated, mold may appear in them.
  4. Repairs потолка ванной комнаты при помощи полихлорвиниловых панелей считается оптимальным. Стоит такая обшивка недорого, монтируется легко, сохраняет свое качество годами. Под ней легко спрятать любые коммуникации.
  5. The rack ceiling has all the advantages of the panels, but it looks more impressive, but costs more.
  6. A suspended ceiling for the bathroom can only be installed by specialists. This work is expensive, but quite self-justifying. The design has no joints, it never appears fungus or mold.
  7. Fashionable today photo shoots will help create even in a close room a sense of height and spaciousness.
  8. For walls, it is better to choose a tile. It has the highest hygienic and performance characteristics. In places where sprays do not fall, you can use textured plaster, wood, waterproof wallpaper or any other finishing materials. It is important to remember: in a close room their wear and tear is accelerating, and repairs need to be done more often.
  9. In small bathrooms, you can visually expand the space using mirrors. They are placed on walls, in lockers, using mirror elements in the ceiling finish.
  10. The most accessible material for the floor in the bathroom is the tile. For close rooms it is better to choose light colors. An alternative to the tile is the filling floor, which retains its technical characteristics for decades. It is much more expensive, but the aesthetic component of it is beyond praise.

Bathroom equipment in Khrushchev with the right approach can make a tight room cozy and functional.

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