Features and varieties of strapping for bathtubs

Tubing for baths is a system for controlling its filling. The system includes draining and overflowing the bathroom. Modern models of equipment are made in the form of a single system. This greatly simplifies the installation of strapping on the bath and increases its efficiency relative to the collection, consisting of a siphon and overflow, connected by numerous tubules.

Schematic diagram of the strapping of a bath

Schematic diagram of bath strapping.

Device Features

The strapping device on the bath is similar to that of a conventional siphon. The main difference is the presence of overflow and overflow. It is this feature of the design that makes this equipment the most effective for controlling the filling of a bath.

Plastic strapping

Plastic strapping is the most common type of products that can be selected for a bath of any type.

The principle of operation of the mechanism is quite simple. On the overflow and drain plugs of the structure are installed levers that are connected by a cable of the same plan as on the speed switch on a bicycle. The rotation lever on the overflow part of the mechanism can be rotated in both directions. Depending on which way to turn it, you can get this or that result. A rope from the turns of the lever is pulled or loosened, which drives the lever on the drain neck. The lever, in turn, sets in motion a plug that covers the drain. It rises or falls, so that the water merges or not.

Tubing for baths provides convenience and ease of its operation. To open or close the cork, do not stretch and bend down to the drain, access to the opening or closing of the sink is greatly simplified.

Types of strapping

Various manufacturers make similar mechanisms from metal or plastic and give them some design features.

Automatic strapping for bath

The tubing for the bath machine allows you to open and close the drain neck by pressing the plug with your hand or foot.

It is acceptable to use plastic for manufacturing, which does not react to household chemicals and high temperature. At low cost, the strapping for plastic baths can be strong enough. The assortment of plastic products is extremely wide. You can choose the right option for a bath of any type. When installing the devices it is necessary to take into account that the technological process of their manufacture causes some fragility and complexity during installation. Before starting the installation, it is mandatory to remove the burrs that are formed during manufacture. Otherwise, you can not avoid a leak in the harness.

Metals that can be used to make the strapping are copper, brass and polished stainless steel. As a rule, they are rarely installed, since they are characterized by high costs, are quickly contaminated and create some complexity in installation, due to the need to accurately fit the dimensions of the elements of the system to each other.

Depending on the design features, the mechanism can relate to one of three types:

  1. Universal. This equipment can be installed in an acrylic, steel and cast iron bath. In a universal design, the strapping will not be expensive, it's the simplest option possible. The mechanism is equipped with a stopper on the chain. The main elements of the design are the overflow and drainage necks with straps, connected by a corrugated hose, which is put on the union or fastened with nakednymi nuts, and a siphon.
  2. Semi-automatic. The main difference of this design in the pivot arm at the overflow neck, which is connected with the plug. When it is turned, the plug on the drain neck is raised or lowered. It is worth noting that this design is fragile enough. Do not apply excessive pressure to the lever to avoid damaging it.
  3. Auto. In this case, the lever system is not used. To open or close the drain plug, just press the stopper. The drawback of this design is the small size of the hole. It clogs much faster than the standard one.

Thus, the strapping for baths can be chosen by the owner at his own discretion. As a rule, mechanisms that are easier to use are quite complex, and there are too many elements in them that can break down. Therefore, the most durable can be considered the simplest design strapping on the bath. The design features of the bathroom, the material of its manufacture and other factors should be taken into account if a bath strap is selected.

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