Features of technology of registration of a bathroom with a

Repair of the bathroom every owner performs to your taste, most importantly, to choose the right design and design. It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of tiles, because it will be difficult to change later.

Tile in the bathroom

Thanks to properly selected tiles your bathroom will be cozy and attractive.

When choosing a tile, you must not forget about the individual features of the room. In the bathroom we perform hygienic, cosmetic procedures, relax after work days, so you need to be beautiful, comfortable, functional.

The interior will delight owners for a long time, if you choose the right option.

Technology features

Beige tiles in the bathroom

Beige tile in the bathroom is considered a classic finishing material.

Tile for bathrooms is a traditional finishing material. A huge range of products provides the buyer the opportunity to choose the best option in accordance with their tastes and wishes. Operational qualities, modern design, color, manufacturer - the main characteristics of the products.

Bathroom decoration can be done in different styles: from classical and country to oriental and exotic. Many choose modern minimalism and retro style.

Before the repair, you need to develop a project in which to choose the style of the interior, the color range, the size of the tiles. Often, the design of the bathroom is an inexpensive light tile, using simple techniques.

For the floor a good option - granite, because it has increased strength. For walls, enameled tiles are more often used, which has a shiny surface and a thickness of up to 9 mm. For the floor, the products must have a thickness of 10 mm or more.

For the bathroom it is better to choose light colors so that the room looks more spacious. The tile on the floor and on the walls should be combined and harmonized among themselves.

Fundamental rules

Tiles - this is the main decoration of the bathroom, because the room, decorated with modern materials, looks interesting and stylish.

Mosaic in the bathroom

The mosaic in the bathroom looks very rich.

For a small room it is better to choose a small tile, which will visually increase the space. Color is chosen for the overall style of the room and other accessories that will be in the bathroom: furniture, plumbing fixtures, lamps, rugs.

Products should be resistant to moisture, high temperatures, wear, because it has a number of negative factors. When buying, pay attention to the labels on the packaging to determine the performance: hardness, strength, moisture resistance, resistance to frost, purpose.

Each kind of material has its own class. For bathrooms 2 class also approaches, after all in such premises it is a lot of do not go.

Installation Instructions

The design of bathrooms with tiles has several advantages:

  • convenience;
  • beauty;
  • practicality;
  • durability;
  • large price range.

Using step by step instructions, you can make tile laying by yourself.

We need to prepare tools:

Laying tiles in the bathroom

When laying tiles, it is better to use spacers to ensure that the seams are even.

  • roulette;
  • tile cutting machine;
  • perforator;
  • brush;
  • putty knife;
  • drill with a mixer;
  • container for glue;
  • level.

For bathrooms use materials, diverse in texture, design and characteristics. The walls are decorated with products of different shades, borders, mirrors, pictures.

To mark the initial level, you need to draw two strips on the wall at a right angle or fix the rail. If the wall has many irregularities, then it is pre-plastered.

The adhesive layer should be at least 5 mm. Laying begins with the corner elements. Use a spatula to spread the adhesive composition. To make the distance between the tiles the same, you need to lay cross-shaped wedges between them. If necessary, cut the tile. After setting, the seams are covered with fugue.

The design of bathrooms should be done taking into account the prepared design project.

Sequence of work

The decoration of wet rooms with tiles is a convenient and practical option to turn a room into a cozy and effective corner of rest and relaxation. The flooring of the bathroom tiles can be made independently, without the use of professional masters.

Preliminary it is necessary to read the instruction, recommendations, get acquainted with the video materials, which will show the sequence of works. The design of the bathroom tiles must begin with the floor under the bathroom, then install a bath and report the floor and the walls below.

The floor covering can be decorated in various ways, but the 2 basic ones are diagonal and rectangular.

It is necessary to prepare:

  • putty knife;
  • container for glue;
  • drill with a mixer;
  • level;
  • hammer;
  • a damp sponge;
  • roller.

First, it is necessary to clean the floor, apply a protective layer of waterproofing with a roller. Then the floor is poured using building mixes. After drying, apply a primer for better adhesion.

Laying is carried out on a special glue, which is bred according to the instructions, using a drill with a mixer. Adhesive mortar with a spatula is applied to the floor, and the tile is pressed tightly against the surface, tapping it lightly with a hammer.

To create smooth seams between products lay special wedges. The level is checked for flatness of laying, and the remaining glue is removed before drying, so that later there would be no difficulties with cleaning.

With the help of a tile cutter or a hacksaw for metal, the products are trimmed to the desired size, and then laid in the last place in inconspicuous places. The floor must stand for 3 days to dry. Next, seal the seams with fugue - a special sealing compound.

The variety of sizes, textures, colors of this unique product allows you to turn the bathroom into a chic seating area that will delight you for many years.

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