Features of the redevelopment of the bathroom

The redevelopment of the bathroom starts from the moment you create a design project for a renovated room, which can indicate the rational and convenient placement of bathrooms and furniture for residents. In this case, you must take everything into account. After all, every centimeter of space is important, especially if the bathroom is small in size.


If something does not suit you in the bathroom, you can make a redevelopment, in advance, agreeing with the special services.

It is best to start creating several variations of bathroom and bathroom redevelopment, and then choose the best option for functionality and comfort.

Recommendations of specialists

Modern design specialists carry out the development of design projects with the help of special programs that allow to show the elements of the room redevelopment even in 3D format. These include:

  1. The program Sweet home 3D can in three-dimensional format develop a design project of a bathroom and a bathroom, guided by the application in Russian. The peculiarity of such a program is that you have a unique function called "virtual visitor". In this mode, you can as if go into the bathroom and bathroom and view everything from the inside. Visible from all points of the virtual interior. In this Sweet home 3D allows you to set the size of the interior, their color and texture. All in order for the design project to be as close to reality as possible.
  2. With the help of the program Stolplit you will be able to create a bathroom plan with the specification of the placement of the door and other elements of furniture and decor. Here, a variety of coatings can be selected.
  3. A distinctive feature of the Ikea program is the presence of the most flexible settings that will allow you to redesign the bathroom and bathroom as close to reality. In this case, you can even specify the location of electrical wiring and other elements of sewage and water.
Bathroom Design

The bathroom design can be developed in special programs.

The above programs can significantly help in creating a design project, so that your project of redevelopment becomes the most visible.


  1. To reduce the level of costs for podvodku communications in the bathroom and the toilet is best to place such a high-rise building one above the other, like the neighbors.
  2. It is not recommended to have a bathroom next to the kitchen or dining room.
  3. A very convenient option for residents is the neighborhood of the bathroom and a bathroom with a bedroom.

To date, any redevelopment in the bathroom is real, which will provide a new room for hygiene and relaxation. It is only necessary to approach with all responsibility to create a design project for such a comfortable part of an apartment or house. Only concreteness and strict adherence to the established plan will make it possible to quickly and efficiently perform all the work on the redevelopment of the bathroom and toilet.

Sequence of work

The drawing of the redevelopment of the bathroom with the combination of a pantry and a toilet

The drawing of the redevelopment of the bathroom with the combination of a pantry and a toilet.

  1. Thanks to modern plumbing, any space in the bathroom can be transformed into an ideal place of hygiene. It is only necessary to carefully consider the location of their installation and take into account the size of such a replacement.
  2. If the useful space of the bathroom and toilet is small, you can take the opportunity to expand the room due to walls or partial destruction of them, cutting down niches, window and door structures. But at the same time it is worthwhile to correctly carry out all calculations in order not to aggravate the situation. Heating system, lowering or increasing the floor surface in terms of level, all changes in ceiling height and installation of spotlights require specificity and the most accurate accounting of building materials.
  3. A special niche among the redevelopment of the bathroom and bathroom is furniture. She, too, must find a place, like a washing machine or a boiler.


The project of arranging furniture in the bathroom

The project of arranging furniture in the bathroom.

Any redevelopment of the bathroom requires radical changes and a radical approach to the execution of construction work.

Important! First of all, it is worth exploring the location of the ventilation duct and sewer risers in order to understand the most appropriate option for attaching equipment and placing light sources.

It so happened that residents of apartments with a combined bathroom and bathroom dream to share space. Organize it simply, but it is worthwhile to understand that the useful area of ​​the apartment will decrease. But there is a better version. You can install a decorative thin screen that can divide the room and will not take up much space. Excellent, if from the bathroom this element of decor will be in the form of a mirror. So the space will visually increase, and a mirror will appear in the room.

For those who want to expand the common space by removing the partition between rooms like a toilet and a bathroom, you can also use the installation of a multifunctional screen that will separate the space and will not take away the useful space. In this case, you can significantly add free space, given that there are modern hanging toilet bowls that occupy a minimum of space. But such work in the redevelopment requires a special permit for the construction of the project.

You can deal with the fencing of a certain part of the hallway in favor of the bathroom.

Zoning of the combined bathroom

If you have a combined bathroom, then you can zonate the room.

Thanks to the cutting of niches for a washing machine or a cabinet, it is possible to achieve an effective arrangement of all necessary and at the same time to eliminate the possibility of collapse of the wall.

The columns in the spacious bathroom will look amazing. Sex is best done a bit lower than in other rooms, in case of an accident, and the threshold is higher. Such a redesign of a bathroom and a bathroom is supposed to have a drainage of water in case of an emergency.

It is recommended to install heating elements and cable only under your feet. Do not do this under plumbing or furniture. If space of the bathroom allows it, you can make a small podium for the bath, as well as decorative curbs. It will be amazing to look at the backlit floors that allow you to relax and plunge into the world of hygiene and relaxation.

Important! Если ванная комната просторная, то поверхность потолка можно выполнить в несколько уровней, к примеру, над ванной понизить под альков.

For small-sized rooms, the ideal option is to make the ceiling in a mirror or luminous version. It is best to give preference to LEDs.

Corner bath

The corner bath allows you to save a lot of space.

Installing items

  1. For a small bathroom is best to buy a corner bathroom (shower) and a washbasin. Significantly save the total free space setting the sink over the bathroom. Over the washing machine, you can install a water lily shell. It has a drain on the side.
  2. The ideal option when choosing the elements of sanitary ware is the use of combining the bath and the shower. Such a compact and multifunctional hydrobox can have a variety of massagers, aromatherapy devices and many other innovative developments for hygiene and relaxation.
  3. If the bath is placed not along, but across, it can save a lot of space.
  4. An excellent choice is a hanging toilet. In this case, you can eliminate the clutter of space, and do cleaning a little easier.
  5. For large and spacious bathrooms, you can install a bath of any size and all kinds of shapes. The round bowl will look royally in the center of the room on a small podium. Such a bathroom can compete with other premises in the house (apartment) in terms of interior design. If you turn to experts, you can do in the bathroom, even a jacuzzi.

Special attention should be paid to the minimum distance between the wall surface and other elements of sanitary ware and decoration. This is the only way to guarantee the convenience and safety of a new bathroom.

With regard to the use of furniture for the bathroom, it is worth choosing at a minimum. Humid air in the room will spoil not only the furniture itself, but also what is in it. Therefore, the choice should be stopped on moisture-resistant materials, for example, on plastic.

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