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Who does not dream of a large bathroom where it is easy to place not only the bath and the sink, but also many other useful pieces of furniture? Of course, everyone dreams about this without exception.


But what if the large bathroom is an inadmissible luxury? In this case, of course, you need not be upset and just properly equip the available space.


And in the first place, the owners of any bathroom size should be aware of exactly what requirements must meet stylish bathroom furniture.


The main characteristics of the ideal bathroom furniture


Moisture resistance

Here everything is extremely simple: if the piece of furniture is "afraid" of moisture, then even within a large bathroom it will very quickly become unusable. In this regard, choose only moisture-resistant furniture, made, for example, from glass, wood or metal.


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The question of functionality is a priority issue when choosing furniture not only for a small bathroom, but for a large one. Since even with a large enough free space clutter it with a large number of uncomfortable pieces of furniture still not worth it.


Cabinet-pencil case, mirror behind which a small locker and a washbasin with a curbstone are masked - this is the necessary minimum, from which it is necessary to repulse each owner.



And, of course, the answer to the question: "How to choose bathroom furniture?" Does not do without such a thing as "aesthetics". After all, no matter how convenient and functional the furniture would be, but if it does not like its owner outwardly, it loses all its advantages.

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Choose furniture for the soul, so that even the smallest bathroom is transformed into a favorite room.

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Furniture for a small bathroom

The choice of furniture for a "modest" in terms of the size of the bathroom - an important stage on which the comfort of the owner of the room directly depends. What do you need to think about before you go to the store?

  • Answer honestly the question: "Do I need a bath?"


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Of course, people of the older generation have a hard time imagining the process of washing without this object. However, young and slightly more modern people can perfectly do without a bath, simply replacing it with a shower.


And if you approach this issue from a rational point of view, then for a small bathroom it is better to choose a shower enclosure that is combined with a bathroom. So the owner fully enjoy the comfort, and so he can easily find a little free space.

  • Think and calculate that it is better and more profitable: a sink or a sink with a curbstone

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Immediately it is worth noting that the cost of a washbasin combined with a curbstone may exceed the cost of a conventional sink. This is easily seen by simply viewing any furniture for the bathroom from the catalog of 2017.


But in the event that such a curbstone is a fairly capacious object, where you can store many useful things, is it worth saving? Especially, if a small bath is already installed shower, significantly saving space?

  • Decide what is needed: a locker-pencil case or hanging shelves

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A pencil case is quite common and the most optimal solution, which allows you to correctly store things in the bathroom. In what case should you refuse to purchase it? Only in the case when shampoos, towels and other means for bathing are stored in the case-pencil case. For their placement it is better to choose a hanging shelf, which is placed next to the bathroom or shower.


Less than the same shelves only one: all the items placed on them, are in sight, so the mess on such shelves should not be unambiguous.


Furniture for a large bathroom

Happy owners of a large bathroom can only be envied, because they are free to create in the room any style of interior design. Consider in more detail the most frequently recreated styles and their main characteristics.


Tip: before buying furniture items for your large bathroom, find the photos of bathroom furniture, either on the Internet, or in specialized magazines or catalogs. This will save time and allow creating a cozy and stylish interior.



The classic style of interior design around the world is associated with sophistication, grandeur and elegance. It is for this reason that furniture for such a bathroom should be made of natural wood, marble or, for example, ivory. It is also welcome to combine materials and inlay.


High tech

High tech — уникальное сочетание минимализма и технологичности. В связи с чем мебель для ванной комнаты, оформляемой в стиле хай-тек, должна быть преимущественно изготовлена из металла.



Fusion — освежающий «коктейль» из несовместимых на первый взгляд предметов. Хотите оформить собственную ванну в подобном стиле? Тогда смело комбинируйте различные фактуры, материалы и разные цвета.


To make the bathroom furniture last longer, choose the right materials or a good coating (anti-moisture and anti-corrosion).


And in order for the furniture items to fit perfectly into the available space, make furniture to order. In this case, any size bathroom will get a complete and harmonious look.

BRILLER BALI bathroom furniture

Photos of the perfect bathroom furniture for 2017





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