How and from what you can make a bath

Doing repairs in the bathroom, I always want it to have a beautiful and cozy appearance. After all, it's so good after a hard day's work to soak in the bath with foam to completely relax. Alas, today plumbing is quite expensive. But who said that you can not create an element like a bath with your own hands?

Bath with tiled decoration

To hide the bath use the finish in the form of tiles, plasterboard or plastic panels.

And there are plenty of options. The main convenience is that there is not much difference where to collect a bath, whether it's a private house or an apartment.


Depending on the preferences and possibilities, you can think over several options for creating a bath with your own hands.

The most budgetary way is the use of polyethylene. In this case, a large container, for example a wooden or plastic box, is lined with this material. This method is more suitable for single use, for example, in the country. In addition, polyethylene for plots is purchased often enough to cover, for example, a greenhouse.

Improve this "bath" is possible if you dig a hole in the site and cover the earth floor with the selected material. This design can be used not only for hygienic procedures, but also as a "lazy" pool.

Bathroom made of bricks and tiles

The bath of brick and tile will last you for many years.

You can make a bath and a brick. To do this, you need a pallet, which is covered with material. Create brick walls, which in height should exceed the pallet itself. At the same time, the level is chosen for personal wishes.

Preliminary it is necessary to take care of the drain. To do this, a hole is made in the bottom of the pallet, to which a corrugated pipe is fed, and that, in turn, must be connected to the sewerage system. The outer side of the bathtub can be decorated with tiles or other décor by choice.

This option is more serious than the previous one, besides, despite the longer time of work, there will not be much output of consumables.

For a bath with its own hands, you can use narrow formwork modules, but only with the condition that they are made of metal. Such a construction will be monolithic, and you do not need to disassemble it.

The resulting frame is poured with a concrete solution. After it has dried, the inner surface is lined with a moisture-proof material. The finished bath should look like a pool, especially if you use a tile or a mosaic for the cladding.

This method involves the use of red refractory bricks. The parts are joined together by means of a special water-resistant glue or cerazite. Such a binder solution is designed for work in swimming pools.

Practical recommendations

Preparing the base for the bath

Preparation of the base for the bath provides for filling the insulation and laying pipes.

After the base is ready, it is necessary to provide waterproofing. To do this, the material chosen for such purposes is laid on the bottom in two layers, before letting everyone dry. To the bath had a complete appearance, it is lined with decorative materials from the inside and outside.

One of the most difficult options for creating a bath with your own hands is the use of cardboard and frame. A sketch of natural sizes is created from the cardboard. Further for the manufacture of metal frame it is better to invite masters of the appropriate profile.

In order to decorate the bathroom bowl, thin steel sheets are taken, which can easily change their shape. Further the received design (a skeleton and a bowl) is mounted on that place where water procedures will accept. Such a bath will have a significant weight, so special attention should be paid to what will be made of the legs for the bath. This can be a metal support or a cement "pillow".

After installation, attention is paid to waterproofing coatings. To check the bath for leaks, it is poured completely with water and allowed to stand for a couple of days. If there are no wet places under it, then you can start decorating. The optimal option is a tile or a mosaic.

Immediately it is worth noting that this option is quite complicated, but it is possible to create a truly exclusive product.


Bath screen

To finish the tiled screen for the bath can be used mosaic.

After making a bath with your own hands, the question arises whether it will fit into the overall interior? For this, at the stage of choosing the material of the product, a full view of the bathroom should be provided. After all, the comfort of finding a person in the room depends on this.

Above, it was described how to decorate the tub from the inside. But do not forget about the outside. For these purposes, you should think about such an object as the screen. Its main purpose is to hide communication systems and supports from prying eyes, which in most cases do not have a very partial look. In addition, since the bath was not created in accordance with standard sizes, but on individual requests, most likely, the purchased screens will not work. And here there is a problem, than to close the bottom.

If you managed to build a bath design yourself, then why not use the same approach to the screen? Moreover, this work is not so heavy.

The screen can be stationary or sliding, like the doors of a sliding door wardrobe.

I would like to note right away that if you make your choice in favor of the second option, then all the space under the bathroom can be used practically, though, if there is no monolithic support.

The material for creating the screen can be completely different, this is plastic, and MDF panels, and GKL, and pazogrebnevye plates, and the same brick. Of course, if you want, you can use a mirror or decorative glass. Basically everything is limited only by imagination, wishes and financial means. Although all the same one condition is: since the bathroom is a room in which the specific climate, technological characteristics of the selected screen should correspond to it. First, it must be moisture-resistant, secondly, resistant to sharp temperature changes, and thirdly, it is easy to put it in order.

Options экрана

Draining the tub

For easy access to the drain pipes under the bathroom, make a door in the screen.

The simplest option is to create a curtain. Of course, this version is difficult to call a full screen, but it fully fulfills its functions. In addition, no special financial investment and does not require. For this method, and an ordinary shower curtain.

With the help of a drill on the opposite sides of the wall holes are drilled, where the fasteners in the form of rings are inserted, and they are fixed by screws. Further in them the pipe with rings-fastenings on which in the future the curtain is cut under the necessary length is mounted.

You can make a plastic screen. With this option, you can use already painted panels or apply the drawing yourself with acrylic paints. It's even better to entrust the design to the child, in this case we will get a truly exclusive product.

You also need to stock up:

  • profiles;
  • "Liquid nails";
  • decorative corners.

The plastic is cut into blanks, the dimensions of which must first be removed from the floor to the edge of the bath. Next, the lengths of profiles are prepared so that their length corresponds to the length of the panel.

On the floor surface it is necessary to mark the mounting points and connect them. Then similar marking is carried out from the upper side, under the bathroom. In the future, the profile will be attached to this contour. Once they are ready, the workpieces of the panels are inserted into the guides, and then fixed to the guides. The lower part of the marking is treated with "liquid nails", after which the resulting construction is inserted into the corresponding grooves in the upper and lower parts.

The last stage is the installation of decorative corners, but this is done only after the "nails" dry well.

Scheme of necessary parameters for bath construction

Scheme of the necessary parameters for the construction of the bath.

If desired, you can create a sliding screen. In this case, you can use absolutely any material to choose from, starting with plastic and ending with a mirror.

All materials for creating such a screen should be purchased in stores selling accessories for sliding-door wardrobes. Also, knowing the size of the height and width of the swept space, you can order to make doors from the selected material.

After everything is in your hands, you can start the installation work. You need to start by cutting the guides to the width of the existing opening. Then they are attached, the upper one - dowels, and the bottom one - screws, to the floor surface. After that, all the available hardware is attached to the doors, after which they are installed in their places. At this stage it is important that the rollers move freely, and this will happen if they correctly become in their grooves.

But then immediately it is worth noting that, despite the beauty and functionality of this screen option (after all, the space under the bathroom can now be used as a storage room), it will be quite expensive. And all because of the high cost of the components themselves.

Additional points

You can also make screens from other materials, but they will require more work and investment. The same gypsum cardboard requires a base of profiles, and a brick screen needs to be tiled in the future. And this is an additional cost. Although for the sake of justice it is worth noting that gypsum cardboard is perfect, if in the creation of a bath with their own hands non-standard forms were used. After all, it is easier to create figured elements from it than from other materials.

While doing the independent creation of a bath, it should be remembered that it must fully fit into the interior of the bathroom. She should not get her eyes full. And in order to avoid this, it is necessary to think about the style of this room at the stage of repair work, which should include the choice of the prevailing colors, lighting equipment, and the placement of additional accessories. All this will help create a harmonious picture.

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