How and how to clean the tile in the bathroom

Ceramic tiles - the ideal material for finishing the walls and floor of the bathroom. It is resistant to damage, is not afraid of moisture and long retains its original appearance. But all these characteristics are valid only under the condition of regular and high-quality care. It is important not just to wipe the surface, but also to know what to wash the tiles in the bathroom, if it has appeared plaque and pollution.

Cleaning tiles with a sponge

To clean the tile, only soft sponges that can not scratch its surface are used.

Basis of the basics

The tile seems to be an absolutely unpretentious material, but many housewives are faced with the appearance of scratches, opacity and spots of unknown origin. What do you need to know about tile care so that the bathroom always looks great?

Cleaning of tile joints

Tile seams are cleaned of dirt with a medium-hard bristle brush.

  1. Clean the walls and floor regularly. Even a relatively short break between cleaning can lead to persistent contaminants.
  2. Matte tiles after cleansing it is desirable to rub with a special colored wax, emphasizing the texture.
  3. To wash glossy tiles, do not use compounds with abrasive particles. They leave scratches on the surface invisible to the eye, and eventually the tile will lose its luster.
  4. The seams require no less attention than the glossy surface. Without proper care, black mold can appear on them, causing harm to health.
  5. Means with acids in the composition can not be cleaned by stitches, if they are not protected by a special compound.
  6. It is not recommended to use tools to care for plumbing or gas stove. These surfaces have different properties and, accordingly, different needs.
  7. For cleaning use only sponges and brushes with soft bristles. Coarse fibers can damage the gloss of the tile and partially destroy the seams or their protective coating.
  8. When working, use dense rubber gloves. Corrosive substances can damage the skin of the hands. Using the same chlorine-containing funds, it is advisable to put on a respirator and after the cleaning is completed, it is necessary to ventilate the room in a qualitative way.
  9. Tiles must necessarily be wiped dry, otherwise after drying the drops form a "pattern", which will negate all efforts. Use for this you can any rag with a minimum pile, for example, a napkin made of microfiber.
  10. If you need to clean the tiles after repair, do not immediately grab for cleaners and coarse brushes. Residues of the sealant can be easily removed after they have completely dried out, it is enough to pick up the edge a little. Traces of cement are also better to remove in dry form: very carefully scrape off the blunt screwdriver, and remove the last layer with a detergent and a hard, but not scratching sponge.

So, the basics of the basics are studied or extracted from the depths of memory, now you can proceed to the practical part.


Traditional means for cleaning tiles in the bathroom

Folk remedies for cleaning tiles in the bathroom.

Today the market offers a wide range of household cleaning products. How to make the right choice? Or maybe it's worth giving preference to folk remedies?

If it is decided to focus on the achievements of the chemical industry, it is important to pay attention to the clarification on the packaging that the composition can be applied to the tile in the bathroom. And even if all the conditions are met, try the product in an inconspicuous corner and then start cleaning the bathroom.

In addition to industrial means for tile, it makes sense to pay attention to folk remedies, the effectiveness of which has been proved not by one generation of housewives. The use of familiar compositions and substances available in each house will allow not to be afraid of allergic reactions and save the family budget.

Qualitatively and quickly wash the tile in the bathroom will help:

  1. Soap solution. It can be prepared using household soap or dishwashing detergent. But you need to be discreet, soap can cover the tile in the bathroom with a touch.
  2. Food or soda ash. Very controversial, meanwhile actively used by many mistresses. Soda is an abrasive and can leave scratches. If it is decided to resort to her help, it is necessary to control the force of pressure on the sponge.
  3. Bleaching powder. It has an extremely unpleasant odor, but it can successfully fight mold. An aqueous solution of lime is applied using an atomizer, left for 5-7 minutes and thoroughly rinsed with a sponge.
  4. Vinegar. Acids help to successfully fight not only with the pollution in the bathroom, but also with darkening of the tiles and mold. Table vinegar is diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 1, applied to the wall and after 5 minutes washed off with water. You need to be careful when using acetic essence, the liquid is rather caustic. Vinegar works on the tile in the bathroom much softer than bleach.
  5. Lemon acid. This soft tool will help wash the tile between the main cleaning. She can not cope with complex pollution, but to maintain order is quite suitable. For cleaning, you need to dip the sponge into the crystals of the acid and carefully treat the surface.
  6. Melamine sponge. A relatively new product in the home hygiene market. Sponge does not require the use of cleaning agents and easily copes with impurities of medium intensity.


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Before you get started, you should close the bathroom door and open the hot water tap.

Steam, settling on the walls, will naturally soften the dirt, and it will be much easier to wash the tiles.

Melamine sponge

Melamine sponge copes with dirt without additional cleaning agents.

At this time, you can prepare auxiliary compositions. In a bowl with warm water add a dishwashing liquid. Vinegar, diluted with water, pour into a bottle with an atomizer or prepare industrial cleaning agents.

Next, using a sponge you need to apply a detergent to the wall. Do not try to cover the maximum area, withering foam is not easier to clean than the lime scale. Knowing how to wash the tile, to find the answer to the question is not at all difficult. Act on the old scheme: in a circular motion to clean the tile, the pressure should not be excessive.

After the zone is washed, you can proceed to the next, without forgetting, of course, to wash off the foam. Provided that such a sequence is observed, it will not be difficult at all to wash the tiles in the bathroom.

After removing the soap solution, you need to carefully inspect the seams. If mold marks are seen, they must be removed. To do this, spray the vinegar solution and clean the area with a toothbrush.

Also, a weak solution of vinegar can wipe the entire surface of the tile, such manipulations will add extra shine, and do not have to remember too often how to wash the tile.

Finally, wipe the tiles dry and treat the joints with a compound with antifungal ingredients.

Such cleaning does not take too much time and effort. But you can not worry about the cleanliness of the bathroom and the health of relatives, all sources of mold and pollution will be destroyed. Carrying out cleaning regularly, knowing what to wash the tile in case of necessity, global cleansing can be forgotten.

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