How and how to install a sink on the curb

In any comfortable house or apartment there is a corner where you can wash and wash your hands. Sink is an integral part of any home. Often, the owners of apartments and houses independently install a sink. Few know how to install a sink on the cube correctly. At the same time, you need to know some of the installation features. Undoubtedly, the installation of a sink is not such a difficult task. Nevertheless, there are several ways of how to fix it on the curbstone. Let's consider in more detail the main stages of work.

Types of sinks

Sinks by type of installation: 1,2 - mortise, 3,4 - waybills.

Features of the methods

Installation of the sink is most often done on the curbstone. In this situation, it provides the optimal height of its location. There are 2 main ways of installation: mortise and consignment note. Installation of a sink by an overhead method in turn is subdivided on some more types.

Consignment Wash

Mounting of the consignment shell

Consignment Wash устанавливается на специальный крепеж.

Often, a sliding technique is used. How to fix the sink in this case? It's pretty simple. To do this, you need to equip the cabinet with special grooves, and the washing itself must be equipped with runners. They are located on the sides and on the front side.

You can fix the sink in a simple way. Here we are talking about a direct version of surface-mounted installation. Its drawback is that it will require careful sealing of all joints. Special water-repellent mixtures are used as a sealant. They have good adhesive properties. In this situation, you need to coat the curb around the perimeter with this compound and install a sink over it. Sink on the cabinet should be set exactly. Installation of a sink in this scheme is not always used. It will not work if the sink has large dimensions and weight.

If this situation arises, install additional fasteners. It can be ordinary wooden bars. They need to be fixed on the curb from its underside. In addition, it is advisable to organize a crate. The latter is done at the level of the lower edge of the shell. This provides additional support and will reduce the pressure on the curb.

As for the fasteners, when buying a bill of lading in the store, they must be available. Fasteners are installed at the top of the inner surface of the cabinet. The first step is to fix the self-tapping screws on the wall, and only then the brackets are installed on them. It is important not to tighten the screws to the very end. It is enough to twist them to such an extent that the brackets are tightly held.

Mortise shell

Flush sink

Mortise sink is installed in a hole specially made in the table top.

Mounting the sink can be organized not only on the stand with the help of glue, but also in a mortise way. With it, the sink will have to be mounted straight to the countertop. If the table top is made of wood, fiberboard and other materials convenient for processing, you can do the work yourself. If you have a table top made of steel or other strong materials, then you can not do without special equipment.

At the first stage, the old table top is dismantled. Then the table top is put face down on a clean surface. The next step involves marking for later fixing.

The first thing to do is to turn the sink over with the base upwards so that the outlet for draining the water is at the top. Then you need to install it on the selected place in the table top. The installation assumes the layout of the outlines. To do this, you need to use a pencil and ruler to outline the sink. After this, it is necessary to note one more contour. It will be located in the inside of the sink at a distance of 1.5 cm from the first circuit. Here will be made in the future propyl.

Do not forget to leave a place for the edges at the edges of the table top.

The front edge is about 5 cm, on the side of the walls - 2.5 cm.

Next to the inner contour, you will need to drill a hole in the countertop. It is necessary so that you can make a saw cut along the inner line with a jigsaw. After the propyl is made, you need to remove all debris and dust with rags. The inner cropped part is discarded. In conclusion, it is required to install a sink and make sure that there are no large gaps. They should not be more than 2 mm. Next, apply a layer of adhesive sealant in the place of cutting and put a shell on top.

Tools and materials

Mounting any washing involves the use of certain tools and materials, such as:

Plans for installing a mortise

Schemes of installation of a mortise sink.

  • woodcutter;
  • statue;
  • drill;
  • spare blades for jigsaw;
  • sealant;
  • a hammer;
  • rags;
  • Fasteners (self-tapping screws, brackets);
  • screwdriver;
  • pencil;
  • ruler.

A lot of attention should be paid to choosing a sealant when buying it. In most cases, use silicone or acrylic. It is desirable that it be hydrophobic. This is necessary to prevent the flow of the shell and the formation of fungus. It must be remembered that after applying the sealing compound it is necessary to wait until it hardens completely. Drying time is several hours. After that you can connect all communications (pipes, hoses). When everything is done, you can use a new sink. Thus, the installation of the sink can be arranged on its own. To do this, you need to know the features of the installation and have the tools you need at hand. The cutting method is the most reliable and aesthetic. If you comply with all of the above rules, then the shell will serve as faith and truth for many years.

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