How can i design a normal bathroom

If we talk about the design of the bathroom, we must not forget that the bathroom is a very personal and intimate place in the apartment, in it a person starts the day, ends there. And so it should fully reflect the nature of the owner, be special, individual.

Bathroom design in minimalism style

The design of the bathroom in the minimalist style requires precise lines and lots of free space.

Basically the owners of the bathroom, which has strict lines, with modern accessories and soft colors, are people busy, live in constant tension and stress. And the resilient sanguine will want to wash in the bathroom, made in bright juicy colors with unusual accessories. The choice of bathroom affects both the temperament and rhythm of life, and fashion.

Basic moments

The design of the bathroom is in a thorough selection of colors. It is necessary to take into account the age factor, taste preferences and interest of all household members. It is also necessary to rely on the height and configuration of the room during the design thinking process. It is not necessary to give preference to a combination of cold and warm tones. The relationship must be in everything. The most successful is the design, built on the contrast of the coloring of sanitary ware and ceramics.

In the bathroom, unlike the other rooms in the house or apartment, there is a need for intense light.

Soffits there must be protected from moisture penetration, safe, fit in the decoration and meet the design of sanitary accessories. Experts advise to illuminate the whole of the exact fixtures, which have a configurable turning angle. The coloring solution can be highlighted by highlighting:

  • niš;
  • shelves;
  • vases;
  • tiles.
Sofit in the bathroom

Sofitas in the bathroom will look good on the two-level ceiling.

In addition, the design should be formed taking into account the color and style solution of the common home interior. However, this does not mean that you need to create a monotonous color scheme of the interior of the house or apartment as a whole.

To maximize the small bathroom you can use the following methods:

  • use of luminaires along the length of the room, niches for shelves and lockers;
  • increase in the number of mirrors;
  • Transfer of cosmetics to the dressing table in the bedroom.

Carrying out the design of the bathroom, it's best to give the space of openness and airiness to pick clear tones. For a large room, use different colors on different walls, so it will look much more comfortable. Break it into independent zones.

It must be remembered that the bathroom is also a resting place. If possible, put a cosmetic and perfume table, a couch, a rug, a chair, a mirror and an ottoman. Plants in beautiful tubs, decorative sculpture, a small fountain will serve as interior elements.

The market offers those who can afford to give a child a specialized bathroom for children, special ceramic collections, a variety of equipment and accessories. As children grow fast, it is best to create a full bathroom with the usual plumbing of typical dimensions, and temporarily use a step in the form of a cube, a seat-chair. When designing a bathroom for a child, it is better to give preference to combining a variety of color solutions and children's themes.

Mirrors in the bathroom

With the help of mirrors, the bathroom can be visually made more.

Furniture, which is located in this room, should be functional, it should have places for storing all kinds of items. Moreover, it must be resistant to the influence of moisture and chemically aggressive agents.

The design of the bathroom does not have to be planned so that when you enter it, the first thing in the eye is a toilet bowl. Often it is sought to hide behind an existing ledge, behind the constructed decorative wall. When in this room should not be discomfort and problems, for this you must clearly observe the distance of the passages.

Popular trends

Designers recommend for finishing walls:

  • natural exotic stones;
  • glass mosaic;
  • ceramic tiles with glaze-krakle;
  • gems.

Tiles are best to choose non-standard sizes. Materials for countertops can be all kinds: sileston, ice stone (alloy shells and glass), corian (artificial stone).

If you have a desire to change the shape of the bathroom, its area, move the opening, combine the bathroom, rearrange the sanitary equipment, then you need to order a qualified project from the re-planning project. This requires an indispensable coordination of changes in the necessary instances.

The design of the bathroom involves a competent layout. To every family member in the bathroom felt a sense of comfort, she is given a camera.

Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaic emphasizes the selected style of your bathroom.

You can use one or several moments of room separation options:

  • visuality;
  • architecture (podiums, partitions);
  • zoning by sex;
  • light solutions.

Most often, the room is divided into a partition into zones, on the one hand a washstand is placed, and the other is placed a bidet and a toilet. Separate the bath itself, rest area or toilet. The bath is often raised on the podium.

Style solutions

Do you have a space in the bathroom? Then you can not interfere with the idea of ​​using a shower. Of course, in the beginning you will have to spend money on additional equipment. But in the future this will bring tangible economic benefits.

In the process of thinking through design ideas, you can see the options for ready-made interior solutions from professionals. As a rule, they contain modern ideas and the possibilities of forms and finishes.

Each style has certain features. So, the classical interior gives the main preference to granite and marble. Used and Venetian plaster. Furniture is chosen in accordance with the color scheme of the walls.

Incredibly beautiful looks ethno style. Finishing in this style absorbs wood and stone. Baskets for clothes and furniture give a special chic.

In the modern world, one of the fashion trends is minimalism. The room, made in this style, is not overloaded with unnecessary trifles. Furniture can be made of plastic, steel and glass.

The reward for the successful design, for diligent work on planning, repairing and completing the bathroom will be a pleasant experience from her everyday visit.

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