How can i draw up a bathroom

Before you decorate the bathroom, you need to decide on the style. From this, much will depend, such as: materials of decoration, pieces of furniture, lighting and decor. It is important not only to choose the style that you like, but also to consider that not all solutions are suitable for bathrooms. For example, the style of Empire looks great in the space of a large room, whereas modern is ideal for oversized rooms. So, we will understand, in what style it is possible to issue a bathroom.

Classic style в интерьере

The bathroom in the classical style assumes the presence of a large space.

Classic style

The main attributes of the bathroom in the classical style are natural materials and stucco. It is necessary to fill the room with decor objects, based on valuable metals or their imitation. The last solution will save a lot.

Feature of the style are sculptures, and in view of the fact that for their installation requires a lot of space, in a small bathroom the classic style will not be fully finalized.

Design of a small bathroom

A small bathroom is recommended to decorate in bright colors - this will visually expand the room.

Perfectly emphasize the classics of the sink, stylized with a copper washbasin. When choosing a faucet and shower stall, you should pay attention to models that are devoid of rectilinear shapes.

From the steel color must be abandoned, since it is more characteristic of the style of hi-tech. As for the color range of plumbing fixtures, preference should be given to shades of copper, silver or bronze. It is worth acquiring those models that have smooth outlines, and in some cases pretentious shape.

The room should not have modern home appliances, however, if you can not do without it, it should be built into furniture or walls and skillfully hidden behind the decorated panels. The required atmosphere allows you to get a lighting system.

In the role of lighting fixtures, it is recommended to use wall candelabra, forged chandeliers and ancient massive candlesticks.

Stucco will highlight the style and define it, which is why it is impossible to do without it in a room decorated for classics. It must be located on the ceiling. In addition, we admit reception with decorative columns and pilasters. For the reason that the style corresponds to a material such as silk, imitation of it can become moisture resistant wallpaper, the color scheme of which should correspond to the general perception of color. Example of a bathroom in a classic style.

Bathroom in Japanese style

Bathroom in the Japanese style involves the use of parts made from environmentally friendly natural materials, quality wooden furniture.

The bathroom can be supplemented with several mirrors, which have openwork frames that have a color for gold. In this style, the availability of furniture items is welcomed, so the material in their style should be natural. The texture of the furniture must have carved elements, and the facades must be supplemented with combinations of glass and steel. The worktops, if there are pedestals and a table for installing the sink, must be made of natural stone or material made in its imitation. The main features of the style are luxury and charm. Interior can be decorated with stylized accessories like tapestries or spreading plants.

The room should have interior elements made of mahogany, which will give the necessary heaviness aura, this material can be replaced by high-quality plastic.

The main features of the classical style:

  • copper washbasins;
  • absence of rectilinear forms;
  • presence of copper elements;
  • shades of silver and bronze;
  • wall candelabra;
  • stucco molding on the ceiling and walls;
  • openwork frames;
  • natural stone in decoration.

Japanese Design

Bathroom in Art Nouveau style

When decorating a bathroom in the Art Nouveau style, one should not forget about the preservation of its functionality.

The design of the bathroom in the Japanese style assumes an exclusively separate version of the premises. Choosing a color scheme, you should use neutral and natural shades, which will give an effect of tranquility. It is undesirable to install a shower in such a bathroom, unless it is a modern Japanese style. See the bathroom room in Japanese style.

Do not buy too many accessories when decorating the room in the described style. You can only apply those that are functional. This can be, for example, a towel holder made in the form of a wooden branch. Whereas a decorative element can be represented by a vase with an image of sakura. If the decor is provided on the walls, it is advisable to use only one of them for this, since otherwise one can get the effect of disorder. Use natural materials or imitate them. On the floor, so you can lay straw mats.

In the process of decorating a bathroom in this style, you should leave as much free space as possible, and geometric shapes should not be intricate.

The main features of the Japanese style:

  • natural shades;
  • a small number of accessories;
  • natural materials;
  • straw mats.

Modernist option

Examples of design rooms in the Art Nouveau style are extremely diverse, everything here will depend on the size of the bathroom. For the reason that the room in this style has simple geometric shapes, you can use very limited space as a basis. From excessive pretentiousness should be abandoned, as this will help reduce space. Here, accessories and ornaments will be inappropriate. The room must be relieved of clutter.

Small appliances like a hair dryer or a razor should be hidden away. This indicates the need to install furniture items in the room that are functional and ergonomic.

Interior design in this style should be accompanied by lighting devices in the form of lighting, which will perfectly emphasize the style. For such a room you need a huge number of strict mirrors and glass.

Plumbing must be made of nickel or steel. It is worth to abandon the cheap models, as they are able to spoil the perception of style. The presence of modern technology is absolutely necessary. Example of a bathroom in the Art Nouveau style.

The main features of the Art Nouveau style:

  • lack of pretentiousness;
  • refusal of luxury;
  • functional pieces of furniture;
  • the presence of mirrors and glass.

Provence and Egyptian style

When decorating bathrooms, experts often recommend the style of Provence. It is associated with a flowering meadow and golden sun. As a color scheme, it is recommended to choose warm pastel colors, as well as white color. In the process of decorating the bathrooms in this style, you should use floral ornaments and plants. Objects of furniture should be decorated in the old days. Materials should be used natural, but the forms of instruments and components of the interior - smooth. Understand what style is.

Egyptian style is clear and clear, symmetrical forms and lines. When choosing the finishes, you should prefer light yellow and sand colors. The walls can be tiled with a neutral tint. It is worth using elements of decor in the form of scrolls of papyrus, arches and false columns that perfectly emphasize the style.

It is recommended to use accessories represented by statuettes, vases and pots. Excellent fit here figurines of cats. Items of furniture should have legs, made in the form of animal paws. The furniture material is based on natural wood, the facades must be glossy, decorated with carvings. When choosing plumbing, you must pay attention to those items that have a coating for gold. The final strokes will be large lamps and massive ceramic vases installed on the floor.

High tech

The name itself allows you to specify the right direction in the process of decorating the room. High technology should be used here. Use the style is recommended in spacious bathrooms. You should use a lot of light, which includes a lighting system under furniture and plumbing.

All surfaces in the room should be smooth and reflective light. Bath, all kinds of faucets and taps are usually able to perform many functions, they must have a huge number of sensors. Before choosing a style, it should be noted that it is extremely expensive in decoration, and after a while the used trends will become obsolete.

Techniques in this style should not be hidden, making it an element of the decor of the room.

In order to design a bathroom in a certain style, you must attach a huge amount of money and effort. For this reason, quite often experts recommend using separate accents in the room. When choosing a style for the bathroom, you need to consider the availability of free space, the general style of the house or apartment, and then, whether the owners can get the proper coziness and practicality. Important and continued operation of pieces of furniture, plumbing fixtures and floor, ceiling and wall coverings.

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