How can i make a high ceiling in the bathroom

A wide choice of materials allows now to make the ceiling in the bathroom spectacular and practical. It should be combined with the general interior of the room and not be afraid of high humidity.

White stretch ceiling in the bathroom

When installing the ceiling in the bathroom, remember that you must choose only moisture resistant materials.

Moisture resistance is the main quality that ceilings in the bathroom must match.


The main options for finishing the ceilings in the bathroom:

  • painting;
  • sticking;
  • chipboard panels;
  • PVC panels;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • dropped ceilings.
Painting the ceiling

One of the most simple and economical options for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is painting.

One of the economical options for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is painting. If you use special acrylic paints that are designed for rooms with high humidity, then the ceiling will have a longer service life.

High-quality paints are not afraid of water, and special additives that are in their composition, protect against mold. The ceiling can be painted in any shade or decorated with patterns, patterns.

If the ceiling has many irregularities, you can use a moisture-resistant plasterboard that will help give the surface a more beautiful look. You can cover the ceiling with vinyl wallpaper, which have a water resistant top layer.

Most often used particleboard, covered with waterproof varnishes. If the bathroom has good ventilation, then the wooden covering will serve for a long time. A modern version of finishing the ceilings in the bathroom - PVC panels, which are well-deserved popularity. They are functional, reliable and durable.

Modern and trendy appearance of the room is attached to stretch ceilings, which are made of vinyl film. They are not cheap, but it's a good option to make an exquisite ceiling to your liking.

On the perimeter of the ceiling a special harpoon baguette is installed. The cloth is heated, and its soft profile, welded to the edge of the blade, is put into a baguette with a spatula. When the cloth cools, a soft plug is inserted into the joint between the wall tile and the linen.

Stretch ceilings are moisture resistant, in case of an accident they can withstand a large volume of water.

A practical and durable option - suspended ceilings, which can be lath or tiled. For bathrooms more often tile ceilings are used, which are made of different materials.

Quality suspended ceilings with wetting expand in height. Basic colors - bed or white. Suspended ceilings made of metal have a long service life, but need frequent cleaning, because they form condensation.

Reechnye ceilings are aluminum or steel. They are represented by a wide range of colors, do not rust and can decorate ceilings of any shape.

Plastic panels

One of the simple work options is the installation of a ceiling made of PVC panels, which can be conveniently and quickly mounted.

Plastic panels во влажном помещении устанавливают на каркас из оцинкованного профиля, который не будет прогибаться и гнить. Деревянный брус лучше не применять, потому что он от влаги может деформироваться.

Tools used:

Fittings for PVC panels

Fittings for PVC panels.

  • screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • drill;
  • scissors for metal;
  • hacksaw;
  • level;
  • roulette.

From materials it is necessary to prepare:

  • panels:
  • corners from plastic;
  • sanitary silicone;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • hangers for the profile;
  • galvanized profile;
  • Scotch.

For the installation of the frame, determine by using the level the lowest angle of the ceiling. From it you need to start work. Press the profile against the wall and draw its outline, marking the places under the mount along the perimeter of the ceiling.

In the marked places drill holes and fasten the suspensions. To them, a profile is mounted. Scissors cut off the excess profile and join it overlapping in the corners.

When installing panels, you need to take into account some of the nuances. Panels are attached across the frame. Place on the wall where the end panels will be fastened, it is necessary to seal with adhesive tape, so as not to damage the wall covering in case of a failed screwdriver operation.

The end panels are attached with screws at an angle close to the wall, so that the fasteners can not be seen under the decorative corner. The joints of the panels in the middle of the structure are closed by the following panels. Silicone glued corners.

Mounting strap

In order to qualitatively make the ceiling in the bathroom, see the video on installing the panels using the mounting bar. Read the instructions so as not to torment yourself with the question: how to do the job professionally?

The scheme of installation of PVC panels on the ceiling

The scheme of installation of PVC panels on the ceiling.

The main stages of work:

  • preparation of the frame;
  • mounting brackets for fixing corners;
  • installation of panels;
  • fixing the skirting board.

At a distance of 40 cm perpendicular to the arrangement of the panels, fix the metal bars with self-tapping screws. On the perimeter mount the mounting bracket, which is an angle of 90 °, which on one side is attached to the crate, and on the other - has a groove for the ceiling skirting.

In the groove of the fastening strip, fix the plinth.

In the resulting notch between the bar and the plinth, the panels are pushed from the edge of the ceiling. The panels are easily joined and fixed to the frame of the crate.

The last panel is cut to the correct size, drilled holes and fastened. Skirting around the perimeter is snapped into the recess of the fastening strip, which greatly facilitates the work on the edges of the ceiling.

The ceiling in the bathroom, made by own hands, will give you pleasure. Beautiful, practical and comfortable, it will long decorate the bathroom interior.

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