How can i properly make repairs in the bathroom?

The apartment has no premises, the appearance of which does not need to be paid attention. Everything should make people happy, give them comfort and aesthetic pleasure. The same applies to the bathroom, which should be considered one of the most visited premises in the house.

Repair in the bathroom

Repair in the bathroom should be of high quality, as this room is constantly exposed to moisture.

That is why, when repairing the bathroom, it is necessary to take extremely careful not only to the selection of interior elements, but also to the decor. Particular importance is the details of the design.

Color solution

Light colors in the bathroom

Light colors in the bathroom will make it more spacious.

To ensure that the result of the repair was the most satisfactory, first of all you need to think over the design of the room, taking into account its parameters. So, in a small bathroom you can use the following tricks:

  1. The wall, which is located opposite the entrance door, should be painted in lighter tones than other surfaces.
  2. Bright borders of tiles or other material should break the surface of the walls into separate zones.
  3. Light colors, which will be used for repairs, will make the bathroom more spacious.

When decorating it is desirable to use no more than 2 bright tones, otherwise the room will look too colorful.

Selection rules

When the color design issue is resolved, the order of repair involves paying attention to the choice of sanitary ware. The main equipment here is a bath.

No matter how beautiful and modern the finish is, the presence of the old bath will make all efforts to no effect.

Jacuzzi in the bathroom

In a large bathroom you can install a jacuzzi.

Today, the stores offer a wide range of bathtubs. You can choose a design that meets all the requirements of taste, comfort and value. Today it can be not only monophonic, but also multi-colored products. In addition, you need to think about the shutdown of hot water, which often happens during the repair of water pipelines. To constantly have hot water in the house, it is desirable to install a storage water heater.

In order to adhere to the rules of the arrangement of the premises, great attention must be paid to the choice of lighting devices. As a traditional option in the bathroom can use lamps in the form of a tablet. One is placed above the door, the second - near the mirror.

In the bathroom it is customary to install spotlights. Usually, they hide in a stretch ceiling, breaking on the same principle as the usual (above the door and the mirror).

Decorating rules

The last stage, which should provide for the repair procedure, is the selection of accessories and additional interior details that create coziness and originality. In addition to the usual furniture, it can be unusual towel warmers, soap dishes, etc. All accessories must match the design of the bathroom.

When choosing furniture, you should remember about its functionality. It is desirable that cabinets and shelves hide all sanitary and hygienic accessories present in the bathroom. Of course, accessories must match the finish. For example, the walls are tiled with sea motives, which means that you can buy a soap dish in the form of a shell or fish, and the floor - decorate the rug with a pattern of seaweed.

If you adhere to the rules of repair and follow the general concept of decorating the room, it will become a place where it will be pleasant not only to wash, but also to relax during bathing. Correctly to make repair general recommendations will help.

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